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  1. Marcus Aurelius

    Ultrawide is broken :(

    Can no longer select 21:9 resolutions such as 3440x1440 in the launcher. Apparently the new max is 2752x1152. In-game setting is limited to 1920x1080. Edit: Managed to force it via the in-game settings by manually typing in the resolution you want. There are some small UI issues, but it's...
  2. Marcus Aurelius

    What Time Period for MO2?

    I'm curious to know what sort of time frame people are interested in assuming MO2 ever happens. Would people be interested in seeing the game continue from the timeframe we currently have, maybe slightly in the future to allow for any overlap? Or are people interested in the game being set in...
  3. Marcus Aurelius

    Tab Targeting no longer works?

    I had to reinstall MO on Steam. As a result my key bindings have reset to default. Apparently now default targeting is 'u' and default open all inventory is 'tab' and 'tab' can no longer be reassigned to anything else. When you try to assign it, pressing tab results in nothing happening??
  4. Marcus Aurelius

    Who were the Shinarians?

    What do we actually know about the Shinarians? Based on the fact that the Sidoians were their slaves and now spend their time persuing knowledge of their masters, is it fair to say that the Sidoian culture is based upon the Shinarians? Are they of similar ethnicity or something different? Mats...
  5. Marcus Aurelius

    Midguard members here?

    Anyone from Midguard outside of Fabernum? Please contact me.
  6. Marcus Aurelius

    Metals and Timber?

    So I like taking the time to gather timber and mine and refine metals like cuprum and steel. However judging by how quickly so many buildings are decaying around Tindrem, Meduli and Fabernum and the like, I have to wonder, am I actually wasting my time with this? I can't help but feel there is 0...
  7. Marcus Aurelius

    Broken Lore on Website

    The individual sections for races and locations are broken. For example: click location, click Sarducaa and you are taken to an error screen:
  8. Marcus Aurelius

    Is the server actually up?

    I haven't been able to log in for days and can't get in touch with support and had no luck on the steam forums. Are people online right now? For some reason, I cannot get past the "connection established, verifying" section.
  9. Marcus Aurelius

    Automatic Trade Missions

    Trade brokers are able to list buy and sell orders from other markets, but highlight them red to let you know that it's being sold from a different broker. What if there was a system that would allow you to buy the other remotely, and in doing so automatically creates a "trade order" on a...
  10. Marcus Aurelius

    Steam Trailer Music

    Is that an in-game track? Pretty sure I've not heard that one in-game. Does anyone know what the song is? It's actually quite nice.
  11. Marcus Aurelius

    New Guard Armour is Bad

    Please bring back the real racial armour. Tindremic guards no longer wear the very attractive, and distinct, Tindremic armour that we used to see in the past. Sorry, but changing this was a terrible idea. :/ Edit: Just to clarify, there is nothing wrong with the armour itself. What I'm...
  12. Marcus Aurelius

    Server Queue Priority

    In the event that the server is too crowded and the queue system is activated, will queue priority be allocated to subscribed players to allow them to enter sooner than people on the "free trial" system? I'm also curious what other players, both free and subbed, think of a queue system that...
  13. Marcus Aurelius

    Are AI combat attacks random now?

    Or is the animation just absolutely f---ked? It is impossible to fight some AI creatures. They literally bounce all over the place and hit you completely out of sync with their attack animations. :/ This has been ongoing since Sarducaa.
  14. Marcus Aurelius

    Mounts Following Through Gates

    Doesn't work. Stupid steppe horse decided to fly into the clouds when trying to walk through keep gate. Instantly lost all loyalty and vanished along with all my items I was trying to recover from my last attempt to play in Sarducaa. Not sure what has gone wrong, but it's impossible for...
  15. Marcus Aurelius

    Tekton Bridge Bug

    When returning to Myrland from the bridge, you'll spawn UNDERNEATH it on a rock surrounded by water. Where you can be swiftly killed by less sociable player who happen to spawn next to you and you can't escape. Actually quite pissed off about this because I had paged for help and received it...
  16. Marcus Aurelius

    Mats, can you please write a Mortal novel?

    Thanks in advance.
  17. Marcus Aurelius

    Disloyal Vanishing Too Soon?

    Is it just me or are mounts just instantly *poof*-ing away as soon as their loyalty runs out? I had a mount at 120 loyalty (I swear I had been feeding it and giving it minimal commands other than follow) and as soon as I loaded a few stacks of ore it gave me a message to say loyalty was gone...
  18. Marcus Aurelius

    Another New Continent Sound Track!

    Are we still thinking Sarducaa? I know I am!
  19. Marcus Aurelius

    Customisable Dark Nights?

    The recent increase in lighting at night makes it look far too bright. Now I understand that this has apparently been done to offset the hacks/cheats/external settings that players use in order to artificially increase brightness at night, so I appreciate that. But a some people won't like the...
  20. Marcus Aurelius

    Remove "Delete" and Add "Drop"

    Seriously. This has got to be one of the most abused mechanics in game deliberately used to piss off players directly. Deleting items into thin air is a stupid mechanic. Why can't we have a proper "drop" feature where any item you don't want hits the ground in the form of a loot bag. Exactly...