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Whats up MO people!

I've recently started streaming Mortal with the main goal in my streams to help new players get a foot in the door in the cruel world of Myrland. I usually find one or two new players per stream and try to help them out as much as possible. My sort of end game for these streams is to have enough 'Graduates' to be able to group them all together to run some slightly more challenging PvE content.

I'd like to consider myself a very young veteran of this game. I've played on and off in a few guilds but currently i'd like to make myself a neutral party. I need some help coming up with some goals for my 'students'. Here are some of my ideas for goals in future streams

Stream Goals:
[ ] Attain 5 Graduates
[ ] Attain 10 Graduates
[ ] Find a Lock Picker
[ ] Construct A House for my students
[ ] Guild Stone?!

Group Goals:
[ ] Defeat the bandit boss in sewers.
[ ] Clear Fabernum Sewers.
[ ] Clear Thursar Cave Outside of Tind.

What are some other low end / mid tier PvE dungeons we could run?
Any other goals you guys can think of for the stream?

There is a lot I still haven't learned in this game, so feel free to give me some tips in the chat!

There will be a stream later tonight at 7:45 pm CST
[ ] define what a 'graduate' is
[ ] get stole by vets pretending to be newbies
[ ] be griefed by asshats
[ ] be griefed by white knights
[ ] get stream sniped
[ ] gain 5 murdercounts
[ ] give 5 murdercounts
[ ] get your group wiped by npcs shooting thru walls
[ ] die to falling thru the ground
[ ] die to glitch flying to the top of the skybox
[ ] lose a mount to nodelines
[ ] drown

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Hey those are pretty good!

Last stream i held a small combat seminar for this beginner named PrinceThor, he graduated by learning the basics of combat (parrying / counters/ directional stuff).

Generally though people have been quite nice in MO. I have been stream sniped by multiple people but they are all in good fun. Shout out to my boi Nian, the naked thief / highwayman with a big sword
Get them to switch their controls so the attack and block direction is by movement. It is much easier to control and is more fluent.

Teach them that holding ALT will always block center, so they won't accidentally block left or right.

Teach them about handle hits (and daggers lack of).

Teach them about weapon models and art, how the blade still exists when it is off the edges of your screen, so to be a good fighter you need to understand where your weapon arcs - making you able to hit a lot more accurately and creatively.

Teach them about Equipment Hits and Shields (projectile blocking).

Teach them that they can turn an unfinished swing into a block if it's early enough in animation.

Teach them basic mob parry rhythm.

Teach them about enemies who can block and how to utilize a partner in fighting them.

Teach them that even basic Boss Level Mobs have magic abilites that are unblockable without magical help.

Teach them damage distribution and tanking roles.

Remember in the case of Bosses who arent easily or able to be parried, pop a bandie right before you go in. it should tick after you take the first hit.

Teach them about how to coordinate team boss fighting (smaller bosses), systematically attack and not all swarming and getting in each others way.

Teach them to remain calm even as your health lowers, youre stronger when you focus and parry, than if you turn your back and are too slow.

Teach them, as a side note, to carry coins in a weighted pouch, along with other valuables.

Teach them about what each of their stats do:
Str - Dmg Bonus, Weapon Weight Limit on mounted, Carry Weight, etc
Dex - movespeed, weakspot, etc
Int - magic atk, pickpocketing skill/resist etc
Psy - magic def, Ehterworld strength
Con - HP, stam, etc.

Teach them about weight classes, stat ideals (meta), basic skill distribution priority.

Those are things off the top of my head. Ignore ones you may have already covered and I missed.
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I’d suggest teaching the new players to realise and understand their place in the world of Nave. That way they will have a clear purpose (whatever that may be) of what they want their characters to be in relation to everyone else in the game so that when the initial excitement wanes they will be motivated to continue forging their own path ahead and not expect others to hold their hand or get bored of the sandbox.

For long-term retention, I think this is an important area to look into.


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if you wanna help new players there is one thing you can give them ! tell them never start playing this shit.


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Trying to help new players while streaming is like trying to teach someone how to swim in the ocean while at the same time opening bags of blood to attract sharks
Trying to help new players while streaming is like trying to teach someone how to swim in the ocean while at the same time opening bags of blood to attract sharks
u will start swimming very fast :D


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