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How long as the candle with all the b odies on top of each other been burning? or is that the free trial candle?


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Wow risar's invasion is comming to an end.
Risars have had their asses handed to them. Wasn't really a big event.
Note the armadillo on the candle. Anyone checked that cave again?
nvm found the cave and checked it out looks clear. i was in ghost mode though
Any knowledge into what the armadillos signify?


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I would guess that it's a joke; the Armagillion device was probably called the "Armadillo Device" in the meetings, and an artist made an armadillo; and the thing just stuck.


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And then there's the assumption along the lines of the symbolics of the armadillo that represents boundaries. Which some my think to be boundaries to be expanded, placeholders for future 'cool' things, and other occurrences that can be linked to boundaries.
If there are four Armadillos, does anyone know where they are? I have stared at the candle for some time. I have a notion that there is an "activation sequence". I'm going to throw some terms out there: Sheevra, Tindrem, Undead, Sidoia. Any thoughts? Again, this is based on my current information pointing to four Armadillos.

I know of only one (located in the lower aquatic cave of the pond near Fabernum). I'm guessing that this could be considered the "Tindremic site". ??? It might also be useful to plot the locations on a map. Maybe they form a symbol, like a pentagram or something - like in Police Quest 3...


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Are you talking about the candles on the website entrance or something in-game or both?

On the website entrance currently burning are:
Bodies all-over with armidillo
The Kimuru (?) - that bird thing

Not burning:
Dude in armor - halfway
parchment and quill - burnt down
vulvic priest statue -burnt down

I'm guessing these represent past and current content in some way - are there in game equivelents to these?