Localization and Spelling Errors

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Please post all grammar, spelling, and localization errors in this thread.


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When you try and build a stable on a house if you don't have enough skill it says you don't have enough skill you need 25. And in fact you need more than 25. (50 I think.)


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when you try and dominate something, one of the lines say "I will kill you if you DON not follow me!"
When speaking to the Equerry he says "So just have a pet out and come talk to me and I'll take care of it." (Massive run-on. Please add commas. Also remove one and.)

"Ahh breeding a good way to get a very effective mount indeed!"
Ahh, breeding, a good way to get a very effective mount indeed!

"Once you have both out come talk to me and we can give it a try."
Once you have both out, come talk to me, and we can give it a try.
The description of the skillbooks "Fowl meat lore" and "Fish meat lore" needs to be swapped as they are mixed up ^^
When you talk to a gatekeeper who is not your guilds he says "server" instead of "serves" somewhere in his line.
Under advanced blade crafting the following has the same description.

Long Katanas
Short Katanas

With the description from the Greatblade crafting not sure if this is intended otherwise they need their own description as all it says now is :
"Allows you to craft greatblades"
On acolyte in select a skill set it says OFFSENSE instead of OFFENSE?