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Changes made since 2011-06-09 marked with *

Notice of DirectX update:
Make sure you are running the latest version DirectX to avoid issues.

After many days of hard work, we are approaching the release of the long awaited expansion, Dawn.
Dawn is a large expansion which brings a lot of updates in most areas of the game. The note below won’t cover all changes but it will show the main areas.

We have a new patching system that will give a faster installation time and improved stability on the download/patching process.

This note may not be final.



- House friend system.
Each house owner will have the option to add friends to his house. This friend will not be trespassing inside of the house anymore when accepted by the house owner. They will also be able to sleep and log out safely in the house. This system also adds better security of our player houses. If the doors are closed and locked, no other player will be able to enter the house. A player who sneaked in the house will not be able to log out inside of the house.

- Task/transport system.
The task system is a new system that allows the players to accept tasks from other players for a reward, or add their own tasks for other players. This is a good way for any players to accept a transport task to start making some money in the game. This system will be expanded to allow for new and different task types in the near future.

- Gene system.
The Gene system is a very complex feature in Dawn and is applied to all horses of Nave with the initial launch. All creatures will eventually be within the gene system. The Gene system in short is based on real-life breeding; the animal breeds within their group and passes on the attributes from their parents. * In the updates coming after Dawn, breeding will be enabled for the players so that they can create their own unique mount types by breeding different attributes/looks and features to build a breed which fits their play-style.

- Dynamic Mounts
The mounts have been fully rewritten in Dawn to make them dynamic and a creature of their own in the game.
Each mount has unique stats and appearance that their parents pass on to their young ones. At some rare times a mutation may occur within a flock which gives a very different attribute/appearance to the animal.
Each horse has different levels on their intelligence, dexterity, strength, constitution and speed that determines many different things in their behaviors. For instance if they are not too smart they can only remember a few actions from their owner at the time, making them somewhat hard to control effectively. A smarter animal can react and understand its actions faster and more efficiently. They also react to the environment and other players/creatures; if they get scared they will show an expression in a few different ways to indicate that they do not like the situation or the threat nearby. It can even rear (stand on two legs), making the owner to lose control for a short moment. In some cases it is important to have the right gear on your mount. For instance, eye pads to make it blind on the sides, armor to protect it from damage, or different bag sizes to carry items so long as your mount is strong enough. All mounts have their own “mount gear window” that allows you to fit any type of gear on it, which you also can remove just like it was your player character window. When the mount dies it drops the gear on the ground as well.

- Mail system.
The new mail system allows players to send a package to any player; the sender may also request a payment for it. Each package charges a “postal” service fee for the players. This helps players to send/trade things between each and other without having to be online at the same time.

* - Cooking
With Dawn we are implementing a new and complex system called cooking. This is tied to many different areas in the game. Each player has a hunger system, which means that you have to monitor your hunger values (read more below). Cooking is a "light" version of the upcoming Alchemy; it is possible to combine almost any ingredient, and when cooking you are trying to make a dish, no matter if that dish turns out to be edible, delicious, nutritious, disgusting, poisonous or not. Beneath the surface, the Cooking and Hunger system are based on metabolism and calories, meaning different ingredients will affect different attributes (Health, Stamina, Mana) and different builds will require different foods. However despite its complexity and depth the basics are very easy; as long as you eat carbs and fiber (for instance bread, vegetables) for your Stamina Reserve, and fat and protein (for instance meat, butter, oil) for your Health Reserve, you can't really go wrong.

Many new skills are tied to cooking, including of course Cooking and Advanced Cooking, as well as the various cooking appliance skills (Baking Stone, Skewer, Baking Pot, Smoke Box etc). There is also a new subgroup in the Animal Materials group; Flesh Lore, which contains subskills for various meat types (Beef, Fowl, Fish, Seafood, Venison etc). And of course the Botany skills for plants (Agrostology, Carpology, Vegetology etc). Most of these skills are secondary, but will require you to invest points in the main category.

Different skills will affect how information about dishes and ingredients is displayed in the tooltips. For instance both Survival and Cooking will help you to determine the Food Poisoning attribute of an item (which will make you get sick and throw up). Taste Identification is used to identify medicinal or toxicological properties of an item. The higher the skill, the more detailed the "bar" will be; at no skill there won't be a bar, at low skill the bar will only have three "steps", at higher skill the bar may have many more. For instance this means that at low skill you might see that an item is Food Poisonous because it is "somewhere" in the upper region of the bar, but you won't be able to compare it to other ingredients which are also in that range.

Cooking with exotic and/or strange, exclusive, weird, or even poisonous ingredients may not yield better-tasting dishes, but may add Sophistication to them. In later patches Sophistication Points and Sophistication Status will be used in certain areas of the game, so you might as well start to collect those points now!

* - Zoology and Botany
Zoology knowledge skills have been added for all existing creatures and their families as well as for many which are not yet introduced (or does not occur in Myrland). The zoology skills are organized according to the System of Dawning (also known as the Sheut Taxonomy) which is used by most Zoologists in Nave, and may be rather confusing for novices. You can learn about a specific branch of animals and then delve deeper into classes, orders, families and genera. Or vice versa; start to learn about a specific animal, which in turn will make you learn more about its biological ancestry as well. Your knowledge of an animal and its parent-classes will add up to increase your butchery yield and carcass (whole animal) alchemy/cooking chances. In the next patch it will also affect combat-related parameters such as attack and defense against the animal, and in later patches taming and/or controlling chances, breeding, and information about the creature.

Botany and its subskills are grouped into Material Lore. Knowledge about a plant's botanical family will increase your alchemy/cooking chances and extraction yield. Milling and Herbalism are Extraction skills that will come in handy when extraction from certain plants and/or ingredients, and there are two new workbenches to learn; Press and Herbologium. You may of course try the "old" workbenches for plants as well, just like the new ones are not limited to plants but will work with any other material.

(Dendrology is now moved into the Botany group. This means that in some cases you might not see the skill until you learn Botany, for instance by chopping a tree, and it will be restricted by your Botany skill level. On the positive side, Dendrology is now a secondary skill, meaning the points you had tied up into it can now be used to get you the whole Botany skillgroup "for free"!)

* - Potions and Vials
The simple cooldown on Potions has been replaced by a Potion system. You now have a bar showing how many units of Potion you can drink. Different Potion Vials can contain various amounts of liquid, and you may decide for yourself how many units to drink from a vial (by aborting the drinking at any time). You may drink until your Potion Bar is completely filled, as long as you have a large enough vial. The Potion Bar will slowly tick down over time.

Whenever you drink a Potion, or some units of it, there will be a short cooldown before you can drink again. Coupled with the Potion Bar, this means you have to choose whether to drink everything at once for maximum effect, but then have to wait until the Bar is depleted enough to drink again, or do it in smaller portions to save the Bar and/or mix different Potions, but suffer a short cooldown for every Potion.

(Empty Vials will be used to make potions in Alchemy in the patches after Dawn. The Potions you come across now will end up in such empty Vials, it's up to you to save them for recycling later or not.)

* - Armor
Two new skills have been added for armors; Armor Training and Heavy Armor Training. Both will increase the maximum amount of Equipment you can wear before your Movement Speed is affected (and slightly increase the overall maximum Equipment Carrying Ability as well). However, wearing heavy equipment will affect your Mana and Stamina Regeneration Rate.

* - Hunger, Reserves and Fatigue
Health, Stamina and Mana now have "Reserve Bars" which you may choose to display above your old bars. The Reserve Bars will drop when your Hunger Bar decreases to a critical level, or when the corresponding Attribute is affected negatively (for instance by getting hit, running a lot, casting spells etc). If you die, all your Reserves will be drastically affected. When a Reserve Bar is empty, it will start to affect its Attribute by capping it (Fatigue). This means your Attribute (for instance Health) can not increase above the cap, and the lower your Health Reserve gets, the lower the cap will be.

Different foods will replenish different Reserves. It is possible to cook and eat dishes that replenishes all Reserves, or eat various dishes for the same effect. It is also possible to restore the Attribute caps by sleeping, as long as you are not starving from hunger, but this will not refill your Reserve Bars. In a crisis, you can eat grass to fill your Hunger Bar and then sleep to restore the caps, however bear in mind that by doing so you fill your Hunger Bar by eating worthless food, meaning you won't be able to eat proper food to restore your Reserves for a while.

Whenever your Health or Stamina Reserve Bars are at max and you continue to eat food that adds to them, those points will instead add to your weight. After a while this will affect your body status and make you Stout, then Overweight, and so on. Likewise, whenever your Health or Stamina Reserve Bars get below zero, you will starve and lose weight and become Lean, Skinny and so on. When your body status changes, it will affect your Attributes. It’s up you to determine if these changes are bad or good for your character. If you want to maintain your weight over time, just make sure to keep your Reserves at a normal level (above 0 and below max).

*-Increased Primary Skill Points by 100 points
- Graveyards
- Item tooltips improved
- Size attribute is now changeable by eating "special" dishes.
*- New system for interactive objects. Many objects such as plants, bushes, trees and water surfaces are now gatherable and interactive.
- Updated interface for Extraction and Refining.
- New action sleep recovers current stat fatigue.
- New light and sun.
- Many new locations to explore, both peaceful and dangerous.
- New house types.
- Guild system rebuilt.
- Forgive system (place manual MC on players in the assault list).
- One time murder count reset for all players.
- All new characters start with at least 25 in each stat. Changed from the previous 10.
- Player and guild storage added to construction.
- You will now turn and point at a target on which you call guards.
- Calling guards has changed: you will now have to target the person you want to call guards on before calling them., instead of simply shouting “guards” and having them kill a random criminal.
- Added the following commands to the chat-window "quick list"
- Adjusted slopes, making it a bit easier to navigate in the wilderness.
- New resources added.
- Rebuilt a minor part of the buoyancy calculation for players.
- You no longer get a hit-indicator when being pushed.
- Portables are now local-grey flagged meaning guards won't kill them but players can without being grey-flagged.
- New player guild access for all fledlings.
- Tutorial popups for new players.
- /resetmurders will reset your murdercounts

Art & Sound:

- An effect will now be played when you leave the etherworld.
- A sound will now be played when you leave the etherworld.
- The login scene and character creation scene have been updated.
- Fixed an issue that made dying npc/creatures change their texture.
- Removed the tattoo color in character-creation for now.
- Rebuilt the key-config scene to avoid eye damage.
- Fixed an issue that messed up the color of peoples’ hair.
- Fixed an issue where hiding your UI, while having the profile-window open, still showed the paper doll.
- New sound effects in the world
- Performance optimization and improved visuals
- Loading screen has been updated. Tips are now shown while loading.


- New action window added in skills.
- Using snoop no longer instantly turns you into a hidden criminal.
If you have a player targeted by using tab, and that player uses the snoop-skill, he/she will turn hidden criminal.
- Changed so players can carry a few more items without losing speed.

AI & Mounts:

- Mount system entirely rebuilt with new gene system.
- Fixed the position of chat-bubbles.
- All Molva beasts will be transformed into 3 different molva figurines until they have been fitted into the gene system
- New mount gear has been added.
- Different resource types on armor parts for mounts.


- Archery rebuilt. The crosshair for archery is now removed and replaced with a "shaky hand".
- Mounted combat rebuilt.
- You can no longer dodge while walking slowly (holding ctrl).
- Dexterity now slightly affects your chance to get a weak-spot hit using bows.
- You can now choose to swap the function of holding alt, making it easier for spear-users and ego mages to use the combat system.
- Unarmed blocking rebalanced, taking more damage when blocking vs weapons

------ BUG FIXES ------


- Fixed stacking issue in the bank.
- Fixed animation issues with the following systems:
-Ranged archery
-Melee Combat
-Mercy modes
-Building houses

- Keys can no longer be used when banked and put in the hotbar.
- Trade and stolen items have been updated,.
- You can no longer use pots that are in your bank.
- You can no longer use bandages that are in your bank.
- You can no longer use bandages on pets when the bandage is in your bank.
- Fixed a crash when opening the paperdoll
- Restricted emotes to avoid "sneaky-stealing" by triggering a emote while playing the steal animations.
- Fixed a lot of different typos.
- Fixed yellow flag status to go grey when looting blue loot or trespassing.


- You will now gain XP in damage assessment when you use it.
- Fixed a bug with the displayed remaining read time.


- Fixed overhead swing with two-handed axes.
- You can no longer "save" a swing by holding block.
- Fixed a crash when you equipped a bow while mounted.


- Fixed server-sided part of magic's out-of-range.

AI & Mounts:

- Fixed typo in steintroll attack message.
- Sliding around while taming is fixed.
- Made some minor changes to the fishing thug anim-code.
- Fixed minor issues with mount-corpses.

Housing & Guilds:

- Fix for entering houses after being dead.

Known issue:
Mount speed is not correct and all mounts are below their correct speed, will be fixed in upcoming patch.
boner is gone after reading
That it? interesting lol this is a massive change!
Sorry, that was pretty much the tradition - see who could be the first one to say "interesting" after new patch notes were published.

Indeed, it's a hell of a lot more than interesting. Looks great!


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My house is still a useless piece of crap my other characters and guild mates cant make use of.

come on..........
This look nice,looking forward to try this out

My house is still a useless piece of crap my other characters and guild mates cant make use of.

come on..........
QQ I mad
- One time murder count reset for all players.


- You can no longer "save" a swing by holding block.

are probably the two biggest changes to this game (even though the mc reset is a temporary option for a few days after Dawn goes live).
"ego mages" :D im looking forward into this. Now patch it and lets play it :)
really nice , resubd yesterday... I think many will do the same, good job SV.


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Only people complaining are those who didn't read the notes very well :p

Houses are getting a new chest per tier (3 chests at tier 3) and theirs bank buildings AND storage modules now..

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Horse Breeding. Okay well that gives limited fun only to people who are tamers.

We have to eat and sleep now. Gives only limited fun to cooks. It's cool but now it's just one more thing to grind away at for us players. It's not like we have anything cool like taverns or anything to drink/eat at for the cooks. Or roaming guard system to protect those taverns out there if implemented etc.

And we got a task/mail system. That is great news. But again that is a core feature for any game, not really any expansion. Bug fixes are nice, but that's just make up patches for the past few months, not a expansion.

So pretty much the only thing the "expansion," expands on is the task/mail system. Which is really a core feature, not expansion. But it's all good for the economy.

Cooking and Breeding is the only things worthy of being called a expansion. But if you already have 3 characters rolled out and maxed, what the heck does this offer us???? We can explore a few new shiny place I guess, that will give me a few weeks to look at some things I guess at most.......

I hate being ungrateful, I really do. But I dunno. Most of us having 3 slots already can't take advantage of most of these features to have fun with them. Reminds me of fishing lol. I think they should of spent time on the AI/Roaming guards/UI/Banking between characters/Tindrem etc*. Now that would be amazing. You have to lay a good foundation before putting up the building.....
Awesome. Just completely AWESOME! Great Job SV this is what i was hoping for! :D
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