Hello Everyone - Long Time No Talk! Quick Question:)

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Hey everyone - it has been quite some time since I have played Mortal Online or posted on the forums. A lot has changed.... my forums account was hacked, all of my accounts were hacked, I lost touch of close friends (I love you MONK and always will) (shout-out to Yeonan and Kalistair + Null friends + anyone else on my friends list) and Mortal Online 2 was announced. :p

An old friend, perhaps my oldest Mortal Online friend, messaged me and asked how I was doing. That got me thinking about Mortal Online again. I decided to retrieve my forum account and log into the game to check things out again. A lot has changed; that's for sure. There is, however, one thing hasn't changed for me. The uniqueness of this game. When I logged back on after (perhaps years) of being absent, the music brought back so many memories. I was brought back to the first time I played during college. I remember it clearly, which is either really weird or really cool. It was a random night when I was searching for a new game and procrastinating to study for my test the next day; Mortal suddenly popped up on my steam recommended. I was in my first semester of college (which I failed, thanks to M.O. lol, don't worry, I redeemed myself), it was raining outside and I eagerly awaited the download to complete. I put on my headphones and was pulled into this weird and addicting world.

Upon logging on I experienced a gaming session like no other. The music moved me, the graphics moved me, and most of all the "hardcoreness" of the game moved me. I skipped classes to play, I skipped meals to play, I sat on the forums and researched during lectures, and I skipped social gathering events to play. Mortal Online was definitely a huge part of my life when I first started playing. So my question is.....

What have you given up to play this game, and with the announcement of Mortal Online 2, do you think it will be just as good? Will it pull you in like the first time logging on to Mortal Online?

With much love,
/signed Sandweaver
It seems you have come back just in time to say goodbye to an old friend who is dyeing. Many of us hold onto memory's and feelings not able to be replaced by any other gaming experience yet.

Here is a video of the upcoming new player Island I am hopeful it can bring back something that resembles that old feeling this game once had.
MO is the reason why no other mmorpg has managed to keep me playing for this long, 6 years to be exact, and built my YouTube channel around it.

In the years since, I’ve tried out or looked at different mmorpgs like Gloria Victis and Black Desert Online, which are great games in their own ways, though for me MO somehow stood out above the rest. I always end up back here in MO, simply because no other mmorpg to my knowledge has come close to it.

Right now, things are looking a little slow on the Steam charts, but if recent experience is anything to go by, I’d keep my senses and weapon sharp and at the ready. There’s a reason why sometimes I choose to not start up Steam to play the game.


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with the announcement of Mortal Online 2, do you think it will be just as good?
Mortal Online 2 (taking Haven, which will be part of it, into account) will be at least just as good.

Mortal Online (the original) already suffers in the estimation of some by comparison to MO2 and in anticipation of MO1 eventually ending sometime in the evolution of MO2. Some of those people are already refraining from playing Mortal Online, or (presumably) not getting started right now because of it. Whether this will make MO any worse for you, only your personal tastes and playstyle can dictate. Signs point to "that's gonna suck".

Also sucking: this year's summer slump, which years of experience should tell you was inevitable, and which combines with other factors depressing the population.
Hi sand bro. Welcome. I hack atack too and lost all. I try recover.