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  1. Theia

    Rock Golem Minon - just south of the Hot Gates.

    That normal?
  2. Theia

    Donating for events!

    Dear Community, So as the sweat trickled down between my shoulder blades - I sure hoped that I wouldn't be rescued during the Damsel in Distress event. Why? Because grinding a 1000G using Tindrem as my current based was damn hard work! So I'd like your views please on donations towards...
  3. Theia


    Yo - check this shit out! Pono! It's not porn - sorry to disappoint!!
  4. Theia

    Damsel in Distress!!

    Dear Community! Please help to rescue Princess Theia from the wilderness of Nave! She will be located somewhere on the map at 19:00 GMT+1 7PM UK Local time on Saturday the 9th of August! She will be naked and afraid in the jungle*, looking for a brave group of adventurers to come and...
  5. Theia

    Pravum's Defence - Shieldwall

    Hello again Everybody! I have Pravum's Defence. And I'd like us to have a little party together in the Arena! My Objective is to again create spectacle and high adventure! Oh and don't forget the all important shits 'n giggles! In case you don't remember what it looks like; here's a piccy...
  6. Theia

    The Sword of Tears - Riposte

    Dear Community, I have the Sword of Tears. And I need your help.. The Sword is locked in a dangerous part of the realm, banked, safe but I am unable to reach it and bring it back to Tindrem; its rightful home under His Majesty's careful watch! So I would ask you all to put forth your...
  7. Theia

    WTF is a Kampfhund?

    I just got this message from a Guard outside Tindrem.. Guard says: The legendary Kampfhund has been spotted! Anyone seen it yet?
  8. Theia

    Game crashes when selecting loincloth

    It looked like a split cape in the Inventory, not a loincloth and then crashed me.
  9. Theia

    Cools ways to burn approx 20 mins... Enjoy T
  10. Theia

    Vote for boulders!!

    Dean Community, Boulders not being on the vendor makes me sadface :( How else will I ever get a keep? So let's Vote and then pretty please Mr.Henrik and team to re-introduce. Then we can have mor battles and some siege fun!
  11. Theia

    Why aren't boulders on the vendor? whywhywhywhywhy?

    Why? Can anyone say why, please?
  12. Theia

    Game looks fuckin' awesome!

    Excuse the language but properly blown away by the update. I'm running the client on max everything with no frame rate loss, the world is even more beautiful than before - yes there are are things to improve but seriously SV what a great job you've done, props; MO never looked better -...
  13. Theia

    SpaceX is kicking so much ass right now!

    Last night the latest CRS mission to the ISS went off without a flaw... the interesting part? They flew back and then soft-landed the first stage into the drink as proof of concept after second stage had separated in orbit! We're all going to get to be spacecadets!
  14. Theia

    WTB stack of steel / TS

    Herrow Best Price please for 10K of Steel - Delivered to Fabernum. And 10K Tungsteel too please. Many thanks T
  15. Theia

    WTS Thunderegg

    Hello Everyone! I'd like to sell a Thunderegg please. Given that I stupidly agreed to heal when we killed the b*stard and I had RSI for 6 days afterwards - I'd like your best price. Thanks!! Theia
  16. Theia

    WTB quality food (please)

    WTB some quality food please, Fabernum please. Thanks! T
  17. Theia

    Space Cadet News

    Had to share this - it's amazing
  18. Theia

    Theia stepping down.

    Dear Community, This is a tough one and it has been a very difficult message to draft. Simply put, my time as Staff at SV has come to an end. I want to firstly thank the community as a whole for the wonderful, frightening, enlightening and on occasion hilarious time that I’ve had working with...
  19. Theia

    Pandora's Box

    Pandora's Box Oh ye travellers of Nave Beware Pandora’s Box Pandora’s Box will be released upon the world at 19:00 GMT today and hidden somewhere in the world. It is up to you if you wish to pick the lock! -Disclaimer- Organised Events can and do go wrong (very wrong)...
  20. Theia

    We're going on a rabbit hunt..... we're not scarred*

    Darran's Rabbit Hunt Hello Folks! This Saturday the 24th November at 19:00 GMT Nave will become infested by Rabbits (it's that time of year)! The Emperor's Extermination Service has asked that all able bodied men and women (and creatures) please help them exterminate these little fluffy...