Event: 4/2/11

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Rampaging Kimuru!

The Greater Kimuru was rampaging upon the Central Steppe. On the northern shores of Amaruk Nuur the giant held it's ground for the final battles. The bandits were also out in full force this day as news quickly spread of the beasts path of destruction. For the first few days the hard, rocky shell of the beast was barely scratched, many attempted but were quickly driven off by marauders.

Due to some unknown circumstances, the Kimuru even upset the local water life as the turtles as well as water lizards were angered by it's presence and attacked along side the human populace. They however, were no match for this giant stone monstrosity and were quickly dispatched.

As a calm settled over the region, new forces took to ridding the beast from the shores of the lake. Some came and took a few shots at it, finding it's skin too hard to breach. Others came and began launching boulders at it, dealing considerable damage to the giant. Soon their reserves ran low, however, and withdrew. One last group approached the beast with much resolve to remove it's presence. There was a strong resolve here as even during the attack of the Kimuru, they fended off enemy combatants and those with quick fingers trying to secret off any remains. The group lead by Vladmier was victorious just as dawn broke on the third day. They had triumphed over the mighty Greater Kimuru, once more to be driven back to the earth it had been formed from.
Go Me! LOL

All kidding aside id like to thank everyone who helped SS,DC,AI it was good work from beginning to end and without everyone doing there part it would of been impossable to come out with the loot in the end. Ill be posting a vid of the encounter along with the views of a new material in game. Thanks SV for the event as always we had a lot of fun doing it and look forward to more to come.


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I look forward watching your video Vlad.
I witnessed the first day of the Kimurus rampage. When I showed up it had only just begun.. There was only a handful of friendlies and sightseeing rag wearers..
Bakti was under attack from Bandits at the initial sighting of the Greater Kimuru, and they eventually turned up to scatter everyone into the surrounding plains there was confusion amongst the bandits however as to who to chase first..
As The Kimuru continued to claim many lives, mostly from fleeing ragwearers, the bandits held the area.. and then the Bold Warriors of the surrounding lands fought back and drove the bandits to a rocky crop in the west.. well into the day they fought, the bold Warriors holding the bandits back as some tested thier strength against the mythical beast.. Then as the sun began to set, Horrors from the North came to tear everyone apart, crushing the warriors against the bandits and eventually killing everything in sight (even a poor priest who was helping to return to life those who fell into the Ether)..
This, I felt, was a good time to leave.. so I missed the felling of the beast..