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  1. Necromantic

    MO2 Development Roadmap

    Just because I just noticed this. So in June, there will finally be men in MO2. And you don't really need female character models, men without beards are women. It will be interesting to get a look into the clade gifts. But I'd honestly prefer they focus on different clades than Thursar first...
  2. Necromantic

    Discussion on MO2 skill pool separation (trade/combat)

    Hello, old friends and frenemies. I'm bored right now so I thought I might make my opinion known and see what others think. :P I personally really dislike the decision to have separate pools. What it does is it will always disadvantage someone who has no interest in combat and kind of force...
  3. Necromantic

    A place to talk, ask questions and get help

    This is just a reminder that there is a community driven IRC channel which is sometimes hard to see in the stickies. In there you can get real time feedback, talk about things, ask questions and possibly get help with technical problems. It is especially beneficial to newbies now that more and...
  4. Necromantic

    Heat System Exploration

    Let's post all findings related to the heat system in here. So far from what I've experiences once your Body Heat goes above around 20 it starts affecting your Stamina, above 30 you start taking damage you for 1 damage once in a while. I've not gone far above 30 heat yet, so I don't know if...
  5. Necromantic

    Continent House Types

    Everyone is talking about building and future free placement but they are all forgetting the really important questions! Years ago Henrik said we might get one to two house types per continent. So are there going to be new house types for Sarducaa or are we going to cluster the landscape of...
  6. Necromantic

    Why are so many people constantly spelling clearly stated names wrong?

    We see it constantly with simple names like Henrik becoming all variants of Henrick, Heinrick, Heinrich etc. It happens to all kinds of names and things in this game and community especially lately again with Sarducaa. Even on content that is supposed to be about information, research and...
  7. Necromantic

    Reminder of the TC mechanics and common questions

    Bah, it didn't let me add a "Discussion: " prefix to the thread topic. I take it that 1. means that going around or over walls by game mechanic means is officially okay now? Since that...
  8. Necromantic

    Next Continent (Sarducaa) infomation

    Christmas surprise by Star Vault: Discuss away! I personally want to dominate one of those hulk looking things in the center.
  9. Necromantic

    The Official Unofficial IRC

    [Mod Edit] V(d.)Do not advertise other IRC channels without permission from the Lead Moderator or Community Manager. This includes talking about the channel or linking it in any way. Do not advertise other IRC networks under any circumstances.
  10. Necromantic

    Ninja changes to the UI

    They seem to also have changed some things on the UI with the recent patch. In the pet window it now takes a second after opening it for any pet to show up, but at least I welcome that they have fixed the entry multiplication. That window still needs to automatically update and not just get...
  11. Necromantic

    Ignored Risar Invasion

    Maybe these completely random, spur of the moment events just aren't such a good idea. :p Especially on late Sunday evening Star Vault time and people busy with other stuff. Proper spelling and knowing the maximum length of your text so it doesn't cut off in between would also help. :p And can...
  12. Necromantic

    Your free to play restriction is horrible

    Nightshade just tried logging in to Mortal for the first time in months and it tells him that his machine is already bound to my free to play account, so he can't log in. He didn't even know this was my account name, he has no Information on my accounts. I guess he will now never be able to play...
  13. Necromantic

    Working Prototype features we don't yet have

    I thought about this again recently after being killed multiple times by an underwater cougar on the ground that I could do nothing about and could not get away from fast enough. Here's a prototype video that's around half a decade old: Things they have in there we still don't have in the...
  14. Necromantic

    Patch 1.8 has new hints towards the new continent and other stuff

    With the new patch out it seems like we are actually getting Sarducaa as the new continent. Not my first choice, more desert, yay! While this is all just speculation, they added new files in this new patch that hint towards Sarducaa: There are Environment Effects "FXEXSarducaa.upk", Speedtree...
  15. Necromantic

    Aegis Imperium - Suicide bombing Towers since 2008

    Another Domination server first: Megnatons -> Minotaurs -> Megnaton Slave Minions. What's next?!