Any reason why Haven is locked to first toon per account???


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It is clear that they was aware of this issue when they released since it is described as working that way on the steam news page.

So it was released with them knowing though they state that it was not intended. This leads me to believe that there may not be an easy fix for it so they released it this way. Or they did plan it this way and did not consider how it would effect current players/subscribers.

What ever the reasons where, I am glad to hear that they are working on correcting it.
The amount of people with dyslexia amazes me. The idea that SV intended ONLY the first char of an account to be able to go to Haven is a complete misunderstanding, they never said this. Let me explain this once and for all:


Which means that the first char made on an account can ONLY start in Haven, and not in other locations. This does not mean that the other chars CANT start in Haven. All this sentence tells us is that the very first char HAS TO start in Haven.

Then we have these instructions:


Haven is the ONLY starting point if its your first char. It doesnt say that the other chars are not able to start there.

Now that we have debunked the idea that the patch notes suggests this to be intentional, here is Herius to put the final nail in the coffin on this missunderstanding:


Now let this myth die please.
It does also state that once you leave haven you can never come back.

But yeah, even that can be taken as per character.