Hotfix .11 18 June

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Quality Assurance Lead
These fixes will be applied on todays daily server reboot.
  • Fixed issue with items that could be in a bank but also in a pet creating great confusion for the server.
  • Added a possible fix for the infinite "already logged in" issue.
  • Crossnode avatar support is now gated by distance to improve client/server peformance.
  • Possible fix for the apex crash.
  • Updated PhysX dlls to fix the stuck on mountain issues.
  • Possible fix for the high-res textures that went black up close.
  • Added more visual options to the ingame options.
  • Restored the Vadda backdrop path.
  • More world polish such as floating objects, structure collision, ground textures.
*Please note that this will be a very big patch due to the high resolution textures fixes.*

Full client can be downloaded here:
Not open for further replies.