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  1. Sebastion

    MO1 Keep spots ruins in MO2?

    I think it would be neat if some keep spots and other important places built over the years in MO1 would be ruins in MO2. The game has always been lacking on lore and such. But at least these places would have history for players to pass on.
  2. Sebastion

    MO2 FAQ

    Some good info here: One major thing to note: There was some back and forth on this in the past. But here confirms that it will be the end of MO1 when MO2 comes out of testing phases. Personally I am glad to move forward into MO2. But I still...
  3. Sebastion

    Want to sell "hideout" house on graveyard island near Tindrem.

    Just realized I had late taxes on this and got it paid for another month. Since there was interest in it before I thought I would post it for sale before I forget again and it is lost. So I will be taking offers if there is anyone interested. Payment will be upfront first unless someone like...
  4. Sebastion

    The holiday event.

    Could it be the end of an era? Moving on they probably no longer have time to build burning buildings and rebuild the ones from the year before. So there may no longer be a Raffle of Caerus in Mortal as we once new it. Even with that said, I think the event this year is still pretty good...
  5. Sebastion

    Pumpkin head lights area like torch

    The wife has been playing in the Halloween event and she brought up the idea that it would be neat if the pumpkin heads light up the area like a torch when worn. Many times I have seen players asking for a light source that you could wear. So I thought the idea would be worth posting here...
  6. Sebastion

    Skill gains msgs from trainers on Haven

    Maybe when trainers give new skills the text could be displayed more prominently. It is easy to miss it in the chat when you are reading conversations in a different UI. Maybe it could be displayed like the hints are as well as being in the chat. Similar to what happens when you pull a bag...
  7. Sebastion

    Haven Update discussion

  8. Sebastion

    Newb Island update with AI and NPC's

    I like how the npc's are displaying what they offer for sale. That should make it easier for people to find what they are looking for. This update makes it seem like they are a bit farther behind than I had been thinking though. I hope the tutorial aspect of it does not get rushed in the end.
  9. Sebastion

    New World Testers will need to find something new to play.

    I wonder if many of these displaced gamers will find their way to MO?
  10. Sebastion

    Outlaws of the Old West?

    Anyone else give this game a go? Me and the wife have been playing it a little and it has been pretty fun. It is Early Access so many bugs and such. But there seems to be a start of a pretty solid game here. The building is pretty fun and some of the creatures can be a challenge at times...
  11. Sebastion

    Characters leaving to go to the world of MO2

    Just a thought I had but since MO and MO2 running side by side at some point and players needing to have certain characters in MO2 while still playing in MO a well. Maybe the character from an account that players want to take over to MO2 should also be removed from MO as well. Kind of like...
  12. Sebastion

    Noob Island?

    So.... is noob island still in the works? Or has that all been taken off the table now?
  13. Sebastion

    Reopen the aqueducts

    I think SV should reopen the aqueducts so we can easily access that part of tindrem again. The reds seem to still be able to get up there anyway. Having it hard to access is just helping those that do get up there to cause havoc safely. I always enjoyed being able to run around up there and I...
  14. Sebastion

    Failed to remove friend.

    Any one else getting the game message 'Failed to remove friend' when logging into the game? This started happening to me some time ago and I have always wondered what is up with it.
  15. Sebastion

    Butcher house.

    I was expecting something more when I first read about this in the patch notes. But I must admit that it is a nice improvement over the buildings that you can not enter at all. Hopefully this is just a hint of things to come. Though not at the rate of one building at a time :)
  16. Sebastion

    Size of the new player island?

    So I wonder how big this thing is going to be? They mentioned that it will actually have dungeons on it. And it seems like they had the art guys working on it for a very long time. So I am thinking that it could actually be pretty large.
  17. Sebastion

    Was there changes to the event today?

    I thought they had plans to make the event more interesting on Christmas? Nothing seemed to be different that I can tell. Normal bags popping up around the burning house. And still a train of 5 people following discord.
  18. Sebastion

    Server Update: December 21st Discussion

    I still think they are going about this backwards. Discordo is trying to get away with the items that the people believe should rightfully have been distributed out to them. I dont think the plan would be to just hurt him a little so he will drops some things. Not in this game anyway. The...
  19. Sebastion

    Phase 8 of Mortal Royale Closed Alpha!

    This Friday with possible fixes for some of the issues like not being able to delete items.
  20. Sebastion

    Mortal Royale servers are up today.

    Just a note for those here that may not be aware and wanting to play, Mortal Royale servers are up.