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  1. Necromantic

    Discussion on MO2 skill pool separation (trade/combat)

    If you can simply redistribute points why have points at all? It makes the investment and decisions even more meaningless. If you want a long-term game with meaningful decisions and consequences you can't look at game mechanics on a session/match basis. The whole grinding your points over-night...
  2. Necromantic

    Mortal Online 2 on Google Stadia

    Why would I bet on something that is already in the past?
  3. Necromantic

    Discussion on MO2 skill pool separation (trade/combat)

    No, what you were talking about is a game that didn't have "producers" to begin with because they all left as they game didn't offer anything to them. As I outlined in my last post. The problem isn't that they can do more, the problem is that there are separate pools which means choices and...
  4. Necromantic

    Discussion on MO2 skill pool separation (trade/combat)

    What does bringing up the old system even mean to what I said? I did not compare it to any previous iteration of it. Neither did I only talk about crafters but all trade skills, which isn't just crafting. And this goes both ways as well. It takes meaningful choices away from more combat oriented...
  5. Necromantic

    Discussion on MO2 skill pool separation (trade/combat)

    It's not more options. It's not an option when it's not optional and has no consequence to it. It's just more stuff with less consequences. If they flat out gave you more skill points and you'd have to choose wisely what to spend them on that would be an option, this is not. And you could still...
  6. Necromantic

    MO2 Development Roadmap

    Just because I just noticed this. So in June, there will finally be men in MO2. And you don't really need female character models, men without beards are women. It will be interesting to get a look into the clade gifts. But I'd honestly prefer they focus on different clades than Thursar first...
  7. Necromantic

    Mortal Online 2 on Google Stadia

    Google Stadia, one of the biggest fails ever conceived by Google(Alphabet).
  8. Necromantic

    MO2 - Fun Idea Thread

    In case you didn't know, the "Etherworld" is a separate layer of the game where you are not removed from gameplay but can still interact with - and with spiritism even attack - other players. So there is no such thing as "only in ghost mode".
  9. Necromantic

    MO2 FAQ

    That's bullshit. Lifetime sub means for the life of the game. Meaning you always get a subscription for the game for free when the option to buy one exists. Sure whether it should apply to MO2 or not as MOs continuation could be debated. But there is no breach of contract when the game shuts...
  10. Necromantic

    Hardcore MMO's: What could they do better?

    The problem with breeding just like with the NPC player stores etc. is that it was mostly automatic, set it up and wait for a timer to finish, no player interaction needed. Nothing inherently wrong with the idea of having any of those systems in general. If you had to actually breed the animals...
  11. Necromantic

    (MO2)Suggestions for town control to make everyone's lives better.

    Global actions, local reactions. From the books of history:
  12. Necromantic

    MO2 FAQ

    You could have made a lot of money if you had bought SV stocks before beta and sold during early beta.
  13. Necromantic

    Hardcore MMO's: What could they do better?

    Realize that people that want nothing but PvP are the biggest care bears in the end. :P
  14. Necromantic

    Am I the only person who came back just to watch this server die?

    A lot of those people had already donated the money over the years, so no real entry fee for those and the others just don't seem to have anything better to do with their money. :P
  15. Necromantic

    MO2 Serious desync?

    Not to mention UE4 being more open than UE3. Meaning easier cheats, exploits, hacks. Well, it's also potentially a feature update, as they can make use of the engine improvements. For that they would have to actually make proper use of them though. :P
  16. Necromantic

    Epic just release Unreal Engine 5

    The title is completely wrong. Unreal Engine 5 has not been release. All that has been release is a feature trailer showing off some of their "tech" running on Playstation 5.
  17. Necromantic

    MO2 FAQ

    Well, I saw multiple videos featuring the MO2 FAQ yesterday. The thing is more and more people, even from the more themeparky side, are getting tired of it and they are looking for something with more depth. I've been saying that for a while as well. In the last decade nothing has come to fill...
  18. Necromantic

    MO2 FAQ

    Wow, didn't we have those same discussions about a decade ago? Good old times, man, good old times!
  19. Necromantic

    A Founders Journey

    Well, I never said I was back. :P Also, I didn't quit, I just stopped caring when I saw how badly implemented Necromancy was after all the promises. I wonder who has all my spell scrolls nowadays, with all the account hacks over the years.
  20. Necromantic

    I found the dragon!

    When was this exactly? :p