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  1. Henrik Nystrom

    Mortal Online 2

    We are proud of what we have achieved with Mortal, a game with little in the way of close competition. But technology has moved on and the time has come to upgrade to UE4.with much improved graphics, inclusive vr compatibility and many other advanced features. Doing this will create what is in...
  2. Henrik Nystrom

    Server status 01/09

    Hi all, as you all know we are getting an growing increased "flood" of new players via Steam into our game and it have caused some lately instabilities that we are investigating. We are also doing some work on our queue system that will help in this situation. We are really doing everything we...
  3. Henrik Nystrom

    Maintenance 28/8

    Our guys is working on the servers hence some of the interruption, it should go back to normal shortly.
  4. Henrik Nystrom

    Premium status delay - fixed

    As title says, the delay we have had for some time with customers paying premium that could take several hours before the status got updated should now be fixed. Please make sure you re start the client to get the update properly if you had it running while updating.
  5. Henrik Nystrom

    Streaming in MO - Sarducaa release.

    To watch go here
  6. Henrik Nystrom

    Sarducaa Release - 17/5

    Hi, Sarducaa will be released this Sunday, 17/5. In order to ensure maximum stability for this release, Sarducaa will go live in the morning (Swedish time) and we will monitor everything throughout the day and be prepared to fix and patch any possible issues that may occur. I want to...
  7. Henrik Nystrom

    Final Sarducaa update 04/05

    Final info/lore update is here: Enjoy.
  8. Henrik Nystrom

    Server status 28/04

    Servers are now going back online. We are now done going through logs and secured evidence on the breach. There will be a slight roll back and we plan to add game time on everyone who had active game time during this period. We continue our work with our host partner to expand on our server...
  9. Henrik Nystrom

    Server update 28/04

    As you most of you probably know by now the Mortal Online servers and website have been taken down. During the last weeks we have been under heavy DDOs attacks, we have taken steps to stop this behavior. But last night someone also gained access to a webpage that is used as a tool for our...
  10. Henrik Nystrom

    Sarducaa update 2015-04-17 (Update 6)

    This weeks update check it out here:
  11. Henrik Nystrom

    Sarducaa update 2015-04-02

    Check out the new updates of Sarducaa:
  12. Henrik Nystrom

    Sarducaa update 2015-03-20 (Update 4)

    Hi Guys! This week we give you some new screen shots and some new lore on Sarducaa, read all about it here: /Star Vault
  13. Henrik Nystrom

    Sarducaa update 2015-03-06

    Hi everyone, Here is a small update as usual on our progress and some new Sarducaa content be sure to check it out:
  14. Henrik Nystrom

    Sarducaa and development update 2015-02-20

    If you haven't caught it already, here is a small update on our progress and some art of it. What do you guy think about the Cultist image? And what do you think about the new landscape we showing this week? Let us know. /Star...
  15. Henrik Nystrom

    Sarducaa Update 30/1

    We have released an update, read about it here:
  16. Henrik Nystrom

    Development update – Mine Shafts

    We will introduce a couple of new features involving mining in Mortal Online with the upcoming Sarducaa patch. The higher mining and lore your character has, the higher the chance that you will find valuable gems and stones when mining. We have also added new types of rocks to mine within the...
  17. Henrik Nystrom

    Reminder of the TC mechanics and common questions

    There has been a lot of questions regarding sieging and whether some things are exploits or simply game mechanics. This post is to clear it up once and for all since we have been explaining some of these questions since TC launched. To own TC assets means you risk being attacked or sieged...
  18. Henrik Nystrom

    Bos Ruah, Breathing Desert - Sarducaa

    Tried to share 2 screens on Twitter, but failed in size, so here it goes instead.
  19. Henrik Nystrom

    A reminder on our rules

    Hi everyone, I want to make it clear and remind people on some basic things and rules which it is important to remember to keep your account status safe in Mortal. Cheating in Mortal Online is never allowed in any form. Its your responsibility to follow the rules and be sure to not break any...
  20. Henrik Nystrom

    Krampos Buccus is here!

    The Christmas days are coming and the annual name picking from the urn is taking place within the Tindremic Empire as usual. This time a house owner in Fabernum was drawn and Krampos Buccus is there to say some words about the person who was drawn. It was a rich man rumor has it, and there...