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  1. Golt

    looking for Mantus

    Could the Koto member who owns the character Mantus pls contact me or does someone know how i can contact him?
  2. Golt

    WTS Volcanic Ash and Gabore powder

    Volcanic Ash - 11 Stacks - 10g/stack Gabore powder - 11 stacks - 5g/Stack
  3. Golt

    WTB T1 Tower Deed

    pm me with offer and location pls
  4. Golt


    WHERE DID WE GO WRONG? There was a time when our industry took CHANCES. Our games didn’t have to appeal to everyone, and we didn’t judge ourselves solely on mass market success. With amusement park games, it’s impossible to lose. With sandbox games, it’s impossible to win. If you can’t win and...
  5. Golt

    System error

    The electricity in my house went out after i hit play on the launcher. After i restarted my pc every time i try to open the launcher i get the message : System error: A system error has occured. Please report this on the Mortal online bugtracker. Das Konfigurationssystem konnte nicht...
  6. Golt

    WTS 1 Stack Waterstone in Bakti

    Selling a stack of Waterstone in Bakti for 500g. if interested, pm me on the forums or ingame on Goltarion or Goltmine