Looking for f2p builds

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Would like to try the game again looking for a f2p MA/? Something build. No wheelchairs please it's just for fun, wanna be a jack of all trades kinda thing pve/pvp. I know I'll be gimped but looking to have fun.
Being f2p means you can lock ur skills at 60 and have a ton of points. Which usually goes really well for fitting magic on a fighter or something without needing to drop stances or anything. But MA non wheelchair and magic usually doesnt go to well (high str builds and having mana dont go). So you either just want to make a generic thursar sidoian khurite age 26 and just go all max foot skills + mounted stuff, or go shortbow MA human build and you can get mounted and magic (you can shortbow at 104 str. Dps is actually comparable to much hiugher str assym). Shortbow paladin MA is pretty bad p2p but as f2p when ur gimped and have bad armor anyway its prob not that bad (compared to normal f2p MA).
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thanks Jatix, appreciate it, Sometimes i just wish there were more options then the old cookie cutter thurst// whatever
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ey s3xy Con eye ;) personally i Recommend the Classic Version of Huregar age 30, 116 strength Max Size 18% damage bonus which will give you a great deal of Damage even as FTP.

you ll have enough points for phy and inelegance which will allow you to make a FTP Mounted archer/Mounted Mage.

*Side-note* when you are Stout you will have 121 strength(+5) on 116, 5 Dex (-5) from 10, and over 190 HP.