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  1. Henrik Nystrom

    Mortal Online 2?

    MO2 will run different from MO1. It runs on a new engine which will make it feel a bit different in many ways. The combat system will be rebuilt to be more fluid and modern. We will greatly improve the feedback and motion in the combat. We still keep the core system from our current game. The...
  2. Henrik Nystrom

    My account is banned when loading on the red bar.How can i unbanned my account?.

    Come on now, you mailed support, they have responded and then you pmed me, I responded, now you make a post on the forums? Everyone stated you are banned due to cheating and you will remain banned, there is no need to post anything anywhere anymore.
  3. Henrik Nystrom

    Mortal Online 2?

    no ss yet.
  4. Henrik Nystrom

    Looking forward to MO2?

    Yeah the day I leave MO it will turn into a wow clone. You know I wrote the org design for MO right? I wrote every single game feature and then handed over the coding part for our coders. So what you both love and hate comes from my very old game design. Over the years I had to step away more...
  5. Henrik Nystrom

    Why was MO development split between 3 games?

    We didnt really split the team up. In short, all developers cant work on the same things, we were experimenting with the new engine and some of our current codes which gave us the opportunity to deliver Kitten'd. A VR focused game based on UE4 that got a very high rate and was released with...
  6. Henrik Nystrom

    The Game Currently

    Ive read that section from our website a few times and cant see where we do not offer exactly what it says still. Yes we understand there are many different views on the pvp changes what made pvp worst after dawn as you say it.I do not deny what you say and think. I tried to share our vision on...
  7. Henrik Nystrom

    The Game Currently

    I know you refer to pvp pre awakening, what I mean it was worse was stability and tech wise. We did also have less options for pvp back in those days, Im not saying thats a bad or a good thing, but those were the major differences and we kept track on this. I will never be a pro at pvping in MO...
  8. Henrik Nystrom

    The Game Currently

    Could you enlighten me, where I lost the org vision of MO, and what main devs we lost that made us make a worse game due to this? Because I think we need to sort this rumor once and for all its getting tired-some ThaBadman. One thing that is important to understand is that we had 100 features...
  9. Henrik Nystrom

    The Game Currently

    To show a location in the world we wont need that much time.
  10. Henrik Nystrom

    The Game Currently

    And of course, even though we have an investment done for MO2, more resources always help us increase the development time and content and polish. So if you want to support us, playing MO and subbing to it makes a difference no doubt.
  11. Henrik Nystrom

    The Game Currently

    Of course, we will show what we are doing, just give us some time, still lots going on on all areas.
  12. Henrik Nystrom

    The Game Currently

    Maybe I wasn't clear enough, we/I do not blame MOs release chaos and its fate due to anyone else than our self at Star Vault. Since I lead the team then obviously I take full responsibility for my part and Ive always done the best I can with communication with the Leads in SV. We were all pretty...
  13. Henrik Nystrom

    The Game Currently

    A lot is going to change in the skill system. We have looked over the feedback and how MO is played today and what our goals and intentions were, what worked what didnt work. Yes we know many find them forced to make another account to make alts to provide for your mains and similar. This was...
  14. Henrik Nystrom

    Thank you @Najwalaylah

    Thank you @Najwalaylah
  15. Henrik Nystrom

    The Game Currently

    MO is more than 12 years old, its out of date visually and the limitations and restrictions we had over the years has been a struggle to solve. MO2 removes some of the major limitations for us, and we got a new investments to take the step to make MO modern in a new engine and new tech. We can...
  16. Henrik Nystrom

    More Communication Please

    We been flooded with things on our table that taken a lot of focus, hence we haven't posted that much other than the announcements. The emission I started have taken a lot of time and focus. While I covered this part to fund MO2, Seb helped finalized Kitten'd so we can have a proper release for...
  17. Henrik Nystrom

    Newbie Island Screenshots!

    It will be a proper starting experience, and it needs to be able to support a lot of new players flooding the location. So yeah, its quite large, not Myrland size however. If needed there can be multiple noob islands as well so we can support flood of players, this is the base for MO2 noob...
  18. Henrik Nystrom

    Mortal Online 2 Discussion

    The deva lives on.
  19. Henrik Nystrom

    Mortal Online 2 is coming.

    Mortal Online 2 is coming.
  20. Henrik Nystrom

    Mortal Online 2

    We are proud of what we have achieved with Mortal, a game with little in the way of close competition. But technology has moved on and the time has come to upgrade to UE4.with much improved graphics, inclusive vr compatibility and many other advanced features. Doing this will create what is in...