Armor Performance Patch

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  • New armor system! This new system is a lot cheaper on your client.
  • Everyone gets a single re-customize for all characters.
  • Buffed blunt resistance a bit on Scale materials.
  • Reworked the Crop Seeds so you only get them from extracting.
  • Thymus, Nymph Herb and Allium can now be used in extraction to get crop seeds for farming.
  • Breeding ground pets will no longer spawn with very high stats.
  • Nights made a bit brighter.
  • The Earthquake spell will now also damage the caster.
  • Fixed some TC Wall deed upgrade prices that were wrong.
  • Battering Ram price lowered to 100g.
  • Battering damage rebalanced.
  • Increased the reaction timer when you use a Battering Ram.
  • Mines no longer comes with a novice miner, miner deeds needs to be bought separately.
  • Aiming Technique stamina reduction changed from 50% to 60%
  • Reduced the max size of a chat message from 256 to 128.
  • Reduced mounted thrust damage by 30%
  • Removed all random parent deaths from stable breeding.
  • Economist no longer shows the average cost per day instead it will be showing how much so far today buildings have cost.
  • All TS buildings now have a 25% chance of dropping their blueprint in their loot.
  • Severely cut down the cost on phys calculations.
  • Handle hits on mounts will now do armor calc as blunt but won't trigger knockdown check.

  • Novice miners can now be dismissed.
  • You can now combine your own torch.
  • You can now combine your own campfire.
  • Added a new creature to the world along with a new resource.
  • Hitting a mount with blunt damage will now trigger a knockdown check on the player using half the final blunt damage just like if you would have hit the player.
  • Added a panic-find-ground-mode for the client when falling through world
  • Finished eating message now uses the pets name.
  • Feeding messages for pets now contain the item and pet name.
  • The fishing float will now sink differently when a fish nibbles to make it more clear what is a nibble and what is a fish that can be hooked.
  • Added a cleanup check for AI to make sure NPCs correctly respawn.
  • TS breeding grounds now also need pets at above level 25 to breed (same as stable)
  • TS breeding grounds and stables can no longer breed pets at above level 75.
  • Pets in stables that breed will now gain level once the breeding is done.
  • Pets in breeding grounds will now also level up until they reach a level where they can no longer be used for breeding. At that point you will have to replace them.
  • Added potion crafting stat.
  • Added alchemist titles.
  • TS buidings will now drop 10% of their materials as building scraps in their loot.
  • Added support for buildings scraps these can be used as building materials when building TS buildings or siege weapons as any material.

  • Fixed an issue where Lance heads on long handles counted as Clubs skill.
  • Fixed issue where economist showed income as upkeep for guild members
  • Improved spawn positioning for farms.
  • Melee can now damage TS.
  • Fixed issue with syncing of AI attacks the first time they are used.
  • Improved ranged vs NPC hitbox tracing.
  • Improved connection check to avoid random disconnects.
  • Fixed issues with dye that made other people get dyed the way you where.
  • Changed the fishing big and small splash effect to make it easier to see when you should pull in and not.
  • Fixed issue with pressing Z while mining where it would turn off the animation but keep on mining.
  • Fixed bug where you could turn your mount while charging a spell by swapping out an item.
  • Fixed issue with mounted mounts sometimes setting their pitch to a very odd number when swimming.
  • Improved placement of objects on the client side to avoid loot bags that end up in bad spots.
  • Further improved placement of crops by the TS farmer.
  • Fixed issue where riding over nodes would remove mount defense.
  • Fixed maul head icon into something a bit better.
  • Fixed better tax manager spawning to avoid them spawning inside bank houses.
  • Fixed issues with damage not correctly being calculated and sent to the a player that hits a mounted players mount.
  • Fixed an issue that calculates stamina and str req on Flanged Maces.
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