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  1. Golgotha

    Joined Forums 2008, 2009 & 2010, Still (or Again) Active in 2020

    This actually wasn't my original account. I started as Basilteshi... ... but switched to Golgotha when I made my second account, and left Basil behind.
  2. Golgotha

    how rise scribing skill?

    Naturally. All set and waiting... There is no other way, too much to get done once release hits us. Can't let the barbarians rule everything...
  3. Golgotha

    how rise scribing skill?

    Not all books will raise your skill to 70, through the first reading. You can keep reading about any skill, until it reaches 70. Some skill books can be read up to four times before reaching 70.
  4. Golgotha

    Fabricula recipes for herbalism

    Skill experience gain is from the output of your extraction. Use herbs with high yields from extracting. Fabricula is not a good machine to use to train your herbology. The herbologium would be your best bet. Extracting something like Seadew would be a good idea since there is a large yield...
  5. Golgotha

    Vegan character roleplay help

    I have also always found that a strong stam reserve food raises my weight quite fast. No need for any fatty foods to gain weight.
  6. Golgotha


    That's Glorious Lord Beord ;) Even if you issued a challenge to the title, Im sure Id still have a year or two before Id have to resub to combat it. Unless someones got a line on some Hammer Creft, maybe....
  7. Golgotha


    True, when really thinking about it... no guild leaders were really that important in my opinion. They came and went. I think for me it is more so the rose coloured glasses remembering some of the busiest times MO had, and one of the loudest voices (in the area I located in game, at least)...
  8. Golgotha


    Many generations of Nave have come and gone. Different names stood out in each time frame. These are a few players who I saw as great influence upon Nave... Resin, the cartographer. Such a contributor to Education for the Masses Godkin... for the flavour he brought to the game, and the side...
  9. Golgotha

    Mortal Online 2 Discussion

    What an grandiose waste of time and resources it will be, then. May keep some people hanging on longer than they would have previously though. So there is that.. ?
  10. Golgotha

    WTB REAL growth food

    There is more than one recipe to make size modifications foods. Some are definitely better than others. EZ has been around for some time though, so I sort of doubt he is using a cheapo recipe to rip people off...
  11. Golgotha

    Pls Wall of Same

    Thank you. I will look into that. Glorious Lord Beord is currently MIA, yes. The title has been lost, unless Yeonan has pointed me on a fortuitous path.
  12. Golgotha

    Pls Wall of Same

    I lost and recovered my main account to find all of my guys deleted during the big data breach. All my work since release day gone (multiple characters on that account existed since release...). Yea... bothers me tremendously as well that over the years "bad" people just kept coming back...
  13. Golgotha

    Statistics pages are back yeah baby

    Every one of my guys from the lists have disappeared... No soph, food cooked, fish caught, furniture or housing ones. I had three guys still on the top soph list last time I was on (albeit, it's been awhile...). No has even come near my soph total. Neat.
  14. Golgotha

    Book Publishing

    Ive had quite a few books published in MO and every time, if there weren't "errors" that messed it up, it became available after the next restart of the game. Havent been around in some time... but they used to do a reboot each morning, and the books were up after each. Though I do remember...
  15. Golgotha

    What would bring you back to MO?

    A noticeably healthy population.
  16. Golgotha

    Rawhide and IvoryHide

    Rawhide used to be purchasable from the Leather Vendor, in game. It was usable in the same fashion as other soft materials and leathers. I kept some for quite some time, but do not have any more... used it in experiments and tests. Had no visible purpose in game, and had hopes of Drums coming...
  17. Golgotha

    Black Creft

    Indeed, good sir.
  18. Golgotha

    Black Creft

    There are sealife with higher soph that Black Creft. Have fun catching enough to consider an impact on your soph (unless you have a magical macro for fishing) And now, this isnt fully true. A proper diet would consist of a High Fat, High Stam (sometimes a good combo of the two) and a filler...