Fabricula recipes for herbalism

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I am trying to increase my herbalism, and trying some tips I have found on the forums are increasing my herbology, not herbalism. Does anyone have any fabricula/extraction recipes that uses the herbalism skill?



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Read the description in the skill tree: Extract from herbs, and it has something to do with seeds and oil. You get seeds when extracting agrostology plants like barley or rice, and also from salvia and sea dew.


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Skill experience gain is from the output of your extraction. Use herbs with high yields from extracting. Fabricula is not a good machine to use to train your herbology. The herbologium would be your best bet. Extracting something like Seadew would be a good idea since there is a large yield of leaves from seadew, and it's pretty easy to gather in large numbers... so you will maximize your skill gain as quickly as possible.
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Thanks, both of you.
Golgotha, my Herbology is leveling up decently using sea dew, but if I take what you said about yields impacting skill gains and what Xunila said pertaining to herbalism I think I have what I need to get my herbalism to 100.