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I love the game and its world But... The game has issues I hope you have all this stuff in mind before MO2 comes.

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1. Laggy AI
I can attack a NPC far away with a bow. It will just stand there then just teleport/super sprint to my position and start attacking me.
AI walk and see through walls.
AI attack people when they aren't in render distance.
AI that basically have aimbot and never miss.
AI walk through guild walls.
People are use to PVP lag but AI lag? AI LAG?

2. Render Distance
Make it CLIENT based and not server based but cap it at a reasonable distance to prevent esp hackers. 1000 meters is my suggestion.
Tired of getting killed by AI that I can't even see them
Why is it when I'm riding a horse through Sarducca and when I switch nodes my game ALWAYS freezes for like 3 seconds. When it is literally a ghost town?

3. PVP combat
Make it like Mordhau. Add a arrow to the crosshair so you can see which side you will attack from.
BUT. Make a separate key bind for left, right swing and stab. Add overhead and underhand swings. All with separate key binds. So people don't have to do it with last mouse direction. But have it capable to do it that way and do it well.
PvP is just people running in circles swinging with no skill.
A player can be standing far away from me and hit me before he has even moved on my screen.
Good luck trying to parry someone when before you even see the animation of them swinging you are already hit. Its like my game is always playing catch up.
If you think I'm wrong. Have a buddy jump while watching him. Watch him float in the air.

4. Region lock/Ping limit
Lock people to the region they are from. And say if they move or something. Make them apply to have their character moved to another server so nothing is lost expect maybe a guild.(possibly moved)
Let them keep their bank items and skills either way.
I know you don't have the population for this. Maybe everything I wrote here is WHY you don't have the population.

5. Lack of enter-able buildings
Pointless buildings should be removed.
Or made enterable. Add a couch or chair with a rug lol.

6. Guild render
Guilds should be always be rendered completely and be apart of the map and not half way until you are right next to it.

Vets are not like this but really don't care at all
Don't take this as bashing because I only want to see MO prosper.
I love its mystery. I always want to explore somewhere new or see a new dungeon. But its hard for the reasons I've explained.
Take your time on MO2 and don't rush it. Release a beta so bugs/issues can be found before full release.
And for the love of god. Make the render distance client based.
I recommend to play Mordhau and just check it out since it is on UE4 as well. Maybe hire their coders lmfao.
If anyone wants to add anything let me know I'll add it.
If anyone doesn't like what I suggest like I said ---- I don't care.
I hope a dev responds to this and add input if any of this will change in MO2.
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