Fólkvangr-The Roleplaying City

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This idea has been stuck in my head recently alot and I have been adding to it and hopefully my dream in mortal will happen.

The city will be called Fólkvangr,it will have few guilds and individuals living out of it on daily basis.On weekly basis it will open for public where people can gather and in general Roleplay in-character.It will be location of events like prizefights and other gambling games(Hopefully orignial host like Bernjos,Diphrael and Lucky bob are willing to host it in the city) .The City itself will have it own ranking system which will include Jarl of Fólkvangr.Jarl will be chosen ever week by combat,the citizens can challenge the jarl to combat ,if citizen defeats the current Jarl he will become him.It is his job to create his own trusted household troops which will protect the city on its opening against everything that can endanger the city(Uniform will have to be also be create to easily distinguish his guards)

*I am citizen just like anybody else and

When it opens on weekends a new story line will be writing and it is up the particapants to role-play it out,if you die during it you will die permattely unless you find witch with resurrection skills and will be given white robes.This will also open up window for bounty for certain players or even jarl himself!

Palisade layout
I have house location layout all planned out in keep so each house will have city feeling kinda like skyrim where each building has its own unique name.

Each house spot like shown below will have it purpose and name.
  • Number one will hopefully be keep with guildstone Fólkvangr and for untagged citizens will have the tag [Folk],other guilds that join will be given priviledge to have their own tag.
  • Number 2 be will location of War maiden(Using guildstone to name the house) a tier 3 Log house with stable.In the house will have bowcrafting table and weaponcrafting table.Number 3 will tower with house vendor which will sell and buy wares that War Maiden may need or sell.
  • Number 6 be will location of Shield Maiden(Using guildstone to name the house) a tier 3 Log House with stable.In the house will have armor crafting table and shield crafting table.Number 7 will be tower with house vendor which will sell and buy wares that Shield Maiden may need or sell.
  • Number 4 and 10 will have storage for people to store their belongings(Hopefully not boulders).
  • Number 5 and 12 will be free for new assets that will come in Territory Control patch
  • Number 9 will be Location of Drunken Sailors(Using guildstone to name the house) a tier 3 Log house with stable.In the house will have Furnace and fabricula table.Number 8 will tower with house vendor which will sell lore that people which to sell and food and drinks.
  • Number 11 will be location of Winking Wisents(Using guildstone to name the house) a tier 3 log house with stable.In the house will have butcher table and empty expansion.Number 13 will be tower with house vendor which will sell and buy wares that Winking Wisent may need or sell.

How it works
I will contact a selecting few guilds/indivuals and invite them and help me build this city.But if you are not contacted by me and want to join and you are a guild you need to pay 500g​
(This gold will be 100% only used for the city,i.e uprading the house and payment for mercenaries if someone decides to siege and all donation will be written on this thread for all people to see and and withdraw aswell, so people can see where gold is going.It also serves as downpayment so you have consequences for putting this ordeal on risk but this is still cheaper then house and guildstone deed plus you have alot more benefits!)​
If you are individual player it will total of 100g(Anybody is welcome to join even if you are in different guild and just wanna roleplay)​
The benefits of joining will be you will have total of 6 stables to do all your training and breeding for your mounts,you will also will be able to use priest for all your red toons and all workbenches for your crafters to craft in peace.You will also be part of community which will be using public teamspeak so it is also social thing and a place where like minded players who dont want to tie down to a guild but still want to be able to socialze if wanted.​
Any feedback/ideas is greatly appreciated
Disclaimer:Each guild that joins will have it own politics if you have problem with certain guild in it and gone to extend to asset destruction please let me know.I also have right to kick whole guild or individual if they cause too much drama but in-general I am looking for neutral guilds​


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Wessex first keep spot would be perfect for this, I would help you clear the site of unwanted structures:D

Its could be a community things to help clear the site, sort of like making stone soup.


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ODIN keep would be coolest since it is out of the way, but I doubt they would sell it since it´s quiet useful as well.

Basically all keeps are within the nutcup alliance, those that are not would help each against outward sieges anyway. So yeah, better hope TC gives you something to work with old friend. Should I rejoin the game I´d be certainly helping you!


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As always DANE will support this and you may call for help if you need any. I need to call a thing to discuss the gold situation but hopefully we can get behind the 500 gold. There are other matters I like to discuss with you but again I need to talk with the rest first.

This idea is actually very similar to what I had in mind for DANE. Though the keep is something I never really wanted as it isn't very viking'ish and kills the spirit. You sure you're not a potential DANE member hehe? ;)


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This is the carridge before the horse imo. But GL anyway.


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So is this like role-play as in a Shakespearean play, sorta thing?


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Lykfyre? What a name xD