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  1. chingaperros

    Full Wipe for MO 2?

    Should there be a wipe or no?
  2. chingaperros

    Remove TC Guards

    Its easy enough to defend against sieges now with fire arrows and elementalism, why should there be aimbotting guards that you can spam as well? One of the main reasons sieges are so aids is because you have to deal with this trash AI, shooting thru walls, going invisible, etc. And honestly...
  3. chingaperros

    Make local grey last longer

    Most of the times Ive gone red from pvping, its mainly because local grey wears off way too fast so I have to constantly let people hit me again and again in long fights, and sometimes it even bugs out and the other player wont go local grey anymore. Local grey should just last as long as you...
  4. chingaperros

    Mouse down for middle block

    Blocking with the mouse works fine for right and left side, but for the middle block you need to hold down target self since keeping the mouse still is almost impossible in a fight, and this makes it feel really clunky sometimes. I suggest that you let us control the middle block with the mouse...
  5. chingaperros

    WTB 3-4 Stacks of Horned Scale

    pm with price/location
  6. chingaperros

    Make riding secondary

    Please make riding secondary and swift riding the primary, that way foot only ppl can get to the pvp faster, it would be perfect with breeding grounds now and save alot of time.
  7. chingaperros

    Stamina bar for pets

    Since SV seems unable to fix the AI pathing issues that make them homing missiles and with the latest buff really hard to run away from (especially if they acid attack or knockdown), they should give them stamina bars. That way they cant chase you forever just by pressing 1 button.
  8. chingaperros

    WTT Piercing flawless whetstones for slashing

    pm location, accepting either slashing/piercing or slashing/blunt.
  9. chingaperros

    WTB Maalite

    pm price and location
  10. chingaperros

    WTB 2 steel stacks

    pm price and location
  11. chingaperros

    WTB 50-60 hp potion kegs & 20/40 unit vials

    pm price and location
  12. chingaperros

    WTB Steel/Maalite/Jadeite

    pm with price and location...
  13. chingaperros

    WTB Maalite/Jadeite

    pm with price
  14. chingaperros

    WTB Maalite

    pm price
  15. chingaperros

    Bugged Parries

    Sometimes parries wont give you a counter attack, and hitting someone on the back after the parry timer is over gives them a free counter attack too... Hope this can be fixed
  16. chingaperros

    WTB Maalite stack

    pm price/location
  17. chingaperros

    WTB Purify keg, 20/40 vials

    Delivery to MK would be nice, but I can pick it up if its not too far. Pm with price
  18. chingaperros

    SOUL vs HERJ in GK

  19. chingaperros

    WTB 55-65 hp pots

    Looking to buy 1k-2k units, pm with price.