Keep spots Location Guide - Advance Territory control + Unfound TC Building -

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I Noticed there isn't an Accurate Record about Keep Spots locations so i decided to Fill that Part :

First a Quick Revision - Main Land was Distributed in To 8 Territory's Each Territory Host 2 Keep Spots Sum will be a 16 Keep spots in all Main Land .

The Map of Myrland With Marked Locations of all 16 Keep spots

when keeps were introduced, it was with the first version of the territory system, back then, there was per-determined territories designed by developers and you could get one by owning a keep on it , those Territories are :

Later it Was Remade to a Simple 8 Territory's With only 2 keeps For each area Listed as :

The Relam of Myrland Distripution .jpg

Side Map ;

i Noticed some of you were asking about specific TC Guild Buildings that aren't available on the Architecture House So here is a List of every TC individual Vendor i Remember :

Green point : Mines Deed - Extraction Tools - Contracts Etc found Raisor Warrior Camp and Uril spawn behind Mountain side of GK there are 3 vendors who take common Coin .

orange point : Military and mercenary Guild Contracts and buildings etc Found in unmarked location in Bakti Platue " Echidna stairs " Crossing a Giant Bridge that will take you inside 2 vendors who take Common Coin .

Yellow point : religion house allow Guilds to build Shrine deeds and place priest and Guild priest Etc found in isolated island near South cost 1 Vendor that take common Coin .

Silver Point : Lumber Deed contractor and wood cutting master Contractor allow the Guild to place a Lumber mill to chop woods .

Pink point : Farm House Contractor East of Demon Spawn Selling Farm Deeds allow guilds to grow Crops .

Red point : a Vendor that sell Guard Wolfs For guilds its like a Guard Hounds - Location in a hidden Cave near Jungle Horses Spawns .

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