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Shit Henrik Says about MO2, part II.

6:09 AM Henrik: Sure has been quiet for a long time so it's quite understandable. We been very busy working.

SaulGoodMan: Yes you must be working very busy for 8 months! and no update

Pwnobbypure: does this mean MO2 is coming sooner than expected?

Henrik: Indeed, a lot has changed, we went from a small to a medium team, so there's been a lot of demand on all of us to handle the new setup during these months, and we want to deliver Mortal Online the best possible way, second chance we will make use of all knowledge and experience from old MO.

MO2 wont just be a graphical update, its a new game really, but the same universe, just a different timeline.

--Well, it all depends upon what you mean by "sooner than expected" :) We have two deadlines, feels around the corner, one is the Beta stage, then the release persistent phase.

--Well, since it's a diff. timeline, there will be an ending of the first into the second, in which means you can bring some "power/value" into MO2, im afraid I cant still be more detailed in this yet though.

--We are done with the 'noob' island, 'cept some of the systems that keeps it from going live still, but also the plan is to release this soon.
(Note: this was before Haven release, obviously.)

6:15 AM Henrik
We will reveal MO2 to the public when we are done with some internal milestones, and there will be more ads for when we release for sure.

--Yeah, Code team has been busy, so they have kept the patch from going live, while the art side is done with their part.

--We will look over all possible servers again for MO2 location, and also the support of splitting locations up i`n game to world servers.

(Will the map design be any different?)

--`We release with Myrland only, and it will be larger, closer to the
intended shape and size which old tech limited us with

--So it will look a bit different and be much more polished, and larger.
--But as a mo vet, you will find your way to the diff. locations, but there will be new areas in between, and new interesting locations, forests will now be forests, for instance.

Henrik: --We plan to have a larger player base, ...which means we will (require) more land, as we won't go instanced or multiple servers.

--And the game focus on a real living world with player interaction
and control, which means, players will need space for sure.

Rasaki: will there be a change in how node lines work on the new engine?
...the island seemed to be one huge node, but was it on the new engine when herius streamed?

6:40 AM Henrik: That was the old engine.
--We will show the new game soon, so you can see the difference.

7:22 AM Henrik: Ships later.

--When we have the persistent version released, we may offer some main features for you to vote on ...which we focus on in our continued development. We start with the core and want to perfect that first, then adding features over time to be sure the game is stable and works well.
Some of this is known, by most, but people seem to arrive back here to check up on MO every day, and it may be new to them, so we don't try too hard to guess what to leave in.
Includes Shit Seb Says and Shit Herius Says.
Starts on or about 2019-09-18.
Some spelling & punctuation or grammar corrected; some not. Words that had to be guessed at (in parentheses).
Some repetitions not included-- Henrik answered several questions twice or more times in ways that did not substantially differ-- and no context for answers given where it was felt that none was needed.
Timestamps left in intermittently.
Some questions are not credited because it was felt that
a) those who asked them would recognise the fact-- this is only a partial transcript, focusing on what Devs said, and the original text still exists on Discord for reference;
b) no-one would care who asked questions of general interest, nor-- for the most part-- what the comments were.

Shit Henrik Says about Mortal Online 2, part II, continued:

124 AM (next day) <Some Troll>: @ Henrik to me the fact nothing is being released makes me
think your working on a whole lot of nothing
* * *

Henrik: works the opposite, we are all focused on one major
-- If we show other things than MO2 we are not working hard enough,
Henrik: Noob island is the big thing for M01 and it will move over to MO2 so we dont work on it in vain.

--We will announce our public roadmap when we are done with our first milestone in which we put things public

7:25 AM Henrik: Well, we have come a long way with MO2, we use the core network and a lot of features from MO1, Myrland is being recreated, and some of the core issues and features are being rebuilt.

--Its not that we start from scratch, then it would be years away.

--We knew we would want to move over to UE4 eventually

--well for starters the obvious such as AI

--whole new gui and interaction to make it smooth and modern

--We will use all knowledge from the past game's features that were
good and bad to refine it into MO2

--We won't start with all features either, we start with the core and make the core as perfect as we can.

--We may also let you guys pick which second area we should add next next to our own plan.

Shit Henrik Says about Mortal Online 2, part II, feat. @Sebastian Persson :

2:28 AM Henrik: We just need the character system, skill and combat systems to be solid and stable, and it will fit the new visual level, the world and cities nicely put togheter, a proper AI and persistent game play.

--From there, we will have tons of features to add over time

--We start with Myrland only

(Can we get each continent have certain different resources so trade be cool?)

Henrik: There will be diff. pros and cons on every continent.

9:46 AM: (When do I reserve my character name?)

19:46 AM FarmerJoe: You will get an email when we get closer to that.

9:46 AM FarmerJoe: It will be sometime into the closed alpha

9:47 AM Sakers: Give big streamers free keys.

9:42 AM FarmerJoe: Maybe not for combat alpha.

9:52 AM FarmerJoe: We plan to update MO1 again, yes. @Cain

FarmerJoe: It's a long time before MO2 is as feature full as M01.

(Will there be any race balance / (changes?))

FarmerJoe: Yes

9:55 AM [SLAV]Nyarus: Will I still be able to be a dominator in MO2?

9:55 AM FarmerJoe: Who knows!
--Most likely not starting out no.

FarmerJoe: We are doing it again, like Disney, buildling it up again

--Things will be patched in with feature patches just like M01, one at a time, when what feature is added can change tho'.

(hey seb if u want real tests done in the alpha pm me a key)

9:57 AM FarmerJoe: Can't just PM keys, there will be giveaways here and on twitter, and through the newsletters
-- FarmerJoe: That's not at all a scam to just get you to follow everything we have.

9:58 AM Henrik: Grab a key from site before it's full

(When will alpha be available?)

9:58 AM FarmerJoe: There's literally a timer on the site.
Date jumps to about Dec 11, 2019
10:01 AM Henrik: When mo2 goes live persistent mo1 shuts down.

--Not sure exactly when mo2 goes persistent.

(Any chance u guys decided to drop the 4x larger world thing?)

10:03 AM FarmerJoe: That... we...
not really.

10:03 AM Henrik: We will reveal more info regarding race changes for mo2.

--We want deeper char development and more use of them all.

10:04 AM Henrik: U can get life time for mo2 it's the mol life time packages.
Henrik: Those should transfer over.
--But all big life time packages for MO is for both.

(I was promised boats and horse carriages.)

10:07 AM Henrik: ...some major systems planned for mo1 may come into mo2 instead.

Henrik: We have gone through all weapons and armors and remade them all, (to) make more use of them and a proper list of them (with) well thought out pieces.

(Will there be a better free to play system?)

10:08 AM Henrik: But yeah we will remain with the same resources.

Henrik: It won't be free to play

--No micro transactions to ruin the gaming experience.

10:20 AM Henrik: ... the one char system is a big change and ur char will have much more depth and options.
--Yes u can be a crafter on ur fighter.

(@Henrik have you personally swung a weap in MO2 test?)

10:11 AM Henrik: Yes I have.
--It's not where it should be yet but damn it looks good.

(Is this one character per player idea set in stone or is it possible to be changed at some point during production?)

Henrik: ... it's now more designed for one character per account.

10:12 AM Henrik We saw the issues with spamming characters due to skill system limitations.
--We will improve that now.

(Secure your stuff please
--Our stuff....)

10:12 AM Henrik: Lots of time has been spent in that field.

Steinerr: Need the hall of shame ASAP.

Henrik: Hall of Shame, yeah.

Henrik: ... no fast travel. We invest more in locations, transportation,
and tactics and demand in such fields.
--A quick travel ruins that.

(Has Mats Persson been consulted in any of this?)

10:16 AM Henrik: ... we monitor players and what they do and don't like in MO.

10:16 AM Henrik: Mats was one of the first to hear about MO2.

(Has SV gone back into the forums and studied my feedback?)

10:17 AM Henrik ... we studied the players' actions over along period.
--What works-- what doesn't-- what's fun-- what isn't.

(Is the murdercount system still going to be exactly the same?)

10:18 AM Henrik: We intend to improve that.'s not going to be the same system.

10:19 AM Henrik: If everyone complains about or never uses something we intended then it's no good.

(So we're getting a 2025 release?)

Henrik: No, no; we will see the state in (combat) alpha, then we reach the persistent states, and go from there.

10:21 AM Henrik: Pve will be greatly rebuilt.

--Ai and pve are in a low state in MO1; it's important for this kind of game, so we are investing a lot in that field for MO2.

10:23 AM Henrik: ...we are looking at a big rebuild of TC that doesn't allow walling all over the world.

12:48 AM Vetian: @Henrik add a title and or cloak for early supporters

12:49 PM Henrik: Yeah maybe we can add that @Vetian

12:52 PM Henrik: @SleepySir we plan to transfer the capes to mo2 but redesigned to fit the new art level.

--We push the art to an extreme level kinda how we did with MO many years ago-- nowadays, though, as you know the competition visually is very high but I'm very proud of the hard work we invested in reaching this level.

(Did you revamp classes?)

12:55 PM Henrik: We will work a lot on the races; we won't have classes.

(That wealth transfer is a big one.)

12:56 PM Henrik: Will address that a bit further ahead
--The details that is.
--We won't transfer direct gold. We have a "logic" transition from MO to MO2.

12:58 PM Henrik: Veterans will have veterans' points
--That's the plan.

12:59 PM Henrik: There are some details we need to cover until we know for sure what we can announce regarding veteran points and current wealth.

Henrik: But ofc curious to see what people think about what we shared so far.

(So the landscape, trees, characters, everything from the teaser is actual ingame graphics, right?)

2:15 PM Henrik: @Goltarion (@Golt) everything you see from teaser will be in game, yes.

(Is elementalism and necro gonna be there right away?)

Henrik: No the schools will be implemented one at a time.
--Same schools but with some changes in how they work and look.

1:19 PM Henrik: So one character per account requires a change in the skill system.
--You will have more skill points and there will be some spec reg for skills and spells which lets you design your char in a more complex way.

Henrik: So you could be a fully fledged crafter in a specific field, but also a fully fledged warrior for instance in a field.

--it's not just more skill points; they have different pools.

(So there's still specialization?)

Henrik: That's part of our game design: you should interact and trade with others, not learn and do it all on your own on one character.
--Combat is only one field of many.
--Of course, combat needs to be good-- and it will be.

1:29 PM Henrik: I can tell you that Mordhau took their system from us via another
game years ago. Just focused more on it and dedicated the game on combat only and none(of our?) MMO scale. However, this time we can improve a lot of that so you will recognize a lot from Mordhau in MO2.

1:44 PM Henrik: Of course, the guards will behave more properly like other players when we rebuild the AI to work better...

--The new Myrland is large that's for sure; feels odd to walk between Kranesh and Meduli in the new Myrland. It's a challenge for sure to make a bigger more realistic living world but I'm very happy with the result so far.

1:50 PM HenrikL I have very good FPS in MO2 in teaser area content.

--MO2 will start with Myrland-only-- well-built-- then in the future it will have all continents, which are needed for the grand plans and populations MO2 aims for.

Henrik: 32 gb RAM helps a lot with a game like MO.

(Question from @ThaBadMan about the size of the dev team, etc.)

Henrik: We are (have) more devs than ever... what's a challenge in these projects is having the right people on the right position. An MMO is extra sensitive as so much gets affected by one code error.

...The combat in MO2 is going to be greatly improved due to some tech reasons and with the help of an improved engine as well-- but also due to experience in the coders who made it. It started in MO then AOC copied it then Mordhau copies theirs and so forth now we will refine it further so I'm confident that our combat will be greatly improved.

2:41PM Henrik: What I'm not that fond of in mordhau is the locked states which limit you into a specific play style. In that we stay true to MO's orìginal system as in not locked in attacks or blocking states.

(Does that mean no more holding swings, handle hits etc?)

Henrik: You can hold your swing, yes.

2.41 PM Henrik: There will be detailed hit traces.

2:43 PM Henrik: What Mordhau does better than us is the animations; it's about time for us to improve those now with the overall lift.
--We have a force and momentum that determines the outcome and
--Blocking will be like in MO1.

(If you walk in MO while swinging you cancel your attack.... like a
feint --don't have this anymore?)

2:44 PM Henrik: Yes...
Henrik Why change something no leads in.
[^^Meaning unknown.]

Steinerr: Thats fine; animation work is okay.

2:44 PM Henrik: We will refine it.

2:51 PM Henrik: ...We have worked a bit in the new armor system to make it
more logical and fun and easy going when it comes to that we will reveal that later.


252 PM Henrik: Yeah it's not working perfect in MO
--We are working on improving that a lot in MO2
--We already got something on test that looks very promising.

--Long weapons will of course have their reach bonus but will have penalties now in terms of environments, as well, which is new to MO2.

(Nice, so blades will hit walls and stuff?)

2.54 PM Henrik: For instance, in a crowded location a short sword is more controlled and efficient than a long pole that you can't swing fully in such an area.
--Yes weapons will trace differently in MO2.
--More realistic
--Requiring better control

(How do you guys solve the bigger requirements of bandwidth that come with more realistic simulations?)

(Will player footspeed be faster in MO2 with the new tech?

2:57 PM Henrik: The bandwidth will remain the same.
--We aim for having a controlled believable run speed on foot

(Will you guys use something like AWS or Google Cloud for
your Backend?)

3:01 PM Henrik: We have looked into aws; it was not for our tech, currently.

(Will we have megascan textures?)

3:03 PM Henrik: Yes.

(Re: TC)

Henrik: We have a few things left to figure out there, then we will reveal our plans. Using a lot of the feedback based on current TC.

(So MO2 will cost 60 dollars to buy, then also probably have a 15 dollar sub fee per month? And when you don't sub you cannot play the game correct?)

5:24 AM Henrik: Correct; but, yeah, prices may differ a bit.
--We spend a lot of money on the game so we need to cover the cost somehow.
--I know MO2 will be a great successor to MO1 and be much closer to the original design and vision with the new tech we using.

(Will there be a free trial though Henrik? Like 2 weeks or something? New age gamers expect free access.)

242 AM Henrik: Not sure about fee trial; it has pros and cons and we battled a lot of the cons over the years.
--We learnt the hard way and must protect our game and player base.

Henrik: ...tons of hackers would love to get free access to that as well.
--Happens to all the games with free access
--We need to make sure the release is stable and the game will talk for it self and that will get players for sure.

248 AM Henrik: There's been many new players in mo that never would have been if it wasn't for vets taking them on.

* * *

7:19 AM Henrik: ...We do have a mo as a track record though which helps us. And mo was not a clean release for sure.
--We tried to be as clear as possible and didn't deny the chaos we expected.
--Also we want everyone to expect a full game experience without any disturbances by hackers or in-game transactions and as mentioned, a big one, free expansions forever.

7:21 AM Henrik: We will have many small frequent patches with focus on one main feature area at a time next to this.
--There is a sweet spot for a small patch every second pitch or so.
--And then content patch in a few months or so.

(What magic schools will it start with?}

7:22 AM Henrik: We start with ecumenical.

(Will ecumenical spells be about the same?)

7:22 AM Henrik: We are not 100% sure ,yet.

(But those patches, tho'.)

Henrik: Well to be fair we used to patch MO1 frequently until we started MO2 production at full.

(... There were 5 months of no updates before MO2 was even announced.)

1:24 AM Henrik: Yeah, cause we secretly developed MO2.
--And was planning it all and the future.
--Couldn't reveal the details without the plan and budget finished.

2:25 AM Henrik: We started in a small scale to see what was possible; as you may remember, we evaluated UE4 over the years-- it wasn't ready.

(Game sub tokens?)

Henrik: We don't plan to implement in-game tokens.

2:27 AM Henrik: ... again pros and cons where the cons so far decides our
--I can see how players may want tokens; I tried that in EVE, too.
--It does change the entire game and what players can do.
--Quite a large impact.
--Yeah, players may trade on their own; that's impossible to prevent.
--Henrik We want MO2 to become the largest sandbox on the market.
--Not just a quick grab of money.

7:23 AM Darran: (Are you really creating MO 2 with only 10 people? The
MO 2 press kit credits only list 10.)

Henrik: We are over 25 ppl for MO2.

(Will mo2 support 240fps / Sli? FPS cap in MO1 is 120.)

Henrik: I don't know for sure, but I don't think we will have a cap on FPS in MO2.
--It depends on how physics reacts.

Henrik: Will support SLI if it works for MO2 depending on UE4.
--a 2080 should work fine

Henrik: I rub it maxed with my 2070 super in 1440.

(And are you going to make gameplay more fun and complicated for rofessions (like butchering) ... where you simply stare at a timer?)

(But first, a word about crafting:)

2:41 AM Henrik: For instance now we made 5 parts for each weapons and armors and make them perfect, viable, and good looking and (with) pros and cons to use them all.
--However mixing the parts still gives millions of combos.
--And adding materials.

(Regarding Field of View:)

SAM Henrik: ...not sure about what max FOV (will be); it makes models look ugly and you get a bonus on view field.

(Racial Abilities;)

Henrik: We are also adding a deeper char dev system.
--Included with racial abilities.

(Logging Out:)

8:00 AM Henrik: We are changing how you log out as well.
--So you can't just ninja log out in enemy fortress.
--The char will stay in the world then.
--You can use inns to log out more safely.

8:03 AM Henrik: ... you can log out with items safely in a proper inn or similar.

(Will the character creation screen show how fast your character will run at your current dex or do we have to test that ourselves? (`If it did, it would help out newbs, too.))

8:03 AM Henrik: ...think we will write out the speed.

(How are you ensuring that racial balance wont go to shit if the races have different speeds like now?)

8:04 AM Henrik: Yeah, we learnt how much speed is king in MO. So, we are carefully planning the races.

Henrik: Flagging system will change.

8:11 AM Henrik: If you murder someone in the woods how will someone know?
Well the victim could report you in nearby cities.

8:32 AM Henrik: We will have a test group and QA teams for MO2 as well.

Henrik: We will add racial tree specs, too.
--A veteran system
--And unlock the unique skill access.

(Will Sausage Lake be bigger? That's important.)

8:42 AM Henrik: Think Sausage Lake will be a bit larger, yes.
--It's not as round anymore.
--But believe it's a bit larger.

8:42 AM Henrik: Boats is on the menu, yes.

Henrik: The current towns are there, yes, but redesigned.

Henrik: The city content you saw in the teaser is Gaul Kor.

8:43 AM Henrik: Yeah, we plan to add wagons for mounts that can load more than one player.

(In-World Timeline of MO2)

8:44 AM Henrik: A few hundred years will pass; a new conflux will happen in the MO you know.
--So heritage from that time may pass on into MO2.
--Depends on your status in MO1.

8:45 AM Henrik: There will be breeding, yes.
--And we will be careful about how powerful a mount is.

Henrik: I plan to record a session when I demo the improved combat system and we will show more things...

Henrik: We may add some signs and more roads...

8:54 AM Henrik: Mages will have tools, depending on what school.

9:08 AM Henrik: Sieges and TC will have a complete rebuild.

(My concern is using the MO website, I have had my information accessed and stolen too many times there. I hope there are plans for a more robust security system in the new server / infrastructure.)

9:48 AM Henrik: ... yes, we have taken that seriously and will change our setup to make sure that never happens again.
--We are changing payment provider as well, as we are not happy with the one we used.

(Crouching Henrik, Hidden Dragon:)

10:09 AM Henrik: Dragon hidden, yes.
--We can, of course, never reveal what the players should discover on their own. If not found in MO1, it will be moved over to MO2.

(On The Underpinnings of the New Thursar Aesthetics:)

2:49 PM Henrik: But we now have a nice program that mixes two meshes, so we took our new Risar mesh and merged it with humans-- result was this. We took less % from Risar, though, as they were a bit too ugly.

(Some other Facts of Life:)

2:50 PM Henrik Thursar and Alvarin doesn't provide an offspring; they die before they turn into a foster.

(Underwater Armadillo?)

Henrik: You will see what there will be this time.

(Alpha starts when?)

Henrik: Alpha starts in 4 months.
--External Alpha, that is.

(Any Anti-Cheat, Henrik?)

Henrik: Yes.

(Re: Veteran Capes)

Henrik: Capes come from vet points, though.
--And only time gives them.
--But Seb misses a vital part.

3:09 PM Lacdanon: yeh but i can farm for 30mins and buy a cape from someone else

3:09 PM Henrik ...which is a time check on equip...
--Only vets should wear them.

3:09 PM Lacdanon: That's how it should have been.

Henrik: Yeah, it was on the list.
--We will make sure only a Vet can wear a vet cape.
--Not a noob with money.

(SPOILER: This is the End... My only friend, the End...)

325 PM Henrik: Mats wrote all lore for MO since start but due to lack of time and resources we have been lacking a lot in that field sadly.

I loved every single line maya wrote and we do have quite a bit that we want to put in for MO2.
--There will be a third conflux in MO ending time. --And the time after the third conflux is when MO2 launches.

(A Few People Fooled The Whole World)

3:51 PM Henrik: One of the biggest secrets was when some players said alchemy is broken don't test it and no-one did and everyone said 'it's broken' until someone tried it out a year or so later and said 'shit it's fun and it works, wth'.
Henrik: Then alchemists popped up here and there.
--A few people fooled the whole world.

Shit Henrik Says about MO2, part II
Friday, Dec 13, 2019:
(In the seasonal spirit of naked greed: )

(Can you give me alpha key henrik? #metoo, etc.)

[3:49 PM]Henrik:
I can’t hand them out I’m afraid
[3:49 PM]Henrik:
We have a group of confluxers growing now.
[3:51 PM]Henrik:
There may be some give away with signed ups.
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henrik is nvidia gpu still gonna be better for mo2?

Kinda depends on epic now
Gtx ray tracing can be used at least
With Nvidia

@Henrik are you using any third party tools for AI, or are you coding that all by yourself?

We are going to use some epic ai mixed with customization for our needs


Exalted Member
Thanks to @Najwalaylah for writing this down. I just copied it
You're welcome, and Holy Wall Of Text-- I was afraid to put it all in one post, but you, sir, are a brave man.
(Same spelling & punctuation changes as before, plus expansion of some abbreviations-- for posterity.)

  1. 3:58 PM]Henrik: There is one thing in alchemy that we may want to look to change. When we build a large complex crafting system like that with millions of combos you can learn one thing and leak it which always happens sooner or later.

  2. 3:59 PM]Henrik: So we have a way where every character could generate unique setups in recipes. Which means they can’t leak them. Everyone has to find their own way if they want to make it or buy it.

  3. 4:00 PM]Henrik:This can be applied to alchemy but not resources.

  4. Vetian: @Henrik So are you saying that 7500 seadew + 1500 water will create something different for each person?

  5. Nut: People who just use someones recipe will never make the recipe.

  6. 4:01 PM]Henrik: It could be the case. I’m still unsure-- there are some games that did this ...Which many seem to enjoy.

  7. (WARD) Piet: It would heavily affect the economy and really show who stands out as a crafter.

  8. [4:02 PM]Henrik: True; we see a change in usage over time when more and more experiment on their own. Again. the masses rely on someone’s word: "You can only do it like this", "ok", and they don’t try anything else.

  9. (WARD) Piet: Maybe a way you could work together with a few people to set your info to the same? Then it will be like a think tank? Then they could work together but not share to masses?

  10. [4:05 PM]Henrik: Well, in that case, every character has a unique random generated setup on how ingredients affect a potion-- 'cause an alchemist may want to rely on his services for everyone instead of angry look at someone leaking it all so they do it them selves even though they don’t enjoy doing such things. ...Which promotes the fields for the ones who love to trade in that field.

  11. If they can’t copy it, they need to devote time to make them which is not for everyone but it’s a dream world for the devoted alchemists.

  12. (Does Henrik know personally what Alchemy is like?)

  13. Yeah I’m not sure myself, actually. I never played around with an alchemist, but I liked how complex the systems we made for it were.

  14. Nut: I've had some good convos with Piet and Golgotha about cooking-- which you couldn't have if it worked differently for everyone.

  15. 4:08 PM]Henrik: True, but maybe some base ingredients are catalysts that give room for that.

  16. (I think mats and gold coming over would be very bad.)

  17. [4:16 PM]Henrik: We don’t want to give a lead in the game-- not money-- to start out with. The Conflux took care of that, so it is a fair start for everyone. However, we have some interesting ideas of how to transfer something of value over time.

  18. 2019-12-13
  19. Guest Starring: Herius

  20. Henrik: Talking about mo?

  21. ![Quad]Tehmudjin: I dont know what the hell they're talking about.

  22. [5:23 AM]Henrik: Instance housing-- pvp toggle-- what is all this?!? Can’t be MO2, that’s for sure.

  23. 11:38 AM]Herius: @Xhodan @Yeonan @Senpai Orrn -- It's lifetime sub for MO1, MO2 Client and Combat Alpha Access + 1 month sub to MO2.

  24. (Hm what if everyone leaves MO1 for MO2?)

  25. [11:39 AM]Herius: So the real kicker is for the ones planning on playing MO1 until MO2 full release. Then it's basically saving you money.

  26. 11:46 AM]Herius: @<redacted> We wanted to get Haven out on MO1 since it will be a thing in MO2 as well. To see how it worked, and get feedback on it.

  27. (Do you have to use a new account to donate ?)

  28. 3:34 PM]Henrik: No; old MO account works.

  29. Agui: Henrik having problems with connecting my account to my forum profile ... it says "Forum account verification failed." Before donating, i need to do that right?

  30. [3:45 PM]Henrik: Hmm. Not sure; you just need an MO account logged in and then donate the package.

  31. 11:27 PM]![Quad]Tehmudjin: I just hope you won't need 15 characters to fulfill all needs of a guild. A guild needs butchers, armor crafters, weapon crafter, bow crafters, engineers, extractors, tamers, etc. If 5 friends want to make a guild they will need extra accounts, or they can't play the game. And this bullshit idea that you need to interact with other players isn't working.Nobody sells facking elavia oils and shit... so you get stuck.

  32. 2019-12-15

  33. [2:14 PM]Henrik: It’s not free for us to run the servers and save the character progression either, same for WoW. It’s not for free, so the cost must be covered somehow. And like Nap said, to continue to develop the game costs salaries.

  34. 2:15 PM]Vetian: @Henrik , please make sure people can't use russian VPN to sub to game for $4.

  35. [2:15 PM]Henrik: People are abusing Steam's weakness to lower prices; we could enforce Steam to not sell MO cheaper for Russians to eliminate it. Hurts the real Russians, sadly.

  36. 2:18 PM]Henrik: (I)f you find a way to get cheaper x then. yeah. there are people who will do that even though it’s illegal.

  37. Vetian: You could flag their account if they pay the Russian price through Steam but connect from an IP address in a different country.

  38. [2:19 PM]Henrik: I think its a Steam bannable offense, though.

  39. Vetian: It is. You have to have a system in place to flag it and report it though. They'll ban all of your Steam accounts if they catch you.

  40. 2:20 PM]Henrik:I can send a list of all Russian purchases to Steam; they can check their IPs and ban them from Steam.

  41. Napkin: @Henrik I'm curious, do you plan to deliver more content like crafting, guild system, etc. such as living in new Myrland through two years of Alpha access beside just combat alpha? As you did to alpha & beta phases of MO1.

  42. 2:26 PM]Henrik: Alpha is combat only and part of Myrland; when we go persistent after this phase we will have the core systems such as crafting skills, AI, etc. It’s called alpha because it’s missing the full list of features. (T)he list intended for persistent. And it won’t be two years. The date was wrong on Steam if it was stated there.

  43. Malice: Ohh, Henrik, you said you have an algorithm that mixed two races right?

  44. 2:29 PM]Henrik: When we created the Thursar, yes. Yeah, all art is reworked.

  45. Napkin: Does it mean you would just go straight from alpha to release in maybe less than a year?

  46. 2:31 PM]Henrik: Napkin, we will have a few test phases from combat alpha but after that when ready it will enter (the) persistent phase. MO1 has been a long test for the tech and most features. And balance.

  47. Vetian:
    will this mount make it into MO2? :stuck_out_tongue:

  48. 2:32 PM]Henrik: The babunta. :slight_smile: Yes, eventually.

  49. 2019-12-16

  50. ! [404notfound]: MO2, well, I was here thinking more jokes from 2019 couldn't happen.

  51. 3:16 PM]Henrik: Been under a rock or what 44notfound? :slight_smile:

  52. (Questions and statements about streams: )

  53. 3:23 PM]Henrik: Sounds good, yeah, can’t wait to see MO2 streams, combat phase should be fun to watch.

  54. Vetian: Streaming is going to be allowed on the closed alpha?

  55. 3:27 PM]Henrik: Yeah, we need to be sure the combat alpha is stable and fun enough so we can have it streamed. Wouldn’t be fun to stream if it’s to bugged. But as it looks, having that stability shouldn’t not be an issue (sic; pretty sure he meant it should not be an issue) as we are doing combat tests daily to further improve it for external tests. ...(W)e have a computer with one of those capture cards for streaming without stealing performance from the playing client I want to stream a little soon and show the new updates to the combat. But there are a few things we need to finish first.

  56. 3:31 PM]Henrik: I will try to do frequent updates every now and then, when we have covered all those areas we need, to show combat.

If line numbers make it easier to refer to specific statements, then, yes; that's what they're there for.
If your forum username is @Henrik , just Henrik, and you're reading this because you were pinged, no-one meant to bother you.
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Lots of good stuff in there, thanks for the compilations ^^^.
They went from a small team to a medium team? That's nice to hear, thank you Mortal investors for keeping the dream alive.


Junior Member
It's hard to keep up with discord discussions. A big thanks to you all for keeping the forum users updated!
It's hard to keep up with discord discussions. A big thanks to you all for keeping the forum users updated!

Agreed. It would be far too difficult and unsustainable to keep cataloging vital information like this
@Henrik Nystrom
After reading about some of the planned features, your thoughts, and changes to the team I was honestly really hyped and have a little more faith in MO2 development and Starvault as a whole.

It would be really cool if you could make this kind of information more accessible in a official capacity. It's awesome seeing you engage with the discord community, but I'm afraid a lot of people might be missing out.
More updates even if they're in an informal tone on social media and MO forums would help keep your community engaged with the development process and the company as a whole.

Some of my favorite posts are you guys just doing dumb shit at the office.
HenrikToday at 4:12 AM

There will be dedicated pools for crafting/combat, actions

RowanToday at 4:13 AM

Nice. Will thieving and lockpicking still be a thing. If so I'll give it a shot.

HenrikToday at 4:13 AM

yes we will have thievery and lockpicking

we wont have all features in at once however as we need to rewrite most of it more or less. and we want it to be solid when going live.

DashogunToday at 4:14 AM

plz dont force 1 character per account i like having different playstyles

HenrikToday at 4:15 AM

in many cases its a system we want close or as it is, which means we simply transfer the code language which means its pretty straight forward and quick to get in

DashogunToday at 4:15 AM

ptp is fine

too much traveling

HenrikToday at 4:15 AM

Dashogun but you will be able to have a few play styles on one char,

MicToday at 4:15 AM

mhmm, I think having multiple chars ruins the role-play(edited)

HenrikToday at 4:15 AM

or change it

DashogunToday at 4:15 AM

too much traveling for me for 5 contients

to much work

RowanToday at 4:15 AM

I wanted to try something else so I had another acct lol

HenrikToday at 4:16 AM

I can understand the view when you look at old MO having more chars that is

but we are changing this

you dont have to travel if you are not intersted in doing so

DashogunToday at 4:16 AM

so ppl can subbed more for you

i need to

HenrikToday at 4:16 AM

new lands and continents are planned for in the long run, we start with myrland only however

DashogunToday at 4:16 AM

i have been traveling alot of today aswell so i can transport goodies for ppl

if we rely too much on ppl for trades its bad

HenrikToday at 4:17 AM

MO world is not like wow world, as in level x to xx, in which make you go through all the land and then you wait for new while lingering in high lvl areas

DashogunToday at 4:17 AM

i dont wanna spend 24/7 in a mmo

i never said it was or i wouldnt play this

HenrikToday at 4:17 AM

entire mo world will be from safer to very dangerous no matter what continent, some continent may be a bit more dangerous however due to their lore and nature

DashogunToday at 4:17 AM

i never say to makke it safer

i just dont wanna spend too much time on a game

HenrikToday at 4:18 AM

No im just trying to explain the world and scale of MO, and why you dont need to travel for specific reasons other than if you are interested in doing so

travel transport and locations are part of MOs core

DashogunToday at 4:18 AM

i dont wanna rely too much on other ppl

HenrikToday at 4:18 AM

doesnt mean you need to travel to play the game

DashogunToday at 4:19 AM

ppl wanted more characters

HenrikToday at 4:19 AM

some may claim the cold lands as hteir homes and play mostly there, while some may claim myrland and live there

RowanToday at 4:19 AM

It is an MMO though and part of that means you might have to get things from other people

MicToday at 4:19 AM

@Dashogun but relying on other people is what establishes the player-driven evonomy

HenrikToday at 4:19 AM

people wanted mutiple cfhars in MO1 yes due to how the system works

in MO2 you dont

DashogunToday at 4:19 AM

where is footage or whatever then

HenrikToday at 4:19 AM

We will have broker systems if you dont want to talk or find other people

player interaction is a core feature in MO

always been and always will be

DashogunToday at 4:19 AM

honestly i still rely on ppl with 4 characters

MicToday at 4:19 AM

I like the fact of 1 chart per account, really more immersive

HenrikToday at 4:20 AM

the world builds on player created content

DashogunToday at 4:20 AM

too much time on a game more like it

HenrikToday at 4:20 AM

sure you can go your own way

with a good population and working tools, you should do fine however to meet your needs

DashogunToday at 4:20 AM

well you better not have anymore breaching cause tht proabbaly wat killed mo1

hueghars need more foot speed then

DanteDelCaroToday at 4:21 AM

hes afriad to get an ambush while travling


DashogunToday at 4:21 AM

no i travel alot

tht the thing

its stresses me out

MicToday at 4:21 AM

Buy a nice horse then

DashogunToday at 4:21 AM

not cause the danger

the time length

of boringness

DanteDelCaroToday at 4:22 AM

than hire a merchent

to transport for ya


DashogunToday at 4:22 AM

so he can charge me and arm and leg

MicToday at 4:22 AM

I used to be a delivery man xD

Put on some music, and off I went!

HenrikToday at 4:22 AM

yeah security for our game has been a high priority when starting MO2 so the core should be extremely safe and protected

DanteDelCaroToday at 4:22 AM

well yes dash

HenrikToday at 4:22 AM

yeah, I never liked that some players including myself felt forced into a race depending on play style

DashogunToday at 4:23 AM

why is so bad having 4 characters

DanteDelCaroToday at 4:23 AM

or u can work localy

HenrikToday at 4:23 AM

so, we are going through runspeed which is one of the major factors here

including adding interesteing racial bonuses/attributes to make them an interesting choise

DashogunToday at 4:23 AM

like seriously its fun having different combat builds

DanteDelCaroToday at 4:23 AM


DashogunToday at 4:23 AM

i have two foot fighters

DanteDelCaroToday at 4:23 AM

amazing henrik wut i wanted!

DashogunToday at 4:23 AM

one dexy and one more hp

DanteDelCaroToday at 4:23 AM

gnomes good with maces

and at minbing


DashogunToday at 4:24 AM

not weapon attributes

DanteDelCaroToday at 4:24 AM

let me dream


DashogunToday at 4:24 AM

@Henrik hey what wrong with 4 characters tho having different cool combat builds

DanteDelCaroToday at 4:24 AM

let me dream

MicToday at 4:24 AM

@Henrik that sounds great

DashogunToday at 4:25 AM

henrik fanois


MicToday at 4:25 AM


DanteDelCaroToday at 4:25 AM


wuts wrong is that a mass murderer

can hide

behinde a blue char

HenrikToday at 4:25 AM

We have gone through MO a lot over the years, what worked what didnt, and what does the players think about it and what they enjoy and not.

DanteDelCaroToday at 4:25 AM

and creat a new char and be a spy

HenrikToday at 4:25 AM

SOme things didnt really play as intededed

DashogunToday at 4:26 AM

honestly alot didnt voiced cause they know you dont care

DanteDelCaroToday at 4:26 AM

the best decision of the centori

HenrikToday at 4:26 AM

4 chars, kinda was necessary due to skill design and what playeers felt force to cover to maintain their play style

DanteDelCaroToday at 4:26 AM

not true

DashogunToday at 4:26 AM

i like having different playstyles

DanteDelCaroToday at 4:26 AM

i was a miner for 5 stright months

HenrikToday at 4:26 AM

now with a new skill system greater population and tools, youy should be able to have more fun and depth by focusing more on what you really want to do in MO

DanteDelCaroToday at 4:26 AM

and i done dungens with it

i was the hold torch guy

DashogunToday at 4:27 AM

o dante tht nice

DanteDelCaroToday at 4:27 AM

also the loot guy

HenrikToday at 4:27 AM

over time you can also rechange your char build if you want to play differently, ofc not as quick as changing character

DanteDelCaroToday at 4:27 AM

loot everything

DashogunToday at 4:27 AM

why i need rechange

HenrikToday at 4:27 AM

yeah the hold torch guy is not very effective either

need to change

DashogunToday at 4:27 AM

i likke them all i wanna play without changing

DanteDelCaroToday at 4:27 AM

oh i was the must importent link belive me

HenrikToday at 4:28 AM

there should be more efficient ways to give light while also focusing on your role

DashogunToday at 4:28 AM

i just having different toons

DanteDelCaroToday at 4:28 AM

ya i think the new system gona be awsome

DashogunToday at 4:28 AM

but ppl are saying i am scared of traveling

DanteDelCaroToday at 4:28 AM

cant wait do see it

MicToday at 4:28 AM

Let us put torches on the ground!

DashogunToday at 4:28 AM

or on walls

DanteDelCaroToday at 4:28 AM

but mo1 system isnt totaly about owning a bunchg of diffrent char


MicToday at 4:28 AM

Like in the good ol' teaser

DanteDelCaroToday at 4:28 AM

i coulda been a miner for 5 more years

HenrikToday at 4:28 AM

I fully understand the view on players diff taste on multiple chars or single chars, some players love to play many chars at the same time while some never go past one char., Ive been in both fields when playing similar games

HenrikToday at 4:28 AM

I fully understand the view on players diff taste on multiple chars or single chars, some players love to play many chars at the same time while some never go past one char., Ive been in both fields when playing similar games

I loved swg which was 1 char per account only

DanteDelCaroToday at 4:29 AM

while geting the full mo1 experience

HenrikToday at 4:29 AM

I loved UO that was 5 chars per account

the game systems varies though to better cover the gaming experience if its 1 or 5

DashogunToday at 4:29 AM

if ppl only want 1 character then let them play 1 character just let ppl play 4

HenrikToday at 4:29 AM

so this we adress ofc

sopme things also improve with 1 char such as rep/rpg

rep should be an important factor in MO

DanteDelCaroToday at 4:30 AM

and it!

MicToday at 4:30 AM


DanteDelCaroToday at 4:30 AM

and is*

it is

DashogunToday at 4:30 AM

will on game release just be subb or you have to pay 60 dollars

MicToday at 4:30 AM

I agree

DashogunToday at 4:30 AM

likke darkfall you just subb

no addtional charges

HenrikToday at 4:30 AM

most new mmo you buy the client and then sub, we will follow standards here, we have not yet confirmed what price however or if this change.

we do need to cover our costs and investments and upkeep fees for the game.

DanteDelCaroToday at 4:31 AM

guss i am buying the mo 2 package start of the month

DashogunToday at 4:31 AM

i think ppl having to subbing 1 character account probably be fine

DanteDelCaroToday at 4:31 AM


HenrikToday at 4:31 AM

ofc you would get game time included in the client

RowanToday at 4:32 AM

I think 1 character per acct is fine if that character can do enough to feel fun and effective

DashogunToday at 4:33 AM

it wont

you say tht then need to sub likke 6 accounts

cause there is so many builds you wanna try out

MicToday at 4:33 AM

I don't think so

DashogunToday at 4:33 AM

i will wait and see

MicToday at 4:33 AM

They're changing the system, it won't be like MO1

RowanToday at 4:34 AM

I had 2 accts and that was only because I needed a Miner and a weapon crafter. I also had too many casters lol

DashogunToday at 4:34 AM

i had 1 account

its was fine with 4 characters

DanteDelCaroToday at 4:34 AM


HenrikToday at 4:34 AM

thing is if you want to try out diff "combat" builds you will be able to do so on one char, not master them all at the same time but change them will be fine and you will cover more than in the old game

DanteDelCaroToday at 4:34 AM

u didint need a weapon crafter and a miner

HenrikToday at 4:34 AM

same thing apply for crafting

DanteDelCaroToday at 4:34 AM

u wanted

DashogunToday at 4:35 AM

mining is free

HenrikToday at 4:35 AM

you will chose dedicated crafting fields too if interested

RowanToday at 4:35 AM


MicToday at 4:35 AM

But still, even if you won't be able to do everything, you'll need to rely on the community, to specific people and that's when role-play and player driven economy start(edited)

RowanToday at 4:35 AM

Mining isn't free if you want to extract too

DashogunToday at 4:35 AM

henrik having multple characters is fine ftp wasnt

if ptp its would be perfect

and new engine

bug wouldnt be much a probelm

HenrikToday at 4:35 AM

yeah well its for sure that some players always will want more than 1, but there are some good reasons for going 1 char for new MO.

DashogunToday at 4:36 AM

how so

HenrikToday at 4:36 AM

quality and rep will go up a ton,

DashogunToday at 4:36 AM

its already

HenrikToday at 4:36 AM

far fgrom where it should be though

DashogunToday at 4:36 AM


HenrikToday at 4:36 AM

players didnt see their chars as the game core, just account x and y to get the diff things into your main char

DashogunToday at 4:36 AM

ppl will black list ppl and already would find out who you are

HenrikToday at 4:37 AM

and it was done in a broing way and tehre was complains

but was forced to do so

this was not inteded

RowanToday at 4:37 AM

It will make it difficult to be a spy which is good lol

DashogunToday at 4:37 AM


MicToday at 4:37 AM

Yeah indeed, more roleplay!

HenrikToday at 4:38 AM

yeah, one char was spy, one was in other guild, one was mining, one was crafting, then one main to use it all to fight on, and most players forced in this route hated doing it and it felt like a full time job,

why do it then, Im forced, none else can do it for me, and or lack of population

we need a healthy pop and proper tools to trade and interact, and let players focus on what they enjoy

DashogunToday at 4:38 AM

it will be if i have traveling all over to sell stuff in tindrem

then have to protect a pally

HenrikToday at 4:39 AM

there are players enough to cover all play styles and services, some play just to craft never to fight or anything else

DashogunToday at 4:39 AM

you understand there no way to fix tht

how you sure

how many ppl are backking this mo2

HenrikToday at 4:39 AM

cause we get to hear the feedback from players not only on the forums

which players think is the all time voice for everythihng

DashogunToday at 4:39 AM

i dont wanna sit down play a game which doesnt sound fun

darkfall died cause ppl hating all the traveling

HenrikToday at 4:39 AM

exactlhy and when the players who play it are forced to take jobs in the game and getting exhausted and stop play after a loss then its no good

DashogunToday at 4:39 AM

you understand

its cause you makke the game like jon


HenrikToday at 4:40 AM

darkfall died due to many reasons, not just travel

just as MO has many issues

DashogunToday at 4:40 AM

i am talking about rise of agon

there two darkfalls now

and the read the forums tht darkkfall died cause they made the map too big

and ppl got bored all tht traveling and quit

HenrikToday at 4:41 AM

whenever pop go down it feels like the map size is the biggest factor for the active voices on the forums

they want instant action

ofc gets harder with lil pop and large map

DashogunToday at 4:41 AM


too much work it stresses them out

and causes them to quit

MicToday at 4:41 AM

Yeah littler map should do the trick

HenrikToday at 4:42 AM

MO2 plans and are designed to be a much bigger success than MO1 since it will launch on a stable core and a better new player experience and a more modern game, and fixed bugs and issues that damaged our first launch

MicToday at 4:42 AM

In the current Myrland there are indeed tons of empty plains, not good

DashogunToday at 4:42 AM


the new engine is more fit for the mo2?

HenrikToday at 4:42 AM

this means, we need a big enough living world to cover all aspects of the core

DashogunToday at 4:42 AM


HenrikToday at 4:42 AM

oh yes the new engine is a very big improvement for us now that its ready

MicToday at 4:43 AM

Sound good!

DashogunToday at 4:43 AM

i just dont see why tho if race matters tht we need to be limited

HenrikToday at 4:43 AM

we understand a big empty and boring looking world is no good for anything

DashogunToday at 4:43 AM

cause lif do races matters?

HenrikToday at 4:43 AM

the locations we build now look extremely realistic and intertesting

we need room for a living world, and players to build and expand

DashogunToday at 4:43 AM


but the map is empty now

ppl are bored

HenrikToday at 4:44 AM

what do you mean races matters?

DashogunToday at 4:44 AM

do they?

MicToday at 4:44 AM

I hope so

DanteDelCaroToday at 4:44 AM

if races gona unite agaisnt each other

HenrikToday at 4:44 AM

yeah old MO world doesnt look very realistic and interesting thats for sure, along with AI that isnt good enough

DanteDelCaroToday at 4:44 AM

gona be dope

but thats a lore thing\

HenrikToday at 4:44 AM

Thats one of the big change for MO2

DashogunToday at 4:44 AM


pets tht able to follow ppl up walls isnt realitic

i understand shades

HenrikToday at 4:44 AM


DashogunToday at 4:44 AM

but likke bears

MicToday at 4:44 AM

I really believe and enjoy the races peculiarities

DashogunToday at 4:45 AM

i dont think heugars

HenrikToday at 4:45 AM

races and nationallity will play a more important role in MO2

DashogunToday at 4:45 AM


HenrikToday at 4:45 AM

we also refine them more to be useful

DashogunToday at 4:45 AM

heughars foot speed?

HenrikToday at 4:45 AM

so players should be able to pick their fav race and dedicate it towards your goals

DashogunToday at 4:45 AM

do they run likke 220?

or something

HenrikToday at 4:45 AM

which means we do need to ajust speeds yes

MicToday at 4:45 AM

Yeah if specific bonuses are implemented, the feeling of race is greatly augmented

HenrikToday at 4:45 AM

there will still be differences however.

! [SKIF] PwnobbypureToday at 4:45 AM


DashogunToday at 4:46 AM

what kind of bonus

! [SKIF] PwnobbypureToday at 4:46 AM

you absolute legend

DashogunToday at 4:46 AM

i dont want races to have weapon bonus

i thinkk tht silly

HenrikToday at 4:46 AM

we are looking to incorporate the racial lore bonuses in game

! [SKIF] PwnobbypureToday at 4:46 AM

Henrik you are a legend

MicToday at 4:46 AM


HenrikToday at 4:46 AM

Pwnobbypure happy to hear that

MicToday at 4:47 AM

Yeah, keep it up! The ideas sound great!

DashogunToday at 4:47 AM

i still dont like 1 character slot

i just like having different toons to fight with

MicToday at 4:48 AM

I'm really curious to see how you'll handle the Thursar race!

DashogunToday at 4:48 AM

sorry but i may try it


so dont worry

who kknows

HenrikToday at 4:48 AM

Understandable Dashogun, its a mixed feeling for many people, but lets see what we can make out of this, we have a lot of data and exp now from the 10 years of doing this

DashogunToday at 4:48 AM

if it doesnt work?

HenrikToday at 4:49 AM

well, we saw that 4 chars didnt work out well either as planned

so, this is why we want to go back to the roots and try 1 char acc

MicToday at 4:49 AM

Yeah indeed

HenrikToday at 4:49 AM

which we first inteded

BambalToday at 4:49 AM

Im just worried this will only force ppl to sub multiple accounts

DashogunToday at 4:49 AM

yes ppl will still

cause there rich ppl

HenrikToday at 4:49 AM

some ppl will always sub more than one acc, no matter what amount of char rule, thats unavaiodable

BambalToday at 4:50 AM

ofc you are not because more profit and it make sense, but from player perspective wont be fun

DashogunToday at 4:50 AM

then just let us have 4

HenrikToday at 4:50 AM

some players hate to have more than one char, and some loves to play various chars, its just how it is

MicToday at 4:50 AM

But still, will discourage from doing so

RowanToday at 4:50 AM

I asked this before MO launched but any plans for poisoning yet? Lol

DashogunToday at 4:50 AM

you like money

HenrikToday at 4:50 AM

but we design the game to coverf 1 char best possible way

DashogunToday at 4:50 AM

why not have just 1 account

HenrikToday at 4:50 AM

we will have poisoning in the game yes, but I dont know when

DashogunToday at 4:50 AM

where they cant sign on 1 account per month

RowanToday at 4:50 AM


DashogunToday at 4:51 AM

but i tell you

it wont stop ppl subbing i know ppl drop 4 k in forsaken world mmo

RowanToday at 4:51 AM

I am sure poisoning might be hard to balance for

DashogunToday at 4:51 AM

cause they wanna get good

no lie btw

MicToday at 4:52 AM

@Dashogun at this point just wait and see, you can't be sure of anything

BambalToday at 4:52 AM

if you really wanted 1 toon per player you would apply the same mechanics as we have for f2p now(edited)

its simple

I really wish you did tbh

DashogunToday at 4:52 AM

honestly life is feudal have 1 character slot

but its not racial abount

so is different

MolonToday at 4:54 AM

I’m starting to see that the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few. But the one circumstance I see that would be unfortunate is if say a husband and wife both play MO but share the same PC, then only one of them could play MO per month. That’s rough.

HenrikToday at 4:55 AM

yeah many households have one comp and are shared,

MolonToday at 4:56 AM


DashogunToday at 4:56 AM

well honestly ppl will sub multi accounts so there no way not abuse the spying

i am telling you this doesnt help

HenrikToday at 4:56 AM

people will always spy, no way around that easily no

MicToday at 4:56 AM

But at least this is a way to limit it

DashogunToday at 4:57 AM

why not make 1 character in guild they are all in?

HenrikToday at 4:57 AM

I was afraid I wouldnt be able to play enough with diff styles in swg as well that was 1 char per account limit

but I really liekd the setup they did

BambalToday at 4:57 AM

Spying is fine, its normal and always will happen

DashogunToday at 4:57 AM

swg pre cu

HenrikToday at 4:57 AM

I was a bit more dependent on interact with players though, which was part of it

MolonToday at 4:57 AM

@Henrik perhaps find a way to prevent dual clienting? It may not prevent it, but would surely assist in negating some.

DashogunToday at 4:58 AM

ptp is fine actually

BambalToday at 4:58 AM

Problem is that people who are able to sub multi accs will have even bigger advantage than in mo1 because of the 1 toon per account rule

the handicap will be bigger

the advantage

And yes i am able to sub 20 accounts per month personally

DashogunToday at 4:58 AM

henrik wont listen dude

HenrikToday at 4:58 AM

they may be able to do more over time yes, but they still need to dedicate the time

DashogunToday at 4:59 AM

ppl got easily swayed cause they are actually updating the engine

HenrikToday at 4:59 AM

Dashogun ofc I listen, and we discuss things, but keep in mind we have done this over 10 years now, and it didnt work as we wantd it to be, and players also complained on this, now we want to try the org design on this

DashogunToday at 4:59 AM

it wasnt anything with chracter pretty sure

HenrikToday at 4:59 AM

yes its part of the skill ssytem

DashogunToday at 4:59 AM

pretty sure its was other things

BambalToday at 4:59 AM

Will it be f2p possibility as we have in mo?

HenrikToday at 4:59 AM

that forced multiple chars

MicToday at 4:59 AM

Well, the multi chars complains are a thing actually

HenrikToday at 4:59 AM

we deisgned the game to support 3-4 chars on an account

DashogunToday at 5:00 AM

no bamabal

BambalToday at 5:00 AM


HenrikToday at 5:00 AM

in MO2 we dont

BambalToday at 5:00 AM


MolonToday at 5:00 AM

He’s making a game that has 50,000 different hurdles to figure out how to balance. This particular topic is simply just one issue.

I can’t think of a way to stop it 100%.

DashogunToday at 5:00 AM

yes tht what i said molon

pretty sure its was buggy

HenrikToday at 5:00 AM

MO is very complex and dynamic and player driven which its meant to be, so yes a perfect balance and everyone happy in all fields will never be the case

DashogunToday at 5:01 AM

yea tht is true

HenrikToday at 5:01 AM

hence its important we follow the design and vision so it holds up in the long run

we cant just listen on diff oppinions and change as we go

that will cause more harm

MicToday at 5:01 AM

Very cool to hear that!

HenrikToday at 5:01 AM

if something isnt fun, then yeah that feedback helps us to try to make it fun

its our job

DashogunToday at 5:01 AM


MicToday at 5:02 AM

That's okay, first release then feedback

HenrikToday at 5:02 AM

we can list 10 things easily and everyone in here will be either against or for

DashogunToday at 5:02 AM

not really convinced

HenrikToday at 5:02 AM

its the nature of this game

MolonToday at 5:02 AM


MicToday at 5:02 AM

It's "natural" I'd say(edited)

DashogunToday at 5:02 AM

will we have compodans to be animal we can ride on

HenrikToday at 5:02 AM

so either they hate me for exaplining why we go there, or they like it, and then the next field, they swift

MicToday at 5:02 AM

Oh yesxD

DashogunToday at 5:02 AM

and fight with ttht be uber cool

HenrikToday at 5:03 AM

we planned since day one to allow size being a factor on if you can ride or not, and in some cases races.

DashogunToday at 5:03 AM


HenrikToday at 5:03 AM

so if you can communicate with the animal/beast and size factor allows you to ride it then yes

campadons was one of those animals yes

DashogunToday at 5:03 AM


HenrikToday at 5:04 AM

we lacked resources in animation and system to suppor tthis

MolonToday at 5:04 AM

Well, I’ll be raising my glass to you Henrik and the rest of Star Vault. I played MO. And my kids will probably be playing MO2 in the next few years. Can’t wait to see it.

DashogunToday at 5:04 AM

what about dungeons

HenrikToday at 5:04 AM

but we stil lwant it

Glad to hear it Molon, means we do something right

Dungeons will be remade mostly, and the AI will be totally rewritten to better work in the world and dungeons

DashogunToday at 5:05 AM


mobs tht attack thru walls was nightmare

HenrikToday at 5:05 AM

yeah things like that, makes the PvE very lacking

We need the PvE on a good level

so anyone can enjoy that field at any time

its an important base

DashogunToday at 7:19 AM

Also Henrik can we have instruments

In mo2

[ID] Irontengu WindfireToday at 7:19 AM

well you should at least know of Thelorn and Second chance trade post

HenrikToday at 7:19 AM

yeah tehre will be instruments later


Senior Member
thx for posting otherwise i never would have known.

Henrik should write such shit here in forums as officialy statement on how exactly shit work, otherwise its a guessing game.

good work henrik keep up :)
@ HENRIK but the fact is what happens to a lifetime sub to MO when MO2 goes live?
so the servers just shuts down or the server still be up, after all its a lifetime sub and its a binding contract as far i know of?
would it be a lot cheaper to improve existing codes, arts, layouts and plains? giving me a new game with the same features as the old one with minor improvements, doesn't appeal to me. and watching the game population goes from a few thousand to less than a 200 a day tells me that the game is utterly screwed. Take the other continent now in MO and improve it, and full fill your promise of completing this game , how can you assure me it will be worthwhile for me to play?


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@Henrik Nystrom can we get an ability called “telekinetic choke” thx
You'll have a mo2 life time sub If I remember right.
Yes, but only if you have the "old" MO1 lifetime sub. The MO1 lifetime sub that comes with the MO2 combat alpha access does not transfer to MO2.


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including adding interesteing racial bonuses/attributes to make them an interesting choise
@Henrik Nystrom Can you tell a bit about what kind of bonuses you have in mind? Like point bonus to certain skills? Attribute bonus? Dmg bonus with certain weapons/magic? Something entirely different?


Exalted Member
Make it 1 char per account. Remove any sort of skill cap so any player can train any number of skills. Introduce certain classes that a player can achieve by having x number of skills invested in class specific skills. As an example.

A Power Player of PP is a character with no class and any number of skills. Power players will never be as good as a classed character at a specific thing but can do everything.

A classed character has x number of skills invested in a Class. These class skills are skills that are organised into classes that best suit them. The higher the number of skill points in a class the higher your Specialization or Spec may be.

A class Warrior for example must have at least 60% of his or her skills invested in Warrior based skills and would achieve Spec 1 Warrior class. A spec 1 warrior would gain a title such as journeyman Warrior and gain warrior specific bonuses and disadvantages. A warrior's damage output with weapons would increase, healing ability with bandages inceased and armor bonuses and ability to function with heavier armor increases. However you would also suffer disadvantages such as success at casting spells decreases, damage taken from spells increases.

You could have any number of classes however the main 4 would be crafter, warrior, archer, mage.
Spec would go from spec 1 at 60% spec 2 at 75% spec 3 at 90% spec 4 at 100% and spec 5 at 115% the % is based on % of skill points invested in class specific skills. You could never be spec 2 in classes but you could be a low spec with some ability in an other class.
To achieve spec 5 you would require items that increase your skills in any specific class.

Power Players would have flexibility in combat, a PPwould not want to engage in melee combat with a Spec warrior but could use magic or archery against him etc. PP could craft their own weapons and armor but those items would not be as good as those crafted by a spec crafter.

This system would allow players to play however they want to play with 1 character and also offer insentive to buy or seek out these stat boosting items that can help them achieve a higher spec class.
I collected some quotes from last weekend:
"Inventory will be the same grid based system as it looks now"
"We will have pitch black in some locations and times yes. We will also add more lightning sources options"
"MO2 will have one world wide server, with a new location that further improve Us connection"
"UI is already 100x better and looks awesome make@it feel a bit more modern as well and easier to navigate through your progression with skills items etc"
"Ai is one of the big project which means we rebuild the ai to work better. Since it was a huge problem in mo1 so I’m counting on having those issues fixed yes and more improved ai to pve"

Quenstion: "Would you be reintroducing horse brain and a form of sprint break to create that tactical realism combat MO used to have?"
Answer: "We tried sprint break on and off due to player feedback. Last time players said ok ok we tested it enough remove it again and so we did. One of those things we tried back in the days and went back and forth many times cause players didn’t know what they wanted and didn’t agree but we were willing to try it then. Can’t do that anymore though
Brain horse people hated as well the vast majority at least due to it not feeling responsive etc. one very important thing in games."

"Yeah we will have volumes so it shouldn’t rain inside
All capes and all in game content are being remade since now the visuals are greatly improved
Combat is going to be the core of mo1 with improved feedback and fluid some@minor mechanics extra and fluid similar to mordhau"

Question: "Are these screenshots in-game or in-engine?"
Answer: "It’s from in game"
Question: "Do we have the technology to have MMOs look like that?
And still have battles"
Answer: "Yes vaith
That’s what we push in mo2
Retaking the throne as best looking mmo when we release
Like we had for a short time in mo1 :slight_smile:"

"MO will never really be "finished" as it will continue to evolve and have more and more content/features over the years, however, like you say, its important the first imperssion with its set cores is delivered well and works well. And when we go persistent it needs to have the base so its fun to start play and over time more features comes into the game. The alpha starts with main focus on network and the characters and combat.
We will make sure those systems works perfect, then we will add more features over the testing phases over the period till we reach persistant state.
New screen shot tomorrow indeed, so keep an eye out"

Q: "Will the alpha launch with magic?"
A: "No first alpha phase is melee only"
Q: "So there will be more testing phases after the alpha combat before its open?"
A: "Yes, we will have a few steps where we focus on specific areas over the testing phases"
Q: "will the other testing phases also have countdowns on the website?"
A: "We may update this shortly and show the current time line for the diff phases, also depending on amount of testers we may create diff groups to handle this properly.
we prio all the conflux users first."

Q: "With one character, how many people will be needed for a guild to be self sufficient?"
A: "well, in general one char will be able to both chose diff fighting areas and crafting areas, so mainly you combine a crafting proffesion of your choice into a fully fledged fighting proffesion if you decides to. The amount of skills and skill numbers are still under development, but as it stands now, we have a certain pool to cover crafting skills and another for other skills
mostly a player in guilds in mo1 have both the fighters and crafter or crafters to suppor it"
"There is no doubt that most agrees mo1 combat is one of the best. We agree it’s good and not much wrong with the mechanics, balance is another topic. However after 10+ years the combat system we have still rules but it is outdated where it can be updated. This is where the new combat update will shine. It’s about animation fluidity feedback and feeling."

"What we like most from mordhau is it’s modern take on the feedback and animation even though it had major mistakes when braking it down. Mechanic wise we prefer most from mo1 You will get the chance to feel for your self in the combat alpha I already think it’s better in many ways and feels awesome to chop someone. Mo vets will most likely continue to rule the battle field"

"@Henrik are you keeping the 3 directions combat system? if so, will you add more options to the controls i play warband a lot and i'd rather look up or down to block middle than hold alt "

"Currently we use the same core yes and Improving the animation and feedback a lot which makes wonders for the feeling That alone already makes it quite complex and there is no reason to add more just for the sake of it. Still takes a lot to master combat in mo and the most skillful players is in the top this is what we aim for. Player skills will always matter the most Henrikheute um 21:05 Uhr We can most likely give player options on how to chose mid block "