Graves, dead people, lore, and mechanics...

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I was just wondering. How the hell do you die, and stay dead, in a world, where at every corner there is a priest resurrecting everybody? Just curious about the lore reasoning behind the pve part of the upcoming expansion. I mean- How did those cemeteries even come to existence? :p
You can age and die? *I'm assuming that non players age.*


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There will be aging at some point, it is planned and was said to be optional as well. However, there will be more to the etherworld as well to make it actually dangerous to be in. This may have some bearing on how easy it is to get those priests 'on every corner'.
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I'm assuming that non players age.
well, from a lore point of view PCs are the same as NPCs right? ;)
But maybe you are right?
If i die of the plague and get ressurected with a litte bit more than 0 hp, id only die again soon from still having the plague, and risking infect others. So termally ill ppl probably wouldnt get ressurected over and over.

Assuming one comes to life in the original body, otherwise i guess the new body would be healthy, but this would raise alot of questions:p


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That was my thought as well when first reading about the graves. I think this is one of those things like the lack of children where you just need to suspend disbelief. What's the alternative? Permadeath? Permadeath once your reserve pool depletes? I don't think so. But yeah, putting in the graveyards kind draws attention to facts of the game world mechanics that I prefer to ignore.

What will be interesting to see, is if they start putting content into the Ether world in these locations. How about a helpful NPC ghost who will tell you tales about pre-conflux Nave, but babbles sometimes and is constantly being stalked by a different angry Mob NPC ghost who wants to silence the first. If they are just walking dead spawn points I think I might be a bit disappointed.
In the past there was some cataclysmic event that blurred the boundaries between life and death. Now the living can be resurrected if they die, and those already dead rise from their graves! etc.

Or, maybe only those with wills strong enough can be resurrected.

Or, resurrection is a fairly recent invention and the graves are from before it was discovered.

Or, when you die you still leave behind a body and when you get resurrected you get a new one. Maybe the graveyards are where they put the huge number of corpses?

I'm sure they can come up with some kind of explanation that's plausible in the context of Nave.
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Maybe the graveyards are where they put the huge number of corpses?
Our continent is to small for that, but other suggestions- could be I guess ;)
And truly interesting thoughts Resin.
I, for instance, wouldn't be that much against a permadeath scenario if you get really reckless with the pools or etherworld.
Lets say that there would be places where a ghost just should not venture?
Or maybe spending 2 much time as a ghost could lure some creatures?
Of course the time needed for the really aggressive and dangerous should be measured in real time hours, or maybe even a day or two... The first lured beings would be...I don't know. Just lost souls mumbling something about their past?