Killing before you Killed " Small introduction to one-handed / two-handed fighting style "

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A Small introduction guide to Foot Fighters

"p.s pictures here are only meant for demonstration and all downloaded from google if u own picture copy right Let me know to remove it "

I've seen many a man rush headlong into battle only to have their life cut short in an instant. I've been a trainer of the warrior arts for many spans - cut from the cloth of a great lineage of knights , and even a distant Mercenary or two.

It's with this knowledge that I'll try to pen a brief treatise on the subtle art of war. Not mage , not archery or criminal throat-slitting. But war. Man on man with nothing but a fine bit of steel between them.

The first thing you'll need to learn is how to block , parry and Counter . The best way not to get killed is not to let the other man hit you. shield and spear / sword /mace or axe are your best choices , use it well and time it then strike when u get a clear hit and remember not to charge something / some one u cant kill , Now, you'll get tired from this. You may even get a little hurt. But a blocked blow is much better than a landed one. Over time you'll get better, eventually shrugging off even the mightiest of hits.

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beware - your foes, if they're not base cur bandits, will know how to counter you. They'll hit you with everything they've got in, order to open you up, and keep on hitting. So watch for these powerful attacks. While it's still better to absorb the impact with a quarter inch of steel, it's best to try to just step out of the way.

Remember, against spells your blocking is useless because of your low physe as fighter and most armors here don"t help vs spells . So get up on mages quickly and let them eat steel. Deserves them right for using a witch weapon.

You can also block without a shield as well "using two handed weapons like Longs swords and axes or maces etc "- all u have to do is just cross that blow with your 2H weapon, though this isn't nearly as effective vs Arrows and well pricing spear hits. And if you decide you're fancy and want to wield two blades , don't waste time blocking or parrying much use the dual strike and make triple damage to your foes "if u use dual strike and wield 2 weapons better keep your stamina in count , weapons W should be low as much as u can and weapon material should be deadly slashing and Fast thirst as it can be " with a weapon in each hand you are much more likely to take your opponent down quickly. The best defense, some say.

To wield the blade there are some fundamentals. Quick strikes are always good, but can be repelled, so watch for your opponent's own defensive postures. Wait for an opening, or create one with your own heavy attacks.

The Pole Swords - Pole Axes in Mortal :

Special Long Ranged Weapons and probably one of the best FF used weapons in pvp thought they are 2H weapons but they don't apply to same Rules of 2h Weapons like swords or war-hammers thanks to there longer Range and there stealth that makes them one of The Finest Selections in PVP group fights though the weapon Cant block effectively Like shields but there long handle allow them to parry rightly its Recommend For a pure FF Chars but i personal don't recommend them for hybrid thought it takes 2 primary Skill to use effectively and not many Can use the Weapon right but the Diversity of that weapon attack helps those who like to Fight to choose between Piercing and slashing with a Range Longer than Swords and spears they can hunt those wo over run u Faster , still this type of weapons isn't recommend For new Players or new PVP`S Since it require more personal Experience to use and survive in battle ground .

Mortal Online main.jpg maxresdefault.jpg
Hammers hit hardest but are slow. Same with maces and all blunt weaponry. Axes are a nice middle ground, while swords are the quickest but won't stagger your opponent as efficiently with the hard hits " using kallardian over head strike drain 2 Much stamina and make you venerable to take twice normal damage thought it give a decent amount of damage on Foes better keep in mind not to use if you are surrounded by many foes "

Always keep in your inventory a Bow and some Arrows you might need them if your Foe run faster or you encountered with a Mounted Archer you just dance around him if he stand and hit with bow "they usual stand far and try to aim So when you run to him with your Sword he can take more distance and try shot again its hard for him to hit a moving target while he is moving himself he need to slowdown or stop to get clear shot "


Keep an eye not to get too exhausted - always try to save a little of your stamina to counter blows, or even run! Never let yourself get cornered or surrounded , Pick your threats - weak spellcasters that can hurt you quick are the first things I fell " keep some bandages with you an a really height skill of anatomy to get use of bandages as far as you can , i Recommend carrying some healing potions and purifying ones with you and place them on hot keys " .

The shield is not only a defensive tool. Put your shoulder into it and bash your opponent. This sends them flying and opens them up for quick counter assaults. Even better, put extra weight into it and power bash your opponent. If they're small this will put them on their knees.

Bigger opponents cannot be staggered by heavy attacks and they are Mostly slow So you Need to be Faster than them Excoust them till death Draining there Health till Execution .

So again - block, counter, bash and Hit them when they're down , They'll show no mercy, so why should you ? Battle is about the offense, about catching your foe early and never relenting . Keep moving, keep swinging , If you consider yourself overly powerful, pick up a two-handed weapon and see your foes fall before you like wheat stalks. They're slow and unwieldy, but they shatter bones and cleave flesh better than anything.

The graves are filled with many a mediocre swordsman. If you don't have the stomach for war, try a monk's work. But if you do travel the path of the warrior, learn the basics and keep your head firmly planted on your shoulders - or someone's bound to lob it off.
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