HotFix .09 9 June

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Quality Assurance Lead
These fixes will be applied on todays daily server reboot.
  • Fixed issue with players logging in with fake combat mode.
  • Updated PhysX to a later version hopefully sorting out the issues people have with getting stuck on terrain.
  • Fixed issues around the east-bank of sausagelake internally known as the bermuda zone.
  • Fixed issue with control towers that didn't correctly set their mesh to whatever tier they had.
  • Thrusting on a mount no longer deals blunt dmg.
  • Weapons that are used while mounted will now require twice the strength to wield. (strReq * 2.0)
    If you don't meet the Str Req for a weapon you will only deal half its damage.
  • Increased skinning knife efficiency from 45%- ~90% on most basic mobs.
  • Reduced lore requirements on most basic mobs skinning output. (Meaning you get more yeild even with lower lores.)
  • Split capes replaced with Loin cloth.
  • Psy passive magic defense now reduce 35% of the damage when psy is at 100.
  • Resisted spells now only deal 35% of their full damage.
  • Mindblast maxdmg reduced from 40 to 36.
  • Thunderlash, Flamestrike and Fulmination damage reduced by -10%
  • Fixed more poor quality mining nodes.
  • AI can no longer shoot trough walls.
  • Some world polish. (Floating objects etc.)