Foot Bow Probably Better Than Most Weapons (PVP)

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gave ma good idea to wright something about Marksman and usefulness of being a heavy archer , nice catch


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As someone who has aiming technique on most of his hybrids / paladins. Yes, bows are still busted.

The core of bow design is the real problem. The If you have high str you can use a decent str bow no stam is just bad. It should be more like weapons. If you have the str req to use a weapon, str has no effect on stam drain. An 80 str bow should always use more stam than a 60. 80 str bow should use as much stam as like a steel sword. And even then they would still be viable. Currently they are way too good at chasing, theres almost no reason to chase with another weapon. The dps isnt as high as like a cron pole but the range is infinitely better while being much better stam.

At the very least they need to nerf min bow stam drain again. Things just use so much less stam than a normal weapon.

Or they need to raise the strength required to no stam bow. Aka make it so you need to use like a 60 for no stam and 80 are medium stam better damage for not sprinting all day. But I just dont like the system, it makes it so the only characters who can bow are high str ones, I'd prefer my first idea.
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Nerfnerfnerfnerf lol why you have to be mad? If they had tung on they would be hit for 4s


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Nerfnerfnerfnerf lol why you have to be mad? If they had tung on they would be hit for 4s
Hi guys my argument is valid, wear hundreds of gold in gear to counter a 40 silver bow. /s
Or get better mages or not get to low heath. Just because someone damages you doesn’t mean you have to cry. Feel free to bring your own bows.