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This guide is intended to assist new players with getting their skills to a high level, hopefully as quickly as possible.

Please know that PARENT skills will be raised whenever CHILDREN skills are raised. For instance, having Active Regeneration will add to the rate at which resting increases.

Green = Raises very quickly, or is easy.
Blue = Takes some time, or is moderately difficult.
Red = Takes a looong time or is very difficult.


Gathering Skills
Mining - AFK mine rocks. It is preferable to do this close to a bank, or use a horse. Each rock "node" yields approximately 3333 rock before running out of resources.
Woodcutting - AFK cut trees. Start with spongewood trees so that you gain botany lore as well at the same time.
Gathering - Only really gained by mass gathering.

Agility / Movement
Riding / Swift Riding / Controlled Riding - These skills are easily gained by running in a circle on a horse. The problem is getting the books, which are bought in Khurite towns and Tindrem.
Athletics / Runspeed / Sprinting / Breathing Technique - Sprint in a straight line. It's best to have a macro that sprints you forward, moves back in a line, and re-sprints forward.
Jumping - Set up a macro that repeatedly presses the spacebar every 2 seconds.
Landing Technique - Extremely hard to macro. You are pretty much forced to only read the book.
Survival / Swimming / Resistance Swimming / Diving / Crawling - These skills are really easy to level up. Read all the books so that you know the skill, cancel them, go out to the middle of a water, look straight up, and press number lock to auto run. If done correctly your character will not move. Be sure to have 1kg of items on you to raise resistance swimming.

Combat Skills
Combat Maneuvering / Momentum / Combat Movement - Move around in combat mode. The best option is to have a macro that moves you forward and backwards while you are in combat mode. Supposedly you will gain these skills very rapidly with the next patch, so I do not foresee many issues leveling these up.
Feint - Move in combat mode with a weapon drawn. I would like this one level up passively as you play, there is no real good way to macro it up.
Combat Balance - Have a friend spam the skill Overhead strike on you with wooden weapons, while you are in combat mode.
Blocking / Blocking Endurance / Defensive Stance / Unarmed Blocking - Have a friend spam attacks at you while you are blocking. You can have your character block while you are AFK by blocking, and then pressing the P button to open the character menu.
Melee Combat / Brawling / Unarmed Technique / Aggressive Stance - Find a friend and punch him repeatedly.
Armor Training / Heavy Armor Training - Run around in combat mode with armor that is HEAVIER than you can wear. For instance if your cap is 8/8 armor weight, you need to run around with 9 weight or more for this to raise.
Combat Techniques - Will raise passively as Defensive Stance and Aggressive Stance raise. This skill doesn't do anything except act as a parent for Def/Agg stance.
Dual Strike / Triple Strike / Backstab / Overhead Strike - Get wooden 1h weapons with high durability that do little to no damage, and spam the attack on a friend. Triple strike only uses fist weapons or fists. Using vendor pickaxes works great for dual strike since they are high dura and cheap.
Ranged Combat / Archery / Aimed Technique / Mounted Archery - Ranged combat is a fast read. I recommend reading it to 70. Read archery until 30 (and have riding at 35), and then read Mounted Archery. Once you have all 4 of these skills, get on a horse and kill high hp enemies (like the Wisent) using BODKIN arrows from horseback. Aimed technique is found at a khurite librarian. If you wish to raise everything but mounted archery, just do not use a horse.
Mounted Combat / Mounted Charge - Get on a horse and stand still while hitting an AFK friend with wooden weapons.
Weapon Skills - Axes, Clubs, Spears, Daggers, Poleaxes, Swords, Lances - Have a friend go AFK, beat him repeatedly for about an hour and a half with the weapon of your choice. Poleaxes take a little bit longer because it is a child skill underneath both Axes and Spears.
Balance / Knockdown Resistance / Knockback Resistance - Have a friend overhead strike you.

Thief / Social Skills
Snooping - Speak with the Shady Figure, or reading the snoop book and cancel it immediately. Bind the skill to your hotbar, and repeatedly snoop a friend.
Pilfering - Read the book until this skill is around level 50, and then have a friend AFK while you constantly steal and plant 1 cuprum coin. It is also possible to raise this by reading the Lockpicking book.
Lockpicking - Read the lockpicking book to around level 60, and then take a few thousand lockpicks to a 4 pin chest and repeatedly open it.
Connections / Persuasion / Threaten / Bribe - Read the books, and then carry illegal items near a low-level guards and use the social window to level this up.
Management / Negotiation / Bargaining / Haggling - Read the books up is the best you can do right now.

Survival Skills
Taming - This skill is not easy to train up with dynamic creatures. Your best option is to read the book to 70, and then get the house construction skill to 35, and then read Animal Stable construction (which is a child skill of taming) until taming is 100. Remember to lower house construction back to 0 after you're done.
Fishing - Read the book to it's max, and then simply play the minigame. You won't really be able to catch anything unless it's read high.
Creature Control / Advanced Creature Control / Herding / Veterinay Care / Animal Care - Read the books, or have a pet out over a period of time. Levels passively with a pet out. Herding requires more than 1 pet out.
Potion Utilization - Read the book, and drink 2 units of a water potion every 15 seconds
Endurance - Sprint in a straight line
Subsisting - This one is extremely hard. I've only done it on one character. Read the book to highest, and then lower your intelligence (so that your spurt doesn't do more than 4 damage), and psyche to max. Repeatedly spurt yourself into mercy mode. It's best to NOT have passive regen for this, because if it procs while you're in mercy mode you won't get the full HP gain from getting out of mercy mode.
Passive Regen - Read the book. If your health reserves are a little low, it will give you XP every minute.

Magic Skills
Meditation - Best to raise when macroing up your other magic skills. When you have an empty mana bar, simply lay down to rest and this will raise. This will also raise Vitalism.
Magic Schools - You must read the book, or read the book to a certain point, and then raise Ecumenical Spells or Spiritism.
Ecumenical Spells - It's best to read this book to 60. If you wish to raise it higher to utilize the flamestrike or earthquake spells, read it to 70 and then read the Domination book to max it out.
Domination - Read the book.
Animism - Currently not available to learn.
Spiritism / Akh Manifestation- The best way to level this is to learn the skill via the book and get it to 40, and then learn Akh Manifestation. You then die, go into ghost mode, and have a macro that spams the X button, so that your character manifests. This will raise both skills. NOTE: Every function of spiritism works perfectly with 83 skill level. There is no reason to raise it higher.
Transcendental Awareness - Simply read the book.
Vitalism - Read the book to 35, and then get the mana regeneration skill. It will level passively whenever your mana regens.
Mental Offence / Mental Focus / Mental Training / Mana Regeneration - This is a fun one. Set up a macro that repeatedly casts SPURT on yourself, and then sleeps every 10th cast or so. 10,000 casts should do. Set it on repeat overnight and you have a fully built mage.
Concentration - You can only read these books up.

Crafting Skills
Cooking / Advanced Cooking- Go to a source of water, and collect 50k water or so. Cook it on the spot. Advanced cooking will take more than this.
Cooking Tools - Like with cooking, get as much water as possible and utilize the tools. Some tools require flour, or wood, so use the minimum amount of those ingredients.
Potion Making - Make potions out of water. Over and over again. Once skill gets to 70 base skill (without bonuses), it's possible to read up Potion Making with the Advanced Potion Making book.
Advanced Potion Making - Make potions out of water again. It will take a while. I recommend reading the book at the same time.
Refining - The best way to get this skill up is to mass produce Messing or Bron from Saburra. This skill takes quite a long time to raise.
Extraction - Crushing Saburra or Granum en masse is the best way to raise this.
Herbalism - Cook a crapload of Dile from the food vendor. If this is not an option, gather herbs from around the world and extract them in the Herbologium. Salvia and Seadew are a great source of herbalism skill, and the oil is used in high end health potions.
Milling - Gather craploads of any type of grain, such as Rye, and extract it in a crusher to get rye flour. Can be used on other applainces. You can also press fruits and vegetables for their juices.
Butchery skills - The best way to raise butchery is to simply butcher carcasses en masse. After getting butchery workbench to 35, you can start to use the butchery table. Your best option is to buy carcasses from other players and then butcher the carcass and sell the mats to the utility vendor. You will take a loss at first, but in the long run you will profit many hundreds of gold.
Basic / Intermediate / Advanced Ore Extraction - There is no real easy way to get these up, except by continuing to extract rocks as normal. Reading the books are always a good option.
Glassblowing / Pottery - Read the book, or spam create vials depending on what level you are. Google the crafting chart for it, I cannot link it here.
Bowcrafting Skills - Using only spongewood at minimum density, mass produce the specific type of bow you want to level.
Shield Crafting - Using only spongewood at minimum density, mass produce the shield type you want. Do not use a border.
House / Workshop construction - Read the books to maximum, and then assist in people in constructing their houses / workshops.
Weapon Crafting - Simply mass produce spongewood weapons of each handle / weapon head type you want.
Armor Crafting / Armor Type Lores - For the soft armors (Robe + Scout sets), simply make sleeves or gloves out of cotton. For everything higher, create gloves out of keeled scale and cotton, on lowest density.
Fletchery - Currently not in game.
Engineering / Advanced Engineering - Read the books high, and then build houses. At level 85 advanced engineering you need to construct catapults to raise.
Dyeing / Tailoring - Simply fill a dye tub with a potion, and then re-dye armor pieces over again.
Alchemy / Taste identification - Eat 1 piece of food at a time.
Papyrology / Paprus Lore / Sarduccan Papyrus lore - Not obtainable in game yet.

Resting - It is best to raise this while you have grey-bar on your health / stamina. Does NOT raise whenever you are full HP / reserves. Having the Active Regeneration or Medition skills will cause this to raise even faster.
Active Regeneration - Lose HP, go to sleep.
Anatomy / Damage assessment - Read anatomy to 50, and then stop it and read the damage assessment book. Punch a friend repeatedly to raise both.

Knowledge / Material Lore
Reading / Skimming - A lot of people laugh when they hear that there is a book about reading, but honestly, read the damn thing.
Zoology lores - These encompass tons and tons of lores. The best way to raise these is to kill each respective animal and cook the carcass. Know that some of these lores may be used for collectables, i.e. Argus Sponge is a type of Parazoa.
Various Meat Lores - Simply acquire it en masse by butchery (which will raise the lore), and then cook it.
Stone / Rock Lores - Your only real option for these is too acquire rocks en masse and process them through the extraction work benches. Certain rocks, such as Flakestone, may be spammed in Kallardian Lamellar gloves to raise the lore quickly.
Kimurite Lore - You must kill the Greater Kimuru for the Kimurite, and then you process it.
Dragon Material Lores - Spam create dragon material armor at the lowest density. If you happen to get a hold of one of those books, read it to it's maximum first. These lores have not really been touched, so good luck!
Wood lores - Create Mercy Daggers out of each respective wood, or simply chop the tree down. Tapii and Stonewood are not in game yet.
Textile Lores - Spam craft robe sleeves at minimum density
Extraction Appliances (Crusher, Furnace, Fabricula, Etc) - These take a while to level up, but the most expedient way of leveling is simply extracting 10k stacks of basic rock. Your yields will not be ideal, but you will raise it faster than putting processed rock inside of it. Certain extraction appliances, such as the crusher, are meant for basic rock, so start with that.
Botony Lores - Depending on what exactly you're going for, either craft weapons out of the wood or mine the trees. You may also use an herb in a potion and repeatedly drink it.
Extracted Ores / Minerals / Alchemical Materials - The only real way to level these up is to mine en masse. Some things, like salt, can be cooked to raise the lore.
Scale Lores - Craft minimum density gloves/sleeves with cotton as the secondary. For placoid/leptoid/ganoid scales, do robe sleeves. For keeled scale and heavier, do kallardian padded gloves.
Mammal Skin (Leather) - Craft robe sleeves minim density with cotton backing.
Horn / Bone / Dental Lores - Craft mercy daggers with spongewood handles, or butcher the animals that have these materials.
Carapace Lores - Butcher spiders and spider queens for the specific carcass lore. Know that Pansar carapace probably has to do with a large aligator, but I have not seen anyone with this lore myself.


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Passive regeneration?


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Would you be willing to add this guide to the Mortal Online Wiki? If you PM me or Dsn, we can set you up with an account.


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You might want to fix all of the black text, it makes it almost unreadable unless you highlight it. It's also kinda difficult to tell the difference between orange and red text, maybe change one of the colors so they aren't so similar? Either that or make the red in bold to stand out more. Nice guide so far. :)
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The Desperado
You might want to fix all of the black text, it makes it almost unreadable unless you highlight it. It's also kinda difficult to tell the difference between orange and red text, maybe change one of the colors so they aren't so similar? Either that or make the red in bold to stand out more. Nice guide so far. :)
I will be reformatting it when I get home tonight. The text colors, and formatting are a bit off.


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You might want to add that there's a minimum cap of distance travelled to gain any of the skills under agility (jumping, sprinting, breathing tech, armor training etc). This makes skilling jumping a pain in the ***.


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CC and adv. CC raise by simply having a pet. I have not figured out if you need a pet with appropiate level or just any pet. My suspicion is just any pet, cause it raises with horses as well. This might have changed, since I haven`t tried raising it for about 3-4 months.


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You do not have to be moving to raise Mounted Charge. I just got it to 100. It does take a long time after ~60 though.
Regarding Feint.

I noticed you can charge weapon then opening a window (paperdoll, skill) to make the weapon stay in charged mode, similar to what you can do with blocking. I'm not sure if it helps in raising Feint but it drains same stamina as if you are "manually" charging your weapon so I'm pretty certain it does. Should be pretty easy to macro a walk forward/back macro once you get your weapon to stay charged.

Also, does Feint raise faster if you use a heavier weapon?


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Can anyone confirm that Herding does actually level passively? Is there more to it than just that?
how do i do a macro that cast spurt 10x then rest?
This guide was most beneficial. Thanks Diph. I screwed up my build when I lowered athletics to 20. it caused all the greens to lower as well even though it still says they're leveled to 100, they show in the low 40's for breathing tech and footwork I think. I'll have to log in. But I have to reskill athletics to 100 again because I lowered the wrong skill for my build, should've lowered endurance. Lowering athletics also caused my armor endurance to drop to 6 so now I cant even continue to learn heavy armor training because the parent skills are too low...really wish I had considered that.
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