Dark Bats

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The hit box of dark bats seems to be off.

When you shoot at them in the air, sometimes it feels as though your arrows hit just fine, the hitbox feels it is where it should be... and they speed your way after taking damage. You can still shoot at them as they close the distance and find that hitbox just fine, but as soon as they hit within melee range (for them), arrows no longer seem to register on them. They get a feeling of disconnect once that range is reached with their hitbox to the model. I always have to switch to melee and try to get at them, many times while swinging still feeling like the model and the hitbox are not fully connected.

Other times it feels as if there are animations or models of bats in the sky... but they arent actually there, or the hitbox is not in the same spot as the bat. Like the are disconnected with their hitboxes before I even initiate the original hit. Arrow after arrow passing through the model, trying to coax them to close the distance so I can melee-fluster through the kill.

Makes trying to gather up dartbat carcass such a harsh chore (especially since bats range from 20-50 units in carcass drop per bat).