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yeah that would be cool xD
I mean stuff like (cards), and minigames like darts, or something, that would be awesome.
Darts sound like fun-- and not too much of a stretch from aiming a bow with no skill, or lockpicking with no macros.

P o k e r would be better off called something else, and would take more new work.


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@Keurk isn't the only one who has nostalgia attacks:

"If we had music and dance emotes, maybe "drunk effects" and (some other things), someone¹ would be running a speakeasy (and possibly a brothel) already.​
Disclaimer: I know it's too late to change the system.
* * *​
Oh, and I don't want to hear "what Henrik said". Ever. Again. "​
This discussion is older than Nave dirt, which didn't appear until farms.


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not enaugh cigarette and alcohol in real life ? :D


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not enaugh cigarette and alcohol in real life ? :D
Absolutely *too much*. Just like murder. And theft. Too much of it.

All of the former (burning things to inhale the smoke) and a lot of the latter (killing brain cells with ethanol), and
theft & MURDER, and possibly religions are better off in adult games, where they don't actually hurt anyone. [File Under: What Games Are For]

Also, kind of bleeding obvious, if you ask me about any of it.


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We have Inns with tables and etc. Just need the smokes and for alcohol to have an effect. Sad though, that these changes will never be made, and that the game is a steaming pile of mess that players only make dirtier.
We'll always have the Fabernum Drunk:

It's like the intoxication emotes were there, all the time.
For what seems to me like minor coding, you could inspire endless fun for the players with DRUG EFFECTS. Just think of the videos. Just think of the boasting: ‘dude I beat you drunk!’

Some ideas.

Drunkenness: uncontrolled motion, blurred vision, lower hit ability, increased damage taking, mandatory laughter emote. Random hiccups.

Mild sedative (weed): slower motion, mandatory emotes, increased damage capacity.

Heavy sedative as poison, short term combat slowness?

Psychedelics: LSD effects with visual display by fractalization. Confusion and commands not fully carrying through. Random temporary swap of images of current clothes and weapons for another as hallucination.

Stimulants (coffee to cocain): Increased foot speed, attack speed, with subsequent crash that dips below normal speed.

Brain candy (Ritalin): increased read speed.