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  1. MolagAmur

    What really killed Mortal Online?

    I know there isn't a simple answer and that it's a combination of many things. However, it's just dawned on me that most, if not all, renowned guilds have left because of getting sieged. It's no secret siege mechanics are completely terrible. Adding in battering ram, trebuchets, and fire arrows...
  2. MolagAmur

    Starter Island video discussion The island looks very nice, but I believe many are wondering whats the point to still go forward with this since the announcement of Mortal Online 2. Also, what is the exact purpose of the...
  3. MolagAmur

    TC Update

    I think with the "new TC update" in order to make the game world and town life much more alive like it used to be its imperative that TC only be able to be built inside keep walls. This would give MUCH higher value to keeps. It would also still allow guilds to have everything they want inside...
  4. MolagAmur

    Amulets/Ring rework

    Make it so that rings/amulets don't have to be charged so that everyone can just use them and have a good time without having to tediously recharge each time they die, potentially costing them a lot of gold. Or make it so that the melds are player crafted if they must stay. Either way, i...
  5. MolagAmur

    [LX] Ludex

    About us: Ludex is a lawful evil guild of both new and older players currently open for recruitment! We are a small-scale group looking to add a handful of skilled and dedicated PVPers to our core. Zerging is not in our playstyle. Therefore, we are looking for players who don't mind (or look...
  6. MolagAmur

    WTB DK scroll

    Paying well. PM
  7. MolagAmur

    ETA on next patch?

    It's been over a month. What are you gentlemen over at SV working on? Is new magic on hold for the starter island?
  8. MolagAmur

    WTS Elemental seals

    Ice Shield Ice Wall Glacier Shard In Fab. 300 each.
  9. MolagAmur

    Magic fizzle when jumping on slope?

    If I cast a spell in mid air and hit the ground before I finish channeling, it fizzles the spell. Is this a bug or what? If it was changed to do this I want to know why, as it makes it very annoying. The thing to do used to be double tap W and channel a spell while you're in mid works...
  10. MolagAmur

    Mounted Combat needs a bit more nerfed.

    Okay, so I've recently returned to the game and still see everyone running mounted...this time its only worse because metals seem to be more abundant, meaning Ogh weapons and Tungsteel armor at minimum. We have seem a few nerfs to mounted already, but I think they aren't good enough. I suggest...
  11. MolagAmur

    WTB Necro stuff

    WTB: Animate Mummy Animate Skeleton Animate Zombie Control Walking Dead Summon Death Knight Summon Death Steed Summon Shade In Fab
  12. MolagAmur

    WTB Ironsilk

    In Fab or Tind. PM
  13. MolagAmur

    Fab NPC's

    @Sebastian Persson PLEASE fix this, Seb. These NPC's constantly reset back to where the guards are standing and its blocking the walkway. Its been this way for years.
  14. MolagAmur

    Dear Henrik --Updated poll

    Are you seriously going to ignore the issue with handle hits and sprint break? For awhile a year or two back, you were actively trying to find the correct mesh on handles. You would do a fix, add it to the live server, we would test it out and give you feedback. After a few weeks of trying, you...
  15. MolagAmur

    The Golden Days

    "I have eh no change for the bas" Enjoy this stupid video! Thanks When fights actually took skill and endurance. I'd give anything to have the state of PvP back to the way things were in this video. If you can't tell...I had one of those "watch my old pvp videos and get depressed"...
  16. MolagAmur

    Buying Armor books

    Dhall Roba Cultist Thursar Plate Bediai Hunter Varborgian Plate Pst price and location.
  17. MolagAmur


    In Bakti: 50,000 Grainsteel :200g per 10k 5000 Tungsteel-600g 5000 Cronite-1750g In Mohki: 50,000 Messing - 80g per stack In Morin Khur: 5000 Cronite-1750g
  18. MolagAmur


    10k Incisium 10k Sulfur Oghmium pst
  19. MolagAmur

    Blocking stam-drain

    Currently it takes around 20ish stamina to block. It has been this way for quite some time, but I think it needs a bit of a tweak. The pvp meta today doesn't involve much blocking in group fights...its just go in there swap hits and pull out for heals. If you try to get a few perfect blocks in...
  20. MolagAmur


    10k Spongewood in Mohki 10k Ironsilk for 40g per 1k Looking to buy Oghmium for the right price.