Correlation between sold bows and player activity

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In my opinion the number of crafted and sold bows by my bowcrafter correlates with the general in-game player activity! I'm selling bows in Beth Jedda and crafting new bows whenever the broker gets empty. From time to time I'm also selling bows in other cities or crafting for guild mates. The data base is taken from the statistics website which is automatically stored by a script every day. First day has been July 28th 2016. Very few days are missing, but the major gap around day 703 has been when the statistics page did not update for some weeks. Note, the day index is not a real index because it counts the index of the downloaded webpage file but not of the real day.

The upper curve shows the bow crafting counter of Woodpecky. Pretty easy to see the higher number of bows crafted in the first two years compared to the last year.
The second curve gives the number of bows crafted per day. Also easy to see the lower density of crafting days including some longer time spans without crafted bows at all (days 820 to 860 and even more days 1060 to 1100, and I have not been "away" during that time).

... and here i am writing in notebooks. Wow o_O very cool
So, in conclusion, bows are the most used weapon in general? It wouldn't surprise me if it were true, I maintain a short bow as a secondary weapon on my main toon. On Sarducaa, it's my primary weapon above all else.