Butchery Yields

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I always wished this list included a general idea of carcass size per animal.
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Yup, I have noticed that carcass size per animal has changed since my original (2011) post at least once or twice.. even though butchery yields per 10k stack have not seemed to change at all! To my knowledge.

I would not hesitate to share your butchery yields if your only concern is that the yields per stack will change in time.


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Out of curiosity, does the Belbus price in this thread reflect that they have recently updated the meat to be sellable?


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4 cuprum per unit.


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I believe Wisent meat is now 1C per unit.

Dev Murah 19250 value per stack
1170 Bone Tissue
1900 Dev Murah Meat 0C per unit
560 Dev Murah Skin 30C per unit
80 Molarium

Giant Kurnass 53200 C value per stack
700 Heavy Carapace 66C per unit
1000 Crepite
3000 Giant Kurnass Meat 2C per unit

Ratzar Worker 9400 C value per stack
800 Arthropod Carapace
1000 Crepite
2600 Ratzar Worker Meat 2c per unit

edit: havn't seen the sarducca thread :(
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