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  1. Tehmudjin

    WTS Kampus Cape + Urn

    Unique event cape! Get it before its gone! Offers plz!
  2. Tehmudjin

    WTS Steel

    Letting a stack of steel go in Tindrem. SOLD for 950g.
  3. Tehmudjin

    Fear of Bektar

    Some of you have already heard it but I made a video with lyrics for our coversong "Fear of Bektar". Lyrics: Tehmudjin Guitars/Vocals: Bektar
  4. Tehmudjin

    WTB molarium MK

    2 stacks at least. pm
  5. Tehmudjin

    Early Xmas decorations in MK?

  6. Tehmudjin

    Minotaur Dungeon PvP

    Me and Diph went to show noobs the minotaur dungeon, we run into 2 MeN and started fighting, then a group of at least 8 WEED showed up and attack us all. We ended up teaming with MeN.
  7. Tehmudjin

    WTB Steel in Bakti

    1 stack CoD to Butcherman
  8. Tehmudjin

    Tehmudjins "Creative" Sessions!

    Greetings, beloved community! After the musical successes of "Bromance" and "Fear of Bektar" (skip the intro) and lots of requests in my Streaming Channel, Ive decided to start broadcasting musical sessions. Ive asked the musically talented Bektar to assist me when he has time! These...
  9. Tehmudjin

    Subbing through Steam

    I just bought 6 months of sub through Steam but it didnt ask for my account information and it doesnt say that I got 6 months when I log on to I have 2 accounts so how do I choose which one gets the sub? Can anyone explain how it works?
  10. Tehmudjin

    Steam-release Countdown!

    Ive started my stream to cover the steam release! If anyone is doing a dungeon or whatever just let me know and Ill come stream it! Otherwise Im thinking that when it gets close to 18:00 GMT+1 we have a huge dance party outside Tindrem! All invited!!!
  11. Tehmudjin

    WTB Armor Books!

    Currently looking for: Cultist Armor Bediai Hunter Armor Varborgian Plated Armor Stadius Armatus Thursar Plate Armor Sarduccan Guard Armor Dall Roba Armor PM price and location!
  12. Tehmudjin

    Herbs is important

    Lets face it. Herbs is important!
  13. Tehmudjin

    Dota 2

    Who plays it? Lets make Team StarVault
  14. Tehmudjin

    Top 10 features of Mortal Online

    Im thinking about making a video about the 10 best features of the game and would like suggestions. What did you enjoy most as a noob? What made you keep playing? If you ever unsubbed, what made u come back?
  15. Tehmudjin

    Tehmudjins Quickfixes!

    PvP balance and shit like that is complicated. Let me bring you some quick fixes on small issues! 1: Enhancements First off, weapon hilts. I took some time killing 14 black ants to get a perfect weapon hilt enhancement. It lowered the weight of my tungsteel sword from 2.22 to 1.52, perfect...
  16. Tehmudjin

    Let TC assets switch guild

    Currently, if you own a palisade with TC structures and sell it, you will need to sell your guildstone as well, otherwise all TC structures will fall. I suggest that you allow TC structures to switch owners. If you pull the guildstone from a house and put in a new one, the leader of the...
  17. Tehmudjin

    WTS Books from magnaton brains

    Advanced Herding - 80g Dominate IV - 100g Creature Control III - 100g Ironsilk Lore - 25g Tripplestrike - 1000g Updated with prices.
  18. Tehmudjin

    Player made Quests for Steam release!

    Greeting, community of Mortal! With Steam release coming soon I have had some ideas of making player made quests with its own storyline. Think will function as a player made tutorial as well as a quest chain where noobs earn money and gear by learning the game instead of just having it handed...
  19. Tehmudjin

    Tehmudjin LFG

    As the last surviving original Quadra Khan, I am now looking for a new guild. As a +4 years vet I am very experienced in most aspects of the game. I have several fighting chars, a butcher and a weaponcrafter with full cronite lore. Im filthy rich and wont need any financial support ever. As a...
  20. Tehmudjin

    WTB weapon hilts

    How many u got and where they at?