Aloe Vera Cactus

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After the big recent patch, the different cactus around Meduli and corresponding area were supplying Aloe Vera when collected from.

I got myself a small batch of it saved up.

Now when I go back out after the last patch, none of the cactus give any materials from gathering.
Note: There was a point where I could get Steppe Rush from the cactii as well.

Whats going on with the cactii near Meduli? Can we get the Aloe back?


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Every cactus giving aloe vera was a bug.
It's only intended for the actual aloe vera plants to give it.


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Concerning steppe rush.
The reason why you could collect it at a cactus is because the yellow "rush" is just undernearth it. Currently it is bugged (picking angle) you have to aim for the sky above the "rush" to collect it. Hence why you were collection Steppe rush while targeting the cactus