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  1. Sebastian Persson

    Statistics pages are back

    But they aren't great. Re-added the stats in a .. very basic way they can now be found on under "stats". I'll try to make it better but this will do for now.
  2. Sebastian Persson

    Mortal Royale - Forums are up!

    More forum wars:
  3. Sebastian Persson

    Mortal Royale - Steam page is up!

    Wishlist right here to help us out:
  4. Sebastian Persson

    Mortal Royale - Sign up for the closed alpha!

    You do it right here:
  5. Sebastian Persson

    Launcher Update to 1.5

    If you don't use steam to update and your launcher is having issues even with the fixes you might just have a really old launcher. Here's the latest version: Simply download and unrar over you launcher files and you should be good to go!
  6. Sebastian Persson

    Patch Notes

    Added: Added the new fishes to Taxidermy. Added a new type of semi rare wild life creature. Added the new wild life creature to Taxidermy. Added some Old Chest and Chest keys to humanoid Ai loot tables. Added better support for handles stamina modifications. Added support for allied TS NPCs...
  7. Sebastian Persson

    Launcher is fixed!

    Howdy hi folks! The none-steam launcher should now work again, we are planning to patch today so this is a heads up to all of you who still refuse to use steam. You should be able to download the patch using the normal launcher as well. Still having issues...
  8. Sebastian Persson

    Oh hi Seb what you doin?

    Hi there new forums! I thought it might be time to do a little update here on where we go after all of this. Our previous schedule have obviously been damaged by all of these issues but I feel like we are getting back on track again now. I have spent a lot of time on moving forums,websites etc...
  9. Sebastian Persson

    Found this sick game today

    Looks dope you should all buy it as that would please me.
  10. Sebastian Persson

    Patch Notes

    Added: Added better line of sight checks to ai casting magic, this should improve TC guards behavior a bit. Added stats for damaging another faction member. These can be found in the /stats window. Faction damage Exuul, Faction damage Impos and Faction damage Regalis. Added four more common...
  11. Sebastian Persson

    Welcome to the new forums

    If you have any ideas, requests or feedback please let us know!
  12. Sebastian Persson

    Patch Notes

    Bug Fixes Fixed an issue where unequipping/equipping a weapon wouldn't correctly update your speed. Fixed an issue that forced players to relog once after activating a sub before the UI correctly updated. Fixed issue with very large chat-messages that got cut up in a very bad way. * Fixed Demon...
  13. Sebastian Persson

    First week on Steam

    Hi community! Our first week as a Steam game has passed. We have laughed, cried, not slept very much, and frantically patched our poor server to help her handle the flood of new players. It's now time to tell you a bit about what we have done and we will be doing in the coming days. Read...
  14. Sebastian Persson

    Henrik is streaming new character

    Please tell him how horrible he is and point out everything he is doing wrong:
  15. Sebastian Persson

    We are live on steam!

    Yes! You can now finally download and patch the game using the steam client. We encourage everyone to get the steam-client right here: since this will make future patching much faster and smoother for you. We also released a steam-trailer to promote...
  16. Sebastian Persson

    Steam Development Update 4

    Ya sorry, it's a bit late had a lot to do last week but here it is!
  17. Sebastian Persson

    Steam Development Update 3

    The third steam dev update is posted on the site!
  18. Sebastian Persson

    Steam Development Update 2

    Here's some more info on the what we are doing for the steam release!
  19. Sebastian Persson

    Server Maintenance Progress

    Today we will be moving the servers to the new location. Unfortunately this means that the live server will be unavailable for a while and the forums/website will be down for a little while to. You can read more about here: I will try...
  20. Sebastian Persson

    Extended server maintenance 2015-07-20

    On Monday July 20th we will take down all servers and websites including the forum and this site and moving them to a new host. This means that the game server will be down for a much longer time then usual as the databases are being moved over to the new spot. You can read more about the...