Best size for 1h sword man long sword 1h

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Hey boys and girls . Im looking to create a swordman for pve only not pvp and i am looking for the best skills set and the best side for this character in case i need to defend myself from hostile enemy . Tell me your experience with your character . I want to use one hand long sword


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Just make a1h great blade out of the best material that you can of steel weight or below, i.e. not cuprum or messing. Then use with a shield.
Even if you want to only PVE, your build may as well be detailed to suit PVP because that's bound to happen anyways. So make a PVP viable build and then PVE with it. Long Katanas are really good, my favorite 1H Sword by far due to their above average speed and damage, and decent range. Not as powerful as 2H swords though. Usable in PVP and great for PVE dungeons when you want an offhand torch to light the path.


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I am guessing you will find this out eventually but I suggest to trust me and try other things first. I loved the idea of 1h sword when I first started. It turns out it is really hard to hit with. Very short range and odd hitbox. Spear works better if you want a shield or 2h sword or even more fun polesword. I am willing to make these for you so you can test and see the difference.
I used 1h conq for a while wasnt that bad. Much faster and better stam than great blade. Its a bit shorter tho but it makes up for it with the speed and stam.

When you 1h with shield because the way your weapon swings your thrust is your farthest range attack and easiest to land. And conq are just as good at thrusting as GB and better than blademaster. So you dont lose much damage if you thrust often but its better stam and faster. Left swing sucks so use it as little as possible.

Spears are easier but if you fight an enemy that knows how to middle block (which isnt exactly hard) your pretty low on options to actually win the fight. Swords you have more skill options.


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Spears have more options in the crafting area. But you can still get around blocks or just keep stabbing and out damage them even if they parry. 1 handed sword is lower range..... by a looooooot.