ARMY off HORSES soon to sale

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200-300 fine breed trained horses coming soon to sale in tindrem.
leting yous knowm many Days Before so yous can do yous redy on that.
I coming now be low in taming and breeding and all my charters coming now train horses and do them redy.

it coming maybe take 4 or more Days for me do 200 horses redy.
but when it is done 200-400 breed with level 83 coming com out on broker for 19,66 g ea. YES 19,66 NOT 196,66 g:)

so be redy on have eazy for some period to find very good horses for low price:)
dont buy good horses for 450 g or 100 g or somthing that wait to mays army off horses be to sale on broker in tindrem and then save loot off gold with buying them:)

buy to to freind,buy to resel in beth with good profit or somewhere.

200-400 horses coming soon coom out on tindrem broker.
coming take some Days but now I coming start to work on that on all mays 4 charters.

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later today/tomorn I coming Place so many level 83 I can.
and when some have been sold I coming Place more:)

many off the horses is now in level 83.
price is 19,66g ea almost free:) it pay my traning cost but not loot more.
so buy buy buy later today/tomorn :) when i placing so many horse it let me Place:)
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181 horses is now on tindrem broker for 19,66 g ea.
and around 50 more coming be placed what after some has been sold.

buy buy :)
I dont knowm when I next time do somthing this agin can take moths or years if I ever do somthing this agin.

many horses can be used with very low riding skill.
and many have good stats some havs stats who is exempel 10+int,900str+,spd66+.
and yea more check them you self on broker.

have fun with mays breed trained horses:)
and hope them coming to good use:)
the price is so low so it is almost free,pay may cost and not loot more.

tindrem broker.