Lonewolf's Ultimate Hybrid Creation/Pvp Guide

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Hi guys, I'm planing on an hybrid as first char and i would like some advice about the best one between these 2 options (I want them to be either sarducaan or sheevra for roleplaying reasons).
Sarduccan/Sarduccan/khurite/Khurite Max stats:
Age: 30 Years old
Strenght: 98
Dexterity: 102
Constitution: 107
Psy: 100
Intelligence: 90
Size: 1,80

Sheevra/Sheevra/Veela/Veela Max stats:
Age: 40 Years old
Strenght: 80
Dexterity: 113
Constitution: 96
Psy: 108
Intelligence: 100
Size: 1,80

Also i would like to know if spear and shield or polesword is still not worth using instead of 2h swords and polemaces
The first one ditch the khurite for tindremine. Way more mana and cuz coding is the same speed (when stout. Khurite is only faster when pure khurite age 23). Both should be age 23. Not 23 you may (probobly will) loose speed. And like 2 str isnt worth loosing any speed. Height is up to you. short more mage tall better melee.

Spear and shield is annoying cuz u need to switch 2 things which is slow. And when you need to quickly heal or currupt that is bad. And polesword you will find yourself cutting a useful primary to have. The question is if you think you would do better with a polesword than with whatever primary you have because you dropped poles.

The best thing about mortal is many things come down to preference. My 2c
Thanks for the answer mate, it's been really helpful. Atm i'm living in the graveyard, but i guess i'll be enjoying the hybrid combat quite a lot :p
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