Everquest Project 1999

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We are Anarchy '99! Just kidding.


Project 1999 is a private Everquest server that runs purely on the patches and expansions that were available up to 1999. That would be Ruins of Kunark and Scars of Velious. To many people, you can't play the Everquest that you knew and love like it used to be, because the official EQ is so different from what it was back then. This server is for those people who want to relive their memories of playing old school EQ, or for anyone interested in playing 'real' EQ, so to speak.

The server has been open for somewhere around three years, and during peak times reaches a population of close to 1,600, if not more. Scars of Velious has not been released yet but it slated to release sometime Soon(TM).

I have a level 3 Gnome Magician just like how I rolled back then, when I had no clue wtf I was playing and just enjoyed the fact I was tinkering (Gnomish racial crafting skill); EQ was hard for me to grasp at the age of 13. Back then I only made it to 24 - I doubt I'll get past that point, but you never know.

If you played Everquest back in the day, what did you play? What server? I was on Brell Serellis.

Also, sometimes the GMs will do crazy things for fun. My friend was waiting on a petition to create his Surname and the GM came invis and then turned everyone in the vicinity into Frogloks (Frogloks were not available yet at the time to play as a race) for 35 minutes.