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News about TDK - The meeting
Roleplay story and a great agreement

Today, between Meduli and Tindrem, some players from TDK visited the great market of Lord Ibarruri, a tindremic buisnessman. But how did we meet Ibaburri and RBT?

As always it was dark and stormy night, when I recieved a message from Lord Ibarruri...he wanted to help TDK growning and donated some gold to us. I answered that we couldn't afford a loan that time, but he replied:

"I like to help the players, because I try to have a constructive mentality. When I started it was a noob. nobody paid attention to me or paid attention to me. I discovered that any player who is a noob today can become someone important in the history of Myrland. In this land, each person brings something different, warriors, murderers, thieves, generate them, kings, all are important. I like to see people evolve and grow and succeed in the game. When I started nobody helped me for a long time. I like to be a friendly hand for new players."

And so we get invited to his bank, in order to see him in person and deliver some brownwood he bought from TDK servicies.

And so here we were

Standing in front of his great gate, the music welcomed us in his mansion, and all his oghmium shining weapons were on the market ready to be sold. With us there were some ASH players, who were there to bring some stone piles. As the gate opened, Ibarruri greeted us and invited us to have diner. We were all tired by the ling travel, so we gladly accepted his offer. As the servants presented their Ambrosial Fried Urial, Ibarruri started his welcoming speech with some advice for new traders:

"My dear guests, may the Emperor bless you!

In this community, people will give you respect if you deserve it. In Myrland bluffs, manipulators or liars do not prosper. The deed seeks fair treatment, fun and friendship. I became someone with a good reputation honoring my word, being generous to others, helping everyone and being humble and respectful. I never felt superior to anyone for having 100,000g in the bank.
I learned to manage my business and be effective in it. And I built my reputation slowly, first as a miner, then as a metal seller, then as a man of finance and a banker and finally as a seller of luxury weapons. In Myrland, those who are loyal and scale gradually endure. Those who want everything, do not respect the legacy or veterans, believe they are superior to others ... they will not last. The key is to keep your word. Whatever happens and be loyal to your friends."

What about Ibarruri's character and his story? We'll see next time of course, now we have another matter to discuss.​

The agreement

As you know, TDK is little guild, full of noobs, but actually we are farming and trading a lot. We share raw material market with ASH, and RBT helped us a lot, also they're good trading partners and we sold a lot to them, RBT are really active in market mechanics too.
We farmed almost 300k Brownwoood, true not in a hurry, but when was needed we farmed 100k in less than 24h, crazy thing! But some people are less fortunate, wasting their time farming to earn nothing.

This is why the meeting was organized: players of TDK, ASH and RBT met in order to establish common trading strategy.
Minimum sellimg price has been decided for some materials in order to have less contrasts and fair market, avoiding underpaid jobs. Is very important day for Myrland: from Bakti to Tindrem a lot of players agreed about selling something to a fixed minimum price, so new players will grow not only spending time mining but also seeing what truly Mortal Online can offer to them.

LucasAlex from TDK, CriticalLover from ASH and Ibarruri from RBT signed the agreement: fair earnings, more time to play instead of looking a rock to be mined, avoiding wild competition: we all are working for a better future in Myrland, hoping new trading guilds and players could join us.

Intrested in TDK, maybe you want to enroll or simply looking for trading?
Contact us! We are at your disposal for any info, trades or questions.

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thanks for words man. Pleasure help you and your guild!