Let's all be mean to LGM Discord

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As many of you know every year we have a special holiday tradition.
Krampus comes to town and forcefully remove a citizen from their home.
Every year we have take this opportunity to write mean things about a staff member a tradition that Mats started the first year by writing horrible things about myself.

This year we are going to attack our old friend LGM Discord and to make matters worse we want to involve you the community in this fantasy roast.

Here's how it works:
Simply write down dialogue in this thread you want Krampus to say and we pick the good stuff out and use it in the game.
We do not have a lot of time to do this so be quick and be mean.

As a reference here's what Krampus said last year:
"The time has come once again! When luck decides the faith of men."
"In the urn a name we found and to this traditions Fredrico is now bound!"
"\"YOU WILL NEVER GET MY THINGS\" he did say. So in his beloved chickens he hid them away."
"The chickens are the only ones he can trust. So he stuffed them with all of his things, open them up you must!"
"He just arrived to our city, his friends behind him in a line. To everyone woman he met he shouted \"you’re fine!\""
"Disgusted, we all were, with the way he would talk. The worst, Adriana had it, as him he would stalk."
"Outside Adriana's window Fredrico would sit. His friends clucking behind him, his hair full of their shit."
"Patiently he waited for Adriana to fall asleep. When he did, Fredrico grabbed his underwear to under his pillow keep."
"For hours Fredrico with the chickens in his lap would sit, to make sure the bags inside the chickens would fit."
"To the chickens he would say: \"People will never believe it’s true, all the things I’ve put inside you!\""
"For many years he prepared them with different methods, to be bold, for all the different things they were to hold."
"\"Come hither\", he yelled as he called the chickens his sisters,\"and I will use your bodies as my canisters!\""
"\"Hold my trinket deep chicken dear! No one will know I put it in here!\""
"At night he rolls his naked body in a tar and feather galore, so he can be more like the creature he adore!"

Here are the first lines this year:
"The time has come once again! When luck decides the fate of men."
"In the urn a name we found and to this traditions Discordo is now bound!"
"Taking this fate like a man he did not."
"This corrupt soul will in the forest rot."
"Special powers he had, but only used them to drive the common folks mad."
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He flies around spying citizens of Nave
And he was found with a shovel near a grave
Stealing he was from the corpse of an adventurer
To secretly donate to his guild's keep treasurer
People in tickets pray him like Lord,
But all he replies is "Thank you for contacting SV Support"
It takes 5 hours before he reads them but still sometimes
"there will be limited support and longer than normal wait times "


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They came to Meduli, to destroy Kuthara's land
Instead of running boulders, bags of banked boulders to hand
Discord became aware, and swore to fix
Instead he just peed, on our broken bricks

RIP Koto Keep

Krumpus comes one time a year! Hopefully lgm dosent forget to add it to the patches again!
Farmer joe why are you pissing off lgm so are we getting a event yes or no?
I can picture LGM Krampus saying "Safe Travels" while giving the /emote fu
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In the urn a name we found, but what is this, only one name to be found.
A tender soul loved by all.
Yet Krampus engineered his fall.
The peoples love matter not, when the mighty sent him to rot.

Edit: this years urn is rigged!
The citizens of Nave pay for their skill caps to be lifted,
But for a time their payments in the etherworld drifted,
So seek Discord for assistance they must,
And whom he deems unworthy, their pleas turn to rust.
Remember that time tittytwister fell down

You could hear the cheers from inside Tindrem town

And then one foggy midsummer morning
the big bad LGM D was caught doing some spawning

But it wasn’t of dead horses - that’s against the rules!

It was, instead, metal long walls for skif to use

We caught him in the act! as plain as day!

Some of us trapped inside the walls- we got in his way

We posted video proof, his credibility tarnished?

But as quick as those walls spawned, the video vanished...

6 months later with no explanation

Why LGM discord sided with the savage nation

After deep thought and trying to understand

I’ve decided LGM’s a cunt, and I am washing my hands

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