House Cornelius - WTB Most Everything

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House Cornelius and the shattered remnants of the Cornelian Monastery staff have integrated in their exodus from the wars that followed the destruction of the Monastery. Favonius Cornelius survived the war, but then fled to the protection of Tindrem's walls and spent years healing physical wounds and reflecting on next steps.

A loose but efficient merchant conglomerate consisting of merchants and a fishing fleet under the House Cornelius flag now look to establish trade ties with any producer. We are eager to acquire just about any supply, so please PM with offers and stock information.

Refined metals, wood stacks, refined animal products, ingredient/pickable stacks, books, NPC contracts, structure deeds.


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i see with pleasure, that Cornelius house and old monastery return game with projets.
maybe you are planing rebuilt your forces and claim your ancient land, my lord?