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Still can see how well it works etc.
Nope. This does not capture how it feels in any shape or form. Trust me. You don't see the screen door effect (and other negatives), you don't have any 3d vision (and other positives). It's just like seeing any other normal gameplay.
Why are we working on stuff like that atm. When there's sooo much other things to fix and ADD (content)!

Nobody said stop fixing this game. But man do you know what the Oculus Rift is? They could add 10 continents tomorrow... it would not be a game changer like the OR would be. Only imagine you put this thing on and everything you see is Nave, you are literally standing in this world and when you look up you see the skies of this world and every tree you pass, EVERYTHING becomes a real thing.

Did you see the videos where people are trying a rollercoaster software (i dont want to call it game) with the Oculus Rift? I mean you just sit in a rollercoaster. How would this be on a monitor? But with the OR people are screaming, laughing, they are falling from their fucking chairs. Now if game devs talk about this technology in their game... man they could not bring any topic were i would not think the same as you but when they talk about OR then we should better stfu because thats the next step in the gaming world. This is not like a update, free placeable buildings or a new continent... this is a bigger step than from 2D to 3D graphics.



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As a pvper, I'll keep the OR to more immersive better single player games.


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Sometimes when I read all the posts on here, I wonder why people are so surprised when they get abit more reluctent to post stuff.. And get slightly amased that they still do..
Not to be negative nancy here but can you comment on the following.

TC patch was/is supposed to come out in Q1 2014. And according to mister CEO faster than you think. We are almost at 3/4ths of this Q1 and you are only still talking about "talks and discussions" on the systems. There is nothing really set in stone.

This is very very concerning. One would think the systems would be in place (document wise) before producing them. And before it is finished or even remotely known you already talk about wanting to work on magic. This without any talks about the systems and how they are going to work.

Though I've got an Oculus Rift and can't wait to try it out on MO.
Well this is when things gets out of context when I respond on others questions, question: will TC come out this year? or 2015? "I respoonded, sooner then expected" Our early estimation was that we will start launch the steps for steam within Q1, which we are starting with the engine update, which is done, and is going through polish and testing before it goes live. Next step is Continent and TC. Last step is Steam.

When these steps are going live/about to go live we will post about that and what it means, so everyone will be able to follow each step and progress on this.

A new info update should arrive within 1-2 weeks.

*It may be easy that I do pull the etas and decides all that, but its up to the board. We have board meetings every months when these things gets decided. You could compare the board with a publisher. the Board makes the calls.

I dont do etas, just as Seb said, he does not give out etas either, and he shouldnt its not on his table to do so. The board togheter with us devs try to set up a schedule internly, and ofcourse we must communicate with the stock market, in which we describe the plan ahead which starts in Q1 as described before.



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Henrik i order Balance for MC etc. Patch and much more. I will pick up at SV Drive in store.
shhh, no he didnt say that, he is dizzy from all that coding today. ;)
Yeah I know the feeling; My OpenCL code has a terrible memory leak (well I say mine, I got sneaking suspicion that its in one of the API's I'm using....
Anyhow, kinda realise that's perhaps dreaming for the far off future; Looking for to farming and making our little town in the TC update mind you though.
OR on MO.... well now... to make it work to the best of its abilities ( mouse pointer and menus and so on ) the game will need some tweaking such as looking as parchment in you characters hands to see writing and stats and stuff, also using the mouse is kinda difficult to fix and not to mention inventory ... and imagine the motion sickness from riding a mount :O other then that stuff, i cant wait for SDK2 or CV of the rift... will be awsome to play MO with it.
I cant really imagine OR being So good for MO, cause u cant crouch or crawl or anything fancy control wise.
I can only imagine how awesome MO looks with the Oculus Rift.

Seb you do know that the OR is the next level of gaming right? When this thing comes out people can throw their xbox and ps4 and everything they think its technology out of the window. With OR and the Razer Hydra MO would not just get a cool and amazing update... it would bring MO to a level that is lightyears closer to this whole first-person-immersion thing that you at SV are straving for. Starring at a monitor that presents nice 2d images of nave while moving in this world with a mouse and keyboard is one thing... but literally standing in Nave and smashing your axe in someones fucking face and i mean that for real, you see this person standing right in front of you like in real life and you smash your axe in his face, this is a totally differant experience. :D

I'm just saying.
I just realised that the Oculus Rift probably makes ALT+TABbing either obsolete, or impossible, or how does that work, anyhow?
Nope. This does not capture how it feels in any shape or form. Trust me. You don't see the screen door effect (and other negatives), you don't have any 3d vision (and other positives). It's just like seeing any other normal gameplay.
Couldn't tolerate the Tourette's long enough to watch the whole thing, but realnaste's right, I reckon.
I cant really imagine OR being So good for MO, cause u cant crouch or crawl or anything fancy control wise.
You really don't need any fancy movement to experience the OR at full. Actually the less fancy control the better it works. Actually adding crouching etc would add another layer of struggling with your brain when performing such movement on your ingame body linked to what your brain want to see. Not saying we wont add crouching, something we always wanted actually, just in terms of the OR usage.

What OR does is that it gives a completely new meaning of how to be inside a game, and MO is one of those games where it works the best for its intended purpose for one reason. Its only first person view.
Now things that motion sickness etc is very individual, myself gets affected by motion sickness when using the OR, only because my brain really think Im moving while im not, so the counter for the movement in my brain feels very odd. The more movement and the closer I look on details when in movement the tougher it feels for my brain/balance. However I do not experience sickness while at sea, driving or watching 3d movies etc. My balance is very sensitive so I cant stand roller coasters either. So I think the worse you have for roller coasters the tougher OR can be on you, it all comes down to your balance how its effected. As long as I just stand still and use the OR at full I feel no sickness at all, So I think there is a lot of room for improvement here to best fit your personal setting.

Experiencing the OR is truly something epic and new, and mind blowing. It req some getting used to and tweaking some settings to make it fit your eyes and settings. the OR team is working hard on how to ease this feeling and make sure the rift fits all kind of eye width etc.

The OR will put you RIGHT INSIDE Mortal, and I really mean it, in a completely new way.
When it comes to quick action paced pvp though I can see its a big challenge for most people due to the strain on how you experience this real motion/view/3d. There are some advantages for sure I experienced that advantage the first seconds in MO. I was chased by a ratman and I had to flee "new char" while fleeing I just turned my head straight backwards and there I saw the ratman chasing me, while I was at full spring forward away from it while looking back on it to see where he was. Same thing goes when Im fencing, I could watch in direction I never could before while performing my strikes where the front of my body is facing. Its much easier to determine the range as well, your blade swining you truly see that its either to far off or in range thanks to the real 3d.

There will be different settings for your need when playing MO with the OR so you can toggle the setting you like best in terms of aiming running etc.

All in all I think many players will enjoy the game in a new unique way thanks to the OR, some people may get sick while using it, just as I get a bit when playing around at an intense pace at first. Running off mount or on mount was no difference to me, I assume we need to give a OR toggle on the movement to give 0 movement that could cause the entire sickness I experience, so we do have to try that for sure, as thats what im guessing causing most of it. Any minor movement my brain receive while it shouldn't move the way it does while I think it does gives sickness, so I think there are room to improve that currently. I didnt get sick when I was running around in an open vast landscape either due to less up close details my eyes following, looking at distance view was very relaxing and gave an epic feeling.

I see that OR could get in a superb situation when you are exploring the world, looking on details and looking for things in the world, we can rely on hide more detailed things in the world. All of a sudden you are in the game world and experience everything like you would see it in real life. Its first moment you plug in, you do want to touch everything, you may stand fascinated for hours looking on tables, bottles and npcs. They are really there in a way you haven't experienced other than in real life. I is really that mind blowing that the people who tried it says. Now we have only plaid around with the low res version that comes with the dev kit, so I cant wait to get my hands on the 1080 version which should eliminate the big pixels on the low res. I cant really complain on the response on the dev kit, its really super already.

Or why not sit down in the new tavern you can build with TC and have a chat with the guild, in your chairs, looking on each others in true 3d form. With added 3d voice this cant get really closer to a real life meeting in game I think. Thanks to the UDK we haven't needed to spend any effort or time into making this possible. More about this later!
All this about the OR sounds really cool, actually.

What about the Omni treadmill though? Since you're building support for the OR, would you do that for the Omni as well? I think it'd be pretty amazing.

All this about the OR sounds really cool, actually.

What about the Omni treadmill though? Since you're building support for the OR, would you do that for the Omni as well? I think it'd be pretty amazing.

This is something that could add some value for some players yes no doubt.
And it seems to be just as easy to plug in as the OR in UDK without really knowing thats my guess.
However, imagine sprinting in MO in some hours, running for real on that mill :) sure will give you a nice workout no doubt hehe. Those extra "controllers" that could add a lot of depth and interesting experience is something we want to add support for as long as it fits our vision and schedule time wise.
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