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  1. Roojan

    Association of Independant Merchants Announcment

    WE ARE AIM ASSOCIATION OF INDEPENDANT MERCHANTS AIM are now the proud owners of the old FATE/HERJ/VH keep spot located on the outskirts of Morin Khur Roojan and Hansel/Synyster Formally of ICH together with a couple of close friends have formed AIM. Aim intends to be the premier trading and...
  2. Roojan

    Shorprowers go on awol

    Hi. From Thursday after server restated i have this problem. I build these pins about 4 months ago and have was here ever sins that time killing the shorprowers and butcher them. Now ever sins Thursday when i pull them to kill them at the normal place they will attack and then they fall thru...
  3. Roojan

    Inspect and skimming books

    Selling Inspect book 100g and skimming book 250g
  4. Roojan


    Selling Thunder eggs for 750g
  5. Roojan


    3 x Stacks of water stone 400g per stack contack me on community teamspeak.