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Quality Assurance Lead

  • Fixed issue where sometimes tax managers and bankers would spawn at the same spot.
  • Added more riot messages (thanks Tuhtram)
  • Fixed issue where gates with passwords would ask for passwords when players tried to add materials.
  • Fixed minor placement bug that could cause desync between server and client when checking if a point was inside of house aoe.
  • Added a cylinder around guild houses that show the building aoe.
  • Increased the amount of AOE you get with each guildstone upgrade.
  • Fixed a mounting issue. (To prevent players falling through ground)
  • Fixed the wrong stone issue when placing mines.
  • Balanced some NPC spawn rates.
  • Miners will now drop part of the stone they have acquired in their loot bag when killed.
  • You now need to have a workbench open before r-clicking to use a recipe.
  • Reduced cooldown on using recipes.
  • Fixed issue that made capes that weren't apex simulated grey.
  • Fixed last placement checks not giving error msg.
  • Fixed a resources bug when upgrading.
  • Deconstruction can now only be used by members that are above 5 in rank.
  • Deconstruction can now be used on fully built structures but will NOT give deeds.
  • Increased server sided interaction distance. (To fix Vendors placed at Market Stands)
  • Guild guard contracts are fixed.
  • Fixed a client crash.
  • Fixed issue with gates having collision when in the etherworlds if you loaded them post dying.
  • Vendor taxes now also collects taxes when a player sells to a vendor.
  • Vendor taxes now cap at -20% to 80%
  • Fixed calculation error when setting height on TS buildings.
  • Fixed issue where guards could bug out and not respawn.
  • Added a confirm for take all mail.
  • Moved a lot of special NPCs vendors out of Tindrem.
  • Built a more solid placement system for NPCs that get placed on territory structures.
  • Further improved the AI talk system that makes it possible to make more interesting NPCs.
  • Added guild bank NPC contract.
  • Possible fix for the always logged in issue.
  • Fixed issue with some structures that couldn't be deconstructed.
  • Improved updating of guild flags when loading in new TS or NPC
Know issues that's being worked on:
  • NPC Dismiss button not working correctly.
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