I wrote a thing on reddit... its about this twitch thing I found...


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You outlined some things I didn't know about Twitch, but that confirm what I think I know about human nature. Good work in calling out the zerg.

That was pretty well written. You could not have done a better job by making it shorter; when that's true, never apologise for length. Readers with the attention span of a gnat never make it to the end of an apology for being that way, before getting distr... So, why should you even start?

I won't apologise for judging the goin's-on you describe as morally wrong, and you shouldn't, either. (Following the admonition "don't judge" is how people let themselves be persuaded not to exercise the faculties that human as opposed to mere animal minds uniquely possess, but I digress.)

"Why is no one talking about this?" Partly out of a sense of shame, perhaps, and definitely the all-too-human tendency to ignore that which makes what people like and use (Twitch, acupuncture, prayer) seem less legitimate, less true, & less effective.

Some people are ready and willing, always, to put more effort and time into low-skilled but elaborate systems of cheating than into creating work that can stand on its own and attract interest not based on the insecurities of others. Too bad *these* 'steroids' don't cause acne and impotence like the others.

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