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  1. Apachewarr

    X-Files Cont.

    Pvp Baby what more can u ask for :D GF GG Was fun
  2. Apachewarr

    MOs Krannies

    Big Boi stuff here! gfs ill keep them coming :)
  3. Apachewarr

    X-Files Continued

    PVP Its what we want its what we crave its what we have here!
  4. Apachewarr


    PVP Its what we want its what we crave its what we have here!
  5. Apachewarr

    Seasons Change

    GG Yoooo! ez Always a pleasure kids ALWAYS!
  6. Apachewarr

    Whoa - used to express surprise, interest, or alarm, or to command attention.

    Yooo :rolleyes: the pvp be good yo gg gf ez HAIL THE ORRNACLE!
  7. Apachewarr

    A Little Piece of Heaven!

    Yeet at it again with the vids they hopefully will get better as I learn peeps my vid edit pvp is not top tier but I get my point across. HAIL THE ORRNACLE!
  8. Apachewarr

    Big Man Chronicals II

  9. Apachewarr

    Gate Wars III - Get To That Gate!!

    Yeet On em Big Man stuff here ALL Hail the Orrnacle!
  10. Apachewarr

    Gate Wars II Same S*** Different Day

    The great gate wars continue I missed my audio being recorded so we don't get that this time :( but ill let u know look at my voip it was going xD gf ez bring moar next time
  11. Apachewarr

    Gate Wars I - The Beginning - TTC vs KranKids/FakePK

    The Great Gate War Begins Eww try harda next time not the same with a bunch of fakes. All Hail The Orrnacle!
  12. Apachewarr

    Big Man Chronicals I

    Thought I was done? Bring them fights boys I need that fuel!
  13. Apachewarr

    Version Mismatch?!

    Wtf is this. I download the new patch and it tells me version mismatch. "Please wait for steam to update your game. A sometimes restarting steam can make this process quicker" well I waited... I restarted steam still to no effect... WTF IS THIS!?
  14. Apachewarr

    Fear Is Recruiting <3

    Keep Based out of Gk/Mk area we have guys all around the map. We are pve/pvp oriented, we accept new guys just getting their grounds, we accept vets coming back, many different types of people and styles all fits in here. Very little rules. Teamspeak is a must tho gotta have that communication...
  15. Apachewarr

    Steam Overhaul!!!!!!

    Well Tindrem is a packed house ehh! Meduli is starting to get rather congested. And Morhin khur Is looking nice and bursting with fledglings. How do some of you older guys like the population change? I've had to move further out away from towns to make my gold, what about you? The new recruits...
  16. Apachewarr

    Does mounted need another nerf?

    Well since the foot speed change I'm running a bit slower. My spear stance is soooo broken dismounting seems to be getting harder... Making the game totally in favor of mounted. What do you guys think? Should they nerf it one more time to help kinda balance it all out!?
  17. Apachewarr

    When Steam Hits Where Will You Be?

    Well guys Steam is coming, Guilds are clashing, money to be made! What is everyone excited about when steam finally hits? Ima be out there making that dough! :)